Traditional Colombian Food
Traditional Colombian food - Sancocho
If you are looking for exceptional dishes, you should try making traditional Colombian food. In this article, you will find information on authentic Colombian food and recipes for the same.
Jamaican Food Recipes
Jamaican food has a variety of ingredients that are as unique in taste as they are in form. Learn how to use these flavorful add-ons while cooking recipes fot this flavorful cuisine.
Moroccan Recipes
Moroccan cuisine is considered to be one of the most exotic ones, all across the globe. Here are some interesting recipes to satiate your taste buds.
Gumbo Vs. Jambalaya Vs. Étouffée - How Do They Differ?
Difference between Gumbo and Jambalaya and Étouffée
The New Orleans' trademark rice dishes include gumbo, jambalaya, and étouffée. If you happen to travel around Louisiana and wonder what to choose amongst them, then here is a short guide that will fix all your confusions and...
Ancient Roman Food
Have you ever wondered what ancient Roman food was like? Ancient Roman cuisine was very much influenced by other regions.
Food in the Middle Ages
A preparation method of the food in the Middle Ages was quite different from today's food. It's very interesting to know about the food items that were prominent during the middle age, which consisted of vegetables, fruits, herbs...
Classic Colonial Recipes
Looking for some easy and delicious colonial recipes? Well, then you have come to the right page as this article gives you some of the best recipes, that are sure to be loved by one and all.
Latin American Food
The Latin American food does not consist of a single cuisine. The entire Latin America is made up of many cultures, such as the Peruvian, Argentinean, Brazilian, etc., and each of these cultures have their own cooking style. Let us...
Bolivian Food
There is something special or unique about the cuisine of every country and Bolivian food is no exception. Let's see what to expect and what all things to try when you're in Bolivia and hungry.
South American Food
South American cuisine is quite popular for its distinct ingredients and flavors. There are also modern versions of the recipes that are just as delectable as the original. This article lists some simple recipes that you can try at...
Traditional British Food
The British are known for the simple and comforting home cooked meals. Let's have a look at some traditional British food recipes.
Traditional Brazilian Food Recipes
Brazil, the largest country in South America, is known for its variety of foods and desserts that vary from region to region. However, there are some foods which can be found at most of the places in Brazil.
Famous Chinese Food
Today, the popularity of the Chinese cuisine is widespread, all over the world. Here's an insight into the famous types of Chinese food that satiate the taste buds of many.
Ancient Chinese Recipes for Kids
The origins of Chinese food can be traced to the Stone Age period. This article provides some interesting ancient Chinese recipes for kids, that are very tasty, healthy, and have been eaten for generations by the people of China.
Traditional Argentinian Food Recipes
The food of Argentina has a very distinct flavor with interesting influences. Take a look at these delicious recipes.
Italian Cuisine Meal Structure
Italian cuisine is famous all over the world. Let us know about the meal structure in an authentic Italian dinner.
Mouth-watering Five-Course Meal Ideas
Five-course meal idea
A five-course meal is an excellent way to treat your guests to some mouth-watering food over some exciting conversations. Although it is time-consuming and laborious, preparing and serving a five-course meal can actually be fun!...
World's Best Cities for the Most Delicious Street Food
Food culture in New York
Pampering your taste buds while standing in the middle of vehicular and pedestrian hustle and bustle is a spiritual experience of another kind. We list the top 10 cities around the world to savor the best street food.
Traditional Food in South Africa
Fact about South African dish Chakalaka
Looking for information on traditional food in South Africa? We highlight some delightful delicacies of South Africa which will interest you.
Australian Food Facts
Fact about Australian cuisine
From lamingtons and pavlova to kangaroo burgers and emu steaks, Australia has a cuisine that is as unique and varied as its wildlife and vegetation. Here are some interesting facts about Australian food.
Interesting Facts about the Cuban Cuisine
Interesting fact about the Cuban cuisine
Cuban cuisine of today has elements of Spanish, African, Arabic, and Caribbean cuisines. Also, still present are the native traces of Taino food. Here, we'll look at some interesting facts about the Cuban cuisine, which is famous...
