A Great Comparison Between Direct and Representative Democracy
Comparison between direct and representative democracy
The main difference between a direct and a representative democracy is in who makes the laws of the land. Buzzle gives a comprehensive comparison of direct vs. representative democracy, including aspects like their definitions,...
These are the Major Problems Associated With Absentee Ballots
Every election has its problems, and no electoral system is perfect. But implementing an imperfect program is just paying lip service to the affected population without addressing the issue - which is exactly why absentee ballots...
Dictatorship Vs. Democracy: A Look at the Fundamental Differences
The following article deals with the dictatorship vs. democracy debate. Read on to know which is a better form of government and why.
Communism Vs. Democracy: What are the Pros and Cons?
Both communism and democracy as forms of government have been in existence for a long period, although it is true that democracy has been around longer. The supporters of democracy claim it to be a better form of government, while...
6 Valid Reasons That Justify Why People Should Vote
Voting is one of the most crucial processes that is instrumental, both, in the functioning of society and its relationship with the government. There are a few important reasons as to why people should vote as part of the system.
Vital Differences Between the Democratic and the Republican Party
The US politics has two major parties - the Republican Party and the Democratic Party. Here we take a look at the differences in the policies of the two parties.
Major Defining Characteristics of the American Democracy
American democracy is the reward of a political culture that not only shares common values and beliefs, but also respects individual thought on the attitude and basic functioning of the government.
What is the Role of Government in Society? This is Worth Knowing
Since the demise of colonialism and advent of democracy, the role of government has undergone a tremendous change. As humans and the society in general, try to move towards a better world, the involvement and responsibilities of...
Why Voting is an Important Pillar of Democracy
This article aims at explaining to you the importance of voting in a democracy. Read the following Buzzle article to know more on this important topic.
Right Wing Vs. Left Wing: The Clash of Ideologies Explained
To understand the concept and the implications of right wing and left wing politics, one needs to study human history. Both ideologies can be right in their own way, and both can also be distorted to cause a lot of mayhem.
Unitary System Vs. Federal System: A Definitive Comparison
The development of Democratic and Republican states has sparked off a debate on the Unitary and Federal system of governance. Here, we try to shed some light on the different aspects of both these systems.
Big Government Vs. Small Government: What You Need to Know
Is a big government the key to smooth functioning of the nation, or is it a small government that lays the foundation for efficient administration?
A Very Simple Explanation of the Unitary System of Governance
A unitary system of governance is probably the oldest political philosophy upon which the governments of several nations are based. This form of governance can be defined as the system where a government establishes state...
A Simple Introduction to the Federal System of Government
Every political science student should know the different types of democratic governance, practiced in different countries. This article focuses on the federal system of government.
Exploring the Aspects of Indirect Democracy and its Pros and Cons
The free modern world has largely accepted indirect democracy as a great form of government. Here, we try to understand some important aspects of this form of democracy, along with its advantages and disadvantages.
What is Political Spectrum and Why it's Crucial for Good Governance
A political spectrum classifies the political ideologies on the basis of their beliefs and origins. The spectrum shows the distinction of political ideas and their different routes to the same destinations.
The Role of Internet in Politics - How it Brought a Drastic Change
The Internet, the source of news and information for millions of Americans, is now also the arbiter for all things political.
A Brief Introduction to the Basic Purposes of a Government
Government is the governing body of a nation. It is formed with an intent of establishing law and order in the society. What are the main purposes of a government?
Why Do People Need a Government? Here's the Answer
What role does the government play in our lives? Why do we need a government? Read on to find out.
Wondering What is the Bradley Effect? Here's the Easy Explanation
The Bradley effect is a famous term used as part of the elections only when a non-white candidate competes against a white one in the presidential race. Let's see why this effect is called so, and why this happens during the...
Read This if You Don't Know How a Bill Becomes a Law
Did you know that every law is originally a bill? How does it become a law? Read on to find out.
Republic Vs. Democracy - What's the Real Difference Between Them?
Difference between republic and democracy
Most of the nations around the world have a form of governance that is either democratic or republic. Both forms are quite distinct from one another. Let's take a look at various differences between a republic and a democracy.
