Must Have Makeup Products
Every women uses some form of makeup or the other. The reason being, that beauty products help you look and feel more beautiful. If makeup has always fascinated you, then you must carry a few essential items of makeup with you in...
Animal Ingredients in Cosmetics and Beauty Products
Serious vegans and vegetarians may want to avoid using makeup or other cosmetic products that contain animal-derived ingredients. Unfortunately, many animal ingredients have names that don't sound animal-derived. This article...
Properties and Uses of Cetyl Alcohol
Cetyl alcohol is a type of alcohol originated from oils or fats. It is widely used in the cosmetic industry, and has some distinct properties as compared to other types of alcohols, which makes it a useful element in cosmetics.
History of Cosmetology
History of cosmetology
The fascination to look beautiful is an age-old obsession with women of all ages. Documented evidence proves that the skill of hairdressing and makeup has its roots in ancient times. Lot of practices have evolved over centuries to...
Must-have Grooming Products for Men
Wet shaving kit - a must-have grooming product for men
Apart from skin care products, men should also have a few products that help them in their day-to-day grooming. A list of such products is presented to you here. Take a look, and see what your bathroom counter is missing out on!
Top 10 Most Popular Cosmetic Brands in the World
Most popular cosmetic brands in the world
Beauty maybe skin deep and all, but we women do love to enhance it with some cosmetic TLC as much as we can. Through this Buzzle post, we're doffing our hats to the best cosmetic brands in the business, which have proved to be...
How to Spot Fake MAC Products
Spotting Fake MAC products
Although MAC is expensive, it is a popular and high-end makeup brand. There are many sellers and shopping sites that sell fake products. Understand how to spot fake MAC products from this Buzzle article, and never buy and use them...
10 Double-duty Beauty Products You Should Know
Double-duty eyeshadow
Multitasking beauty products that do more than one job are the perfect time, money, and space savers. There are a number of makeup and skin care products that are extremely versatile. This Buzzle article provides a roundup of some...
How to Test Makeup Products Before You Buy
Testing lipstick
Your desire to become an expert in picking up the right makeup products will be fulfilled by this Buzzle write-up. It will guide you through the fundamentals of testing makeup products before you buy them.
Makeup Expiration Dates - Shelf Life of Makeup
Even the most hygiene-conscious among women, who would throw away that milk carton sitting in the fridge if it's even an hour past the expiry date, would not think twice before applying their favorite shade of lipstick even weeks...
Beauty Products to Avoid During Pregnancy
What are the beauty products to avoid during pregnancy? Which chemicals might harm your health and that of your unborn baby? Read the following to find out.
Alpha Hydroxy Acids
Alpha hydroxy acids, popularly known as AHA, have a wide range of application in the cosmetic industry. We at Buzzle, provide you with some valuable information on the chemical nature of these acids and also, the range of products...
Mary Kay Reviews
This Buzzle article reviews some popular Mary Kay products to help you make an informed choice during your next purchase.
Paraben-free Cosmetics
If you are a health conscious person, then paraben-free cosmetics are your best option. Read on for some useful information on parabens, the dangers they pose to one's health and how to avoid beauty products that contain them.
Chemicals in Cosmetics
Do you know most chemicals in cosmetics and skin care products that we use daily, can be hazardous to our health? Learn more about these toxic chemicals and the various health concerns they pose.
Homemade Cosmetic Recipes
If you think cosmetics are very expensive, then you will be pleased to know that you can make them at home as well. Surprised? Don't be, as in this article, we give you a few recipes that will help you make a few natural beauty...
Benefits of Cosmetics
Cosmetics are used to enhance the appearance of a person. Most people use a wide variety of cosmetics everyday. And while most may deem them harmful, here is some interesting information about the many benefits that cosmetics have....
Mineral Cosmetics
Mineral cosmetics, as the name suggests, are the cosmetic products made from minerals that are mined from the womb of the earth. The natural glow, these products impart on the skin, make a scene stealer out of an ordinary looking...