How to Not Be Self-Conscious
The feeling of "everyone looking at oneself" is something that is associated with self-consciousness. This unpleasant feeling can hamper your productivity and make you habitually more self-conscious than others. However,...
Altered States of Consciousness
Any state of consciousness, which is significantly different from the normal state, is known as the altered state of consciousness. This article provides some interesting facts about altered state of mind.
Levels of Consciousness
Our brain has different levels of consciousness and these levels decide our action or reaction towards anything. Different theories have been put forward to explain human consciousness. In this article, we will discuss some of the...
Clearing Your Consciousness into a Blank Slate
Blank screen meditation technique
The Blank Slate meditation technique helps you clear unreality from your consciousness so you can be aware of life as it happens. The Blank Screen meditation technique takes place in the here and now, and is performed consciously....
What Causes Obtunded Behavior in Humans?
Obtundation in humans
A number of medical disorders can cause a decrease in alertness, sometimes even posing a risk of injury or death. This Buzzle article deals with obtundation, a condition similar to lethargy, and tells you what its causes actually...