60 Catchy College Magazine Name Ideas
Catchy college magazine name ideas
Starting a college magazine soon and haven't thought of a suitable name yet? Go through this Buzzle article for some apt and beautiful magazine names.
College Sports: Should College Athletes Get Paid?
College sports function as a platform for young athletes to move on to the next level. Whether or not monetary compensation should be given to college athletes depends on the infrastructure of the management.
The Benefits of College
Receiving a college education has many advantages, not just for securing a good financial future, but also for advancing your abilities to understand the world and yourself. Here is a Buzzle article that will give you some...
What are the Benefits of Going to College?
Benefits of going to college
Why should you go to college? What are the benefits of attending it? Apart from giving you education, attending college benefits you in several other ways. It makes you more competent and helps develop your personality. It gives...
Common Problems Faced by Students in College Dorm Life
Problem faced by students in college dorm life
Most people associate the word 'college' with partying, making friends, and bunking classes, but fail to consider the difficulties of living in a dorm. If you think living in a dormitory is all easy and fun, then you are mistaken....
Common Senior Year Mistakes You Should Avoid
Common senior year mistakes you should avoid
You aced your freshman year, nailed it as a sophomore, and the year couldn't have been better when you were a junior. What can go wrong now, when you are in your senior year, right? Too much apparently, if you aren't ready for it....
Common Money Mistakes College Students Make
Money mistakes college students make
The notion that college is supposed to be fun can really turn into something you had never expected. Spending too much money on entertainment while at college can seriously render an irreparable hole in your pocket.
Inspiring Gap Year Ideas for College Students
Ideas to Spend Your Gap Year Before College
Planning to take a break before enrolling in college? Well, here are some ideas that can help you have a fulfilling gap year experience.
Tips for Writing a Killer College Admission Essay
Tips for writing college admission essay
College admissions counselors pay close attention to essays, and these seven tips can help you write an essay to remember.
Things Roommates Do That Annoy You
Annoying things roommates do
We all like to believe that we are people-friendly enough only if we have to put up with others for a few hours, and not if someone is going to be with us forever, like day and night. Having roommates simply summarizes the above.
How to Prepare for College Application Process
The process of applying for admission into a college can seem both exciting and unnerving at the same time. Here, we provide the details on how to prepare for the college application process.
Small Business Ideas for College Students
The money which students receive from their parents is often not enough to meet their expenses. Thus, ideas of earning money by different means like tutoring, freelancing, etc. should be considered to fulfill these expenses....
How to Deal with a Messy Roommate
Frustrated with your messy roommate's antics? I am sure there are many people who share the emotion. Messy or shabby roommates are an age-old problem that everyone has been struggling to deal with. So, let me help you out with some...
Why is College Important
Most of us already know that attending a reputed college means getting advantages and opportunities for a better future. In this Buzzle post, we will be discussing some important points on why we all should attend a college.
Tips on How to Get a College Grant
Confused about how to pay that exorbitant college fee? Apply for a college grant to be able to afford an excellent education. Here are some guidelines on how to search and apply for a grant for a course of your choice.
Qualities of a Good Roommate
Good roommate qualities
Whether you are already in a setup that requires you to share your living space with roommates or you are planning to move into a shared apartment, learning about the qualities of a good roommate will help you know how to be one...
16 Types of People You Meet in College Dorm Life
Type of roommate - self-proclaimed musician
While staying in a dormitory is an exciting and challenging experience, it has its share of pleasant surprises too. Chances are, you may encounter all types of weird and funny people in your dorm. Some may become your best buddies,...
25 Best Apps for College Students
Best apps for college students
With numerous assignments, projects, and exams, college life can sometimes get stressful. However, if you have an Apple/Android tablet or phone, several apps are available to help you out. In this article, we will take a look at 25...
12 Essential School Supplies for College Students
Essential school supplies for college students
Packing for college can be overwhelming, no matter if you are heading back to college or just starting out. There are some school items that are really necessary for all college students. Let's take a look at these essential...
Personal Finance for College Students
Don't let college be a financial free-for-all, or you'll end up paying (more) later. College is about learning responsibility and accountability, so apply it to your personal cash flow to ingrain good financial habits from the start.
College Campus Tour Tips
Choosing the perfect college for yourself is an arduous task, because there are many good colleges out there. Taking a college campus tour is the best way to assess a college for all the facilities. Here are a few tips to help you...
How to Deal with College or University Rejection
It can be very difficult for a student to deal with the feeling of being denied admission to a college or university he or she wished to get into. The following article would help you deal with the situation in a positive way...
Advice for College Freshmen
Being a freshman in college can get to be a very hard thing. Maybe the following advice for college freshmen will help students in handling themselves well. Continue reading for more details.
Freshman 15 - Myth or Reality?
You are aware of the buzz that surrounds a certain 'Freshman 15', but you are not sure what exactly is it. Is it the name of a brand or is it a music band? Is it the name of a college course or is it a new hangout down the road?...
What to Bring to College
The following article lists all the college room as well as college life essentials that all freshers should keep handy when coming to live in a college dormitory.
Alternatives to College Education
Taking a break after high school can be very beneficial. You could learn a new skill or travel around the world. This article lists some great ways to spend your gap year, and alternatives to college.
Accreditation: A Quick Primer
Have you ever wondered what accreditation is? Colleges around the world are accredited if they are recognized by their nation's government as meeting certain quality standards. However, in the United States, quite a different...
Taking a Break from College
College life can drain you out completely. A drained mind can be compelled to taking a break from college.
How to Get Good Grades in College
Your grade point average is your ticket to success in getting a job right out of college. What can you do to help ensure that your GPA is a solid one?
Purpose of College Education
In the quality-conscious 21st century, good education is mandatory to hold a position of respect and professional recognition. The very purpose of education is to empower the student with life skills, that enable him to contribute...
A College Student's Guide to Personal Finance: Five Useful Tips
Here are a few simple tips for keeping yourself out of massive debt during your college years.
Interviewing Potential Roommates
Getting good roommates is really difficult and more so when you find out about their annoying habits after they have move in. Here is an article which can save you from all the frustration.
College: What's the Rush?
What are the pros and cons of rushing a sorority or fraternity? Let's have a look, through this write-up...
Choosing the Right College
Organize your priorities, take some time out, and think with a cool head. You will not stress so much at the thought of how to choose the right college to go to.
We're Screwed: Why My Generation Has A Tough Road Ahead
As a college student approaching the ripe old age of twenty, I am at last beginning to see that there is a future ahead of me. A career, a family, and a lifestyle will soon begin to take shape around the personality I've built for...