Traditional Foods of the Bahamas
Traditional food of Bahamas - Goombay
Bahamian cuisine is all about the delicious seafood; no surprises in there. This piece is centered around the local eats of the Bahamas, and of course, where to find it.
15 Traditional Irish Foods You Must Know
Traditional Irish foods
Irish cuisine makes up for a wholesome meal, as it is a rich combo of stews, breads, drinks, and ales. In the present context, Irish food remains to be a gourmet's subject of observation. If you are one such kind, find out more...
Interesting Facts About Chilean Cuisine
Traditional Chilean drink - Pisco sour
An exotic combination of Spanish food and local ingredients, Chilean food has evolved fantastically with time. To know everything about this cuisine in short, read these interesting facts.
Popular Foods in Australia
Popular foods in Australia - Meat Pie
A look at the Australian cuisine introduces one to a wide variety of interesting and delectable food items. So which are the ones commonly relished by people here? Let's find out with this article.
Famous French Food
French food
The French are known for their fine ways of dining and exquisite food as well. Every region in France has its own specialty, which is probably why we have different types of French food that are popular all over the globe.
Ancient Egyptian Food
Ancient Egyptian food
The French are known for their simple yet incredibly delicious dishes; the Chinese redefine the word 'takeout' by whipping up toothsome meals in no time, and the Egyptians know how to take the most unusual of ingredients and turn...
Delicious Foods Named after Famous People
Nachos name history
Ever wondered why food is named in a particular way. No, not really, because we are so busy relishing the delicious platter. It may be surprising to most of you that some of the most popular and yummy dishes are actually named...
School Lunches Around the World
School lunches around the world
Talk of school, and all we remember is the fun we had in the cafeteria with friends, and the funny incidents that became a part of our learning. School lunches have often been a part of serious discussions the world over, not just...
Comparison Between Creole and Cajun Cuisine
Comparison between creole and cajun cuisine
Both Creole and Cajun cuisines find their origin in the state of Louisiana, with the line blurring between them in modern times. There exist, however, some fundamental differences between Creole and Cajun cuisine, and this Buzzle...
8 Must-try Traditional Lithuanian Dishes
Traditional Lithuanian dishes you must try
Meaty, hearty meals slathered with loads of sour cream! Buzzle brings to you a few of traditional Lithuanian dishes you'd love to devour.
Comfort Foods from Around the World
List of comfort foods from around the world
After a long day's work all you crave for is comfort... that which is rendered only by your favorite comfort food. Here's to the consoling foods that bond people from all over the world.
Traditional Japanese Food
If you are planning to try out some Japanese food, or are traveling there, then this Buzzle article on traditional Japanese food items will help you out...
Recipes from Colonial Times
Eager to know about cooking and foods in the Colonial times? Well, here are some easy-to-make recipes from the Colonial times.
Top 10 Cities in the US for Foodies
Wondering which places vie for the top spot in the list of America's best foodie cities? Which city makes best use of its local produce, and which city offers several options when it comes to ethnic food? Read more to find out ...
25 Popular Savory Snacks That Will Make Your Mouth Water
Popular savory snacks
No matter what time of the day (or night), anybody would benefit from a yummy snack! In this Buzzle post, we have managed to compile a list of savory snacks that are sure to make your stomach roar with hunger!
List Of Traditional Portuguese Food
Traditional Portuguese dessert
Traditional Portuguese food is a consolidation of various cultural influences. Any gastronome who has chewed on the iconic piri chicken or enjoyed a salty bite of cod won't just stop waxing lyrical about it. Consider this Buzzle...
Most Expensive Foods in the World
Most expensive foods in the world
Ever wondered what an expensive ice cream would be like? Or paying $12,000 for a pizza? Well, we have a good list of the most expensive foods in the world, that are likely to make a hole in your pocket just by thinking of eating...
List of National Dishes Around the World
National foods of USA and Italy
An extensive list of national dishes from around the world which form an important part of the culinary identity of the country they belong to.