For most of us coconut water is just a tropical drink that claims to be a good source of nutrition. It has been known as the best fluid to rehydrate the body. Coconut water is a natural isotonic beverage. When the coconut ripens the water hardens forming a white flesh of the coconut. The brown and hairy coconuts at the grocery stores are the mature coconuts. The green water coconuts are immature ones. The immature coconuts contain minerals and other nutritional factors that are high in concentration. In this article we will cover the immature, green coconut water nutritional facts.

Coconut Flesh Nutrition Mature Coconut Water Nutrition Immature
Energy (kca)7716
Moisture (g)8897.0
Protein (g)1.4NA
Fat (g)3.6NA
Sugar (g)104.1
Dietary fiber (g)0.70
Potassium (mg)257NA
Iron (mg)1NA
Vitamin C (mg)6NA

Coconut Water Benefits

The water of the young coconuts is one of the purest form of waters. It contains no cholesterol and has more electrolytes than any fruit or vegetable. It is sweet, tasty, full of salts and vitamins, which are very important for the body. It also contains trace amounts of copper, phosphorous and sulfur, thus, making it an excellent source of water to help correct electrolyte imbalance. The vitamin C content of the water is enough to meet the daily requirements of the body. It is fat-free, low in carbohydrates and calories. The coconut water nutrition factor also shows that it contains niacin, pantothenic acid, biotin, riboflavin, folic acid and thiamin of the Vitamin B group. Coconut water helps maintain the body temperature at a proper level, natural fluid levels and helps carry vital nutrients and oxygen to different cells and parts of