Polyester vs. Cotton: Which Fabric to Choose?
Comparison between polyester and cotton
Wondering what to choose between cotton and polyester? We have brought you a detailed comparison between these two fabrics, to help you make a wise decision.
Effects of the Cotton Gin
The invention of the cotton gin was a revolutionary event in the history of America. We have described the positive and negative impacts of the cotton gin in this article hence, the information provided will definitely prove useful...
Types of Cotton
Cotton is one of the most comfortable fabric that is preferred by most people. It is cultivated in almost all parts of the world. Let us have a look at the different types of cotton.
Egyptian Cotton
Egyptian cotton is the most superior quality of cotton till date. The superb fine quality makes it one of the most sought after type of cotton in the world.
History Of Cotton Gin
A cotton gin is a machine that can quickly separate cotton seeds from the fiber. The seeds that are separated can be used again to grow cotton, unless they are damaged. This article provides information regarding the history of the...
History of Cotton
India, Egypt, Peru and Mexico have a history of almost 4500 years of cotton textiles. Though it has always been unclear about who is responsible for the cultivation of White Gold, we shall try to cover the most important pointers...
Cotton Gin Facts
Fact about cotton gin invention
The invention of the cotton gin brought about the Industrial Revolution. However, it also led to several effects on the history of the nation, and consequently the world, as well as its inventor.
Pima Cotton Sheets
Pima cotton sheets
A fine brand of cotton that has gained widespread reputation is the Pima cotton. Sheets of Pima cotton are not only expensive, but are also noted for their great fabric quality, smoothness, and feel.
Information about Egyptian Cotton Sheets
Fact about Egyptian cotton sheets
When it comes to bed linen, cotton is the most preferred fabric. The quality of cotton is determined on the basis of certain factors like fineness of the fiber, its length, color, and the degree of whiteness. Egyptian cotton sheets...
How Does the Cotton Gin Work
One of the two earliest machines that revised human history -- the cotton gin, alongside the spinning jenny, ushered in the Industrial Revolution. The machine was simple in operation, but triggered the first automated production of...
How to Grow Cotton
Cotton plant requires warm climatic conditions, rich soil, and timely watering for getting a good harvest. In the flowering stage, care should be taken to avoid infestation by destructive pests.
Difference between Egyptian Cotton and Cotton Sateen
Egyptian Cotton and Cotton Sateen difference
If you have to spend one-third of your lifetime in bed, then which bedding sheet would you choose? Tough question, right? With so many cotton varieties in the market, the right feel, texture, thread count, and the luxury element...
Egyptian Cotton Sheets Reviews
The following article about Egyptian cotton sheets reviews will definitely re-establish the superiority of the Egyptian cotton. Read on and find out more.