The Concept of Simultaneous and Successive Contrast
Perception of colors is a concept that can only be seen to be explained. This will change from eye to eye, and consequently, so will the concept of contrast.
What is Color Psychology
Do you like white roses but care nothing for red ones? Do you have more of a particular color in your wardrobe? Ever wondered why? Color psychology can help you answer these and similar questions.
How Colors Make You Feel
Feelings associated with color red
Colors are all around us and each of them have something or the other to say to us! Find more on how colors make you feel from the article written below.
The Power of Colors and their Meanings
Red and yellow colors increase hunger
Colors can define the mood of a person, they can also create a specific aura or energy in the atmosphere. Colors form an integral part of our lives. The spectacular hues have varying effects on human nature and mind.
Why Do Girls Like Pink and Boys Like Blue
Myth about why girls like pink and boys like blue
Why do parents always decorate their newborn baby girl's room pink, but a newborn baby boy's room blue? Are we conditioned to associate pink with feminine energy and blue with masculinity? Here, is the answer to your color choices.
How Colors Affect Our Purchase Decisions
How color affects shopping
Colors have a strong influence on human psychology. It wouldn't be a surprise to say that they also create an impulse to shop! So, how exactly do they lure consumers towards a purchase? Let's find out.
Natural Ways to Conquer Fear of Color
The fear of color or chromophobia, is quite a prevalent phenomenon. Its causes could be purely medical or psychological. Fortunately, it is a fear that can be overcome and conquered by following a combination of natural methods and...