Phoenix Bird
fact about Phoenix bird
The phoenix bird and its legend has been with humankind for ages. Here's everything you have always wanted to know about this awe-inspiring mythical creature.
Mythical Creatures
Mythical creatures
Mythical creatures is a very fascinating topic. A myriad of such creatures are envisaged in various folklores. These are different from the creatures that exist on the earth in form and qualities. Mythical creatures are also called...
Who is Indrid Cold?
Indrid Cold myth
Indrid Cold was a mysterious man reportedly spotted in West Virginia, even before the Mothman was sighted. Were the two related? Buzzle tries to find the identity of Indrid Cold, and if he had anything to do with the Mothman...
History of Garden Gnomes
History of garden gnomes
Gnomes are little enchanted people who look after buried treasures and help humans, by helping in their work in exchange of clothes and food. Garden gnomes on the other hand, are guardians of the garden.
6 Famous Mythological Horses
Famous mythological horse Pegasus
Horses symbolize masculinity, grace, elegance, passion, and freedom. These exquisite qualities have made them immoral in mythological literature.
21 Myths and Facts About the Loch Ness Monster
Fact about the Loch Ness monster
Scary, gigantic, and monstrous, the Loch Ness Monster is a mythological creature said to exist in the Loch Ness water body of the Scottish Highlands. Does it really exist or is it a hoax created since many centuries? Read this...
Are Fairies Real or Just Mythical Creatures?
Though described as mythical people believe in fairies
Every once in a while, you come across news reports of people's encounters with fairies that leave you wondering whether these fairies are real or simply a figment of your imagination. Nonetheless, anything about fairies should...
10 Famous Humanoid Creatures
Famous humanoid creature - mermaid
As kids, we have all feared the monsters under our beds or the ones peeking through the window, or have just been so mesmerized by some creatures that we wanted to be like them. Buzzle, in this article, revisits those lost memories...
Jackalopes: Myth or Reality?
Fact about jackalopes
The animal kingdom never fails to startle us. There is so much diversity, that often, we come across newer species of animals that are just recent discoveries. When we come across some animals that are not widespread enough to...
Legendary Monsters of the World
Legendary monsters
Voracious, wild, evil, gigantic, terrible, grim, cruel, whimsical, antisocial, there are so many epithets that we tend to associate with monsters. Yet, despite their evilness quotient, they attract our interests and make us...
Are Unicorns Real?
This is a very tricky question to answer. I cannot say for sure if they are real or not, but I am sure exploring the reality behind it is going to be absolutely a humdinger. Join me as I try and uncover the unicorn's mythical...
Are Mermaids Real?
Increasing instances of mermaid sightings and carcasses being washed ashore make many people wonder whether they are real. When that question popped in our mind, we decided to embark on a journey to the realms of myths and legends...
Latest Bigfoot Sightings
Do you claim to have seen a Bigfoot? Or are you one of those who deny their existence? In either case, you must read the interesting stories of Bigfoot sightings this Buzzle article tells.
Facts about Unicorn
Unicorns have been represented in tapestries and paintings of many famous artists. There are many folklores and theories regarding the existence of a unicorn.
Coelacanth, A Fossil that Lives
Coelacanth is a giant fish which was thought to be extinct but was rediscovered by scientist in 1938. Its unique characteristics make it a rare and extraordinary fish. This article provides some information.
Bigfoot - Fact or Fiction
Bigfoot has been one of the legendary unsolved mysteries of the 20th century, that has spilled over into the 21st century. A huge hulk of a creature, Bigfoot is said to exist in the forests of America and the Himalayas. All kinds...