Computer Inventors and their Inventions
The rich history of computers can be traced back to 5000 years, and it is still evolving with research and innovation. The article below enlists some of the important computer inventors and their inventions.
Who Made the First Computer?
The history of computers is very interesting and colorful. If you want to know who made the first computer, then read this article to know more.
What does ASCII Stand For?
We often use this word; we are familiar with ASCII codes. However, not many of us know what this word stands for. Actually, it's an abbreviated word. For more on this, read on.
Linux: History and Introduction
Linux history
Competing with Windows, Linux has managed to earn a fair amount of popularity owing to its unique features like being a free software and supporting open source development. Here is an introduction to Linux and an overview of the...
Was the First Computer Built By the Greeks 2,000 Years Ago?
A strange box found over a century ago in the sea off the shore of Greece has been the subject of postulation and debate for decades. Now researchers say they think they know what it is.
Who Invented the Computer?
Computer fact
Ever wondered who invented the machine that allows you to read these very words while listening to music, maintaining a social profile and shooting at a bunch of terrorists, all at the touch of a button? The man was Charles Babbage.
Evolution Of Computers
Fact about evolution of computers
You use the computer so many times, don't you? But what do you know about its history? Do you know how computers evolved from being small calculators to becoming the intelligent machines that they are? Read on for information on...
When was the First Computer Made?
When was the first computer made
The debate on the first computer ever made may vary according to the perception of what constitutes a computer. For some, it is the ENIAC made in 1943, while for others, it is the Altair launched by MITS in 1974. Whatever the case,...
History and Timeline of Computers
What does the computer history hold? How did computers evolve? Know all about the important events in computer history through the full timeline of computers.
History of Microprocessor
Fact about microprocessors
Dramatically stated, a microprocessor is the heart, soul as well as the brain of a computer; in essence, it is a computer in itself. It includes all the logical functions, data storage, timing functions, and interaction with other...
Origins of UI Symbols That You Should Know
Origin of the UI symbol At
We cannot imagine our gadgets and electrical appliances without them. We see them a million times a day, but little do we care about how they originated. We're talking about User Interface (UI) symbols. Each one of them has a...
Evolution of Supercomputers
Supercomputers are not your average computers. They are designed to work at very fast speeds, handling huge amounts of data and performing multiple complex tasks at the same time. In the following article, take an in-depth look at...
Intel Microprocessor History
This article on Intel's microprocessors will give you a brief timeline of the microprocessors developed and released by Intel Corporation over the past 42 years of its existence.
History of Macintosh Computers
Macintosh is the brand name used for the personal computers developed by Apple Inc. To peek into the history of Macintosh computers, you must read this article.