The game of 'Cricket' is one such game that is played between 2 teams of 11 players each. It is played on an international level and in various formats like test matches, one-day internationals, and the most recent addition being Twenty-twenty matches. It is, in fact, the second-most popular sport in the world as per fan base.
If you are a cricket enthusiast or an amateur, you can also play it in your local club by making your own team. If you have a good name for your team, it will add to the fun of playing the game. You need to choose a name that highlights the spirit and the strength of your team. Here are some suggestions to get you started.
Cricket Team Name Ideas
cricket team name ideas
▶ Pitch Smashers
▶ Challengers on the Turf
▶ Game Swingers
▶ Agile 11
▶ Thunderballs and Firebats
▶ Trophy Fighters
▶ Terrific Hitters
▶ Cricketing Phantoms
▶ League of Roadrunners
▶ The Supernovas
▶ Ferocious Fasties
▶ Master Batters
▶ Runners for Victory
▶ The Go Getters
▶ Boundary Aimers
▶ The Jolly Cricketers
▶ The Scoring Willows
▶ Soaring Sixes
▶ Ball Burners
▶ Brokebat Mountain
▶ Challenging All-Rounders
▶ The Ducksters
▶ Innings Stars
▶ Wicked Wicket-Takers
▶ Century Hitters
▶ The Groundbreakers
▶ The RecordSetters
County Cricket Team Name Ideas
county cricket team name ideas
All-Women Cricket Team Name Ideas
all women cricket team name ideas
▶ Fine Legs
▶ Happening 11
▶ Game for Runs
▶ Vivacious Scorers
▶ Ravishing Willows
▶ Magicians with the Bat
▶ Enchanting Stumpers
▶ Girls with Willow-Power
▶ Amazing Shots
So get your bunch together and decide the best name for your cricket team. After all, the opposition should get a good idea about your team just by hearing your awesome team name. Howzatt!