Our bodies absorb and ingest toxins all the time. Carbon monoxide in traffic exhaust, pesticides on vegetables, and preservatives in canned food build up deposits in the body and cause untold harm. Moreover, there is no doubt about the damage that poisonous byproducts of cigarette smoking, alcohol/recreational drug ingestion, excessive medicine, and even coffee drinking do to us.

Body detoxification is possible by flushing many of these toxins out of our systems. There are many products for this purpose in the market today. Their object is to rid the body of toxins, and some of these products - especially herbal formulations - can be of immense help. Drinks formulated for the elimination of harmful substances from the body can be among the quickest methods. The digestive system processes liquids easily and the body tissues absorb them quickly. Therefore, they take less time to produce the desired effects. They can often be even more effective if taken in conjunction with certain other body detoxification formulations. Most of these products are herbal based and require the user to abstain from food and beverages for a certain time after ingestion. Beware of counterfeit products that promise body detoxification but do not deliver results.

Most detox drinks on the market today have at least some nutrients and beneficial compounds mixed into them. These may include riboflavin (vitamin B12) and certain herbs. Patients often take them along with associated products over a prescribed period. This is usually the case with colon detoxification kits, which often feature digestive aid pills for use along with toxin-absorbing drinks.

Ancient herbal medicine systems feature many distillations that qualify as detox teas. For instance, a home brew made of cumin, coriander, and fennel, strained and taken throughout the day with or without honey for sweetening, can be an excellent detoxification beverage. As a baseline reference point, the body requires a certain amount of extra protein in order to detoxify, so a detox tea rich in protein is bound to be helpful. Commercially available detox teas include lemongrass, red clover, calendula, rosehips, juniper, and chamomile. Chamomile is additionally a time-honored and highly effective calmative agent.

Detox diets replace contaminant-rich food with nutritional food and involve the elimination of existing toxins in the body, too. There are definite ways of judging the efficacy of a body detoxification regimen. A successfully detoxified person will experience fresh energy levels, renewed appetite, relief from chronic lethargy, and improved digestion. Such a person’s skin will have freshness in complexion and texture. There will generally be a marked absence of the usual aches and pains, too.
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