Know What Liberal Democracy, the Most Followed System, Means
Liberal democracy examples
While the term liberal democracy is widely used to describe the political systems typical to the West, most people seem to be ill-informed about what it means. That might have something to do with the fact that people don't know...
Advantages and Disadvantages of a Democracy You Need to Be Aware Of
advantage and disadvantage of democracy
Democracy is a political system that is ruled directly by the people or through elected representatives. This Buzzle article tells you about the advantages and disadvantages of democracy.
Get Smarter By Knowing the Different Types of Governments That Exist
Republic of San Marino
Let's take a look at the various types of governments and governance systems that have been adopted by mankind throughout the world, from the ancient city-states of Greece to the nations of the 21st century.
Lucidly Charted Out Views and Beliefs of a Conservative Democrat
Beliefs of a conservative democrat
Treading the middle path in politics is actually difficult but the conservative Democrats have achieved the perfect balance of walking the thin line between progressive and conservative ideologies.
Weighing the Various Pros and Cons of Online Voting
Pros and cons of online voting
Now that everything can be done online, starting from shopping to your banking services, it's not surprising to see that many countries are adopting online voting. While the availability of Internet voting may change the future of...
Major Difference Between Primary and General Elections Explained
Difference between primary and general elections
Primary elections are held for county offices of mayor and municipal commissioner, while general elections are held for the position of Senator and House of Representatives seat. But normal citizens get confused between the two....
Jacksonian Democracy and its Characteristics and Significance
Jacksonian democracy significance
The Jacksonian Democracy not only depicted the democratic political revolution led by President Andrew Jackson but also ushered the epoch era of the "common man". The party dished out various economic and democratic...
What is Moral Diplomacy and Why is it So Important After All?
To quote President Woodrow Wilson, moral diplomacy was an attempt to "strike a new note in international affairs" of the United States. So, how did he intend to do that, and was the attempt successful?
These Purposes are an Answer as to Why a Nation Needs a Government
Purpose of government
What is the purpose of a government? Why does a government need to exist? An oversimplified answer would be - 'to serve the people'. For a deeper explanation, that identifies the complexities involved, read further.
The Four Prime Things That Prevent a Nation from Fair Legislation
Things that prevent fair legislation
Democracy is the fairest system we've got, but it still isn't fair. The rigs to the game have become part and parcel of our system to the point where pretty much all legislation is passed as a checkmate rather than a majority...
Why is it So Important to Vote? Everyone SHOULD Read This
This article shares some insights on why is it important to vote. It will help you understand its importance in a democratic society.
The Subtle Yet Stark Differences Between Republicans and Democrats
The two major political parties in the United States, the Republicans and the Democrats have different ideologies. However, it is the choice of the citizens during a Presidential election, which matters most in giving power to a...
Why and How You Should Double-check Your Voter Registration
Like a full checkbook representing an empty account, a voter registration card does not mean you are actually allowed to vote.
Popular Vote Vs. Electoral Vote
Difference between popular vote and electoral vote
The Presidential election in the United States is decided on the basis of the electoral vote. This Buzzle article elaborates on the differences between popular vote and electoral vote.
Difference Between Open and Closed Primary Elections
Difference between open and closed primary elections
Nominations are an important part of an election process. Elections are held to decide a representative. Let's take a look at open vs. primary elections, which select the nominations of parties participating in the general election.
Liberal Vs. Conservative - A Comparison of their Views and Beliefs
Comparison between liberal and conservative
When the so-called hipsters are pitted against the so-called gunslingers, ensuing fireworks are sure to send you off in a blinding haze. Even so, this Buzzle write-up will rake it up and make a fine match of Liberals vs....
3 Branches of the Government
The Government of the United States has been divided into 3 branches; namely, the Executive, the Legislative, and the Judicial. To know more about the structure and functioning of the three branches of the Government, read on.
Political Parties in the United States
While the Democratic Party and Republican Party are the bigwigs of American politics, there do exist other small political parties in the United States which are active as of today.
The Long and Rich History of Gerrymandering
Gerrymandering, the largely negative process by which an incumbent party redraws electoral maps to marginalize some voters and maximize others. Here's more...