Signs of Lying
Cheating partner, kids hiding things, friends behaving weird, selfish co-workers...We live in a big bad world in which each of us is lying to another. Thinking about the insecurities, eats us up from within, but it won't...
Impulsive Liar
Trait of an impulsive liar
An impulsive liar is one who will lie on an impulse, without really thinking of the consequences. What brings this phenomenon about and makes an impulsive liar? In the following article, we will get into the details of the same and...
Pathological Liar Vs. Compulsive Liar
This article provides some information about a pathological liar and a compulsive liar, and also helps to understand the difference between them.
How to Treat Compulsive Lying Disorder
Compulsive lying disorder is a psychological problem, wherein a person tells lies, mostly even without realizing it. Though it is quite a dangerous problem, good and timely treatment can help in curing a person's constant need to...
How to Deal with a Compulsive Liar
Dealing with a compulsive liar can get to be very straining for the people around him. In the following sections we will understand what this disorder is all about and what are the various treatment options for the same.
Compulsive Liar Symptoms
Symptoms of a compulsive liar
Compulsive liar symptoms are observed in people who lie rampantly, without giving a second thought to the impact it may have on the future or their relationships.
Psychology Behind Why People Lie
Psychology behind lying
Ever wondered why people lie? What is it that provokes them to lie? There are varied reasons for why people lie, and there is, obviously, no single answer to such a complex aspect of human nature.
Signs of Compulsive Lying
Signs of compulsive lying
How easily we believe what people tell us! However, this prevents us from identifying compulsive liars too. Find out the signs to identify compulsive lying, so that you might be able to help people out of this disorder.
Why Do People Lie?
Katherine dunn on lying
Lying can be broadly classified into 25 different types; the common ones being, bluffing, exaggeration, jocose lie, polite lie, perjury, white lie, lying-in-trade, noble lie, etc. Researchers have spent a lot of time trying to...
Common Lies People Tell
Common lies told by people
Lying, sometimes, becomes the very prerequisite for basic survival. Join us as this Buzzle article takes you through a mix of some of the funniest and ridiculous lies that people tell.
Compulsive Lying Disorder
The ability to lie is something unique to the human species, however, an extreme form of this ability namely, compulsive lying, though rampant, is a little understood disorder which can attain serious proportions when left unchecked.
How to Deal with Liars
Tip to deal with liars
What would you do, if you realize that you are being lied to? How would you find out the truth? Well, this post will discuss the ways to deal with liars in the best possible manner, so that you do not fall for their traps...
How to Help a Compulsive Liar
If you want to know how to help a compulsive liar, it's even more important you know what exactly compulsive lying or pseudologia fantastica is. The article below will throws light on the same subject, and will guide you to help...
Chronic Liar
It is tough to identify chronic liars as their lies are not easily recognizable. In the following article, we will understand what is a chronic liar, the symptoms, and treatment, if any...
Compulsive Liar Disorder
There are some for whom lying is second nature. Such people are said to be suffering from compulsive liar disorder. This article discusses what this disorder is, and its symptoms and treatment.
Compulsive Liar Syndrome
Compulsive liar syndrome is a difficult mental disease to deal with. This article discusses the various issues connected with it, which includes its symptoms, causes, and treatment methods. Read on to get an insight into it.