Shungite: The Stone With Healing Powers
Shungite - the stone of life
Consisting of carbon and silicate minerals, shungite is no ordinary stone. It is known to possess healing powers, and the ability to protect one from evil. Here's an overview of the history, properties, and magical benefits of this...
12 Crystals That Aid Grounding
Crystals for grounding
The use of certain crystals can make you feel grounded. Placing them around you or wearing them on the body can help you feel relaxed and peaceful. Do you know of these stones and their wonderful effects on your well-being?
Crystals for Geopathic Stress Protection
Crystals for geopathic stress protection
The use of crystals to counter the negative energies around us is not uncommon. Geopathic stress is said to be a manifestation of these negative energies, rather, strong electromagnetic radiations that may harm our health. Crystals...
6 Crystals for Protection Against Negative Energy
Crystals to protect against negative energy
There are different crystals that help disperse, suck up, and destroy negative energy. They can either be worn as jewelry or kept at your home. Buzzle describes 6 crystals that provide protection against negative energy.
Healing Properties of Peacock Ore (Bornite)
Healing properties of peacock ore (bornite)
The Universe functions in its own mysterious ways. Peacock Ore is a stone of happiness. It makes an excellent healing crystal that channelizes the internal energy and removes all the negativity.
7 Recommended Crystals and Stones for Anxiety Relief
Crystals and stones for anxiety relief
Overwhelmed with anxiety? If yes, quite a few crystals known for their healing properties are believed to uplift anxiety and tension. Buzzle elaborates more on such crystals and stones that help overcome anxiety.
Crystals for Different Chakras in the Body
Crystals for different chakras of the body
Body chakras are said to be energy centers located in the body. They are believed to help maintain physical and mental balance. Different crystals are known to activate different chakras in the bod.
Tips for Cleansing Crystals Before Use
Reason for cleansing crystals before use
Crystal healing is an ancient art, though there are many practitioners of the theory as of today. It is necessary to know some tips for cleansing the crystals before use, so as to absolve them of whatever negative energies they...
Healing Properties of Selenite Crystal
Selenite crystals healing property
Resonating at higher frequencies, selenite crystals are believed to promote spiritual development. These stones are also used for undoing the effects of negative emotions on one's mind and body. This Buzzle post focuses on some of...
Healing Power of Stones and Crystals
Healing powers of crystals
A form of alternative medicine, crystal healing has been used since time immemorial for spiritual, emotional, and physical healing. From the stereotypical fortune-teller with her crystal ball, to ancient writings and religious texts...
Alternative Therapy Using Healing Crystals
Quartz crystals dispel negativity
Crystal therapy uses healing stones as part of alternative therapy. It is used to enhance the health and general well-being of patients.
Amazonite Healing Properties
Amazonite healing property
There is no record of how or when the belief in healing powers of gemstones originated, however, this belief still holds strong. Healing properties of Amazonite are vouched for by many such believers, who claim to have been...
8 Crystals That May Help in Achieving Your Weight Loss Goal
Crystals that may help in weight loss
With a significant portion of the world's population being obese and overweight, it wouldn't be wrong to say that weight loss happens to be the primary goal for many individuals. Amusingly, many people are taking the assistance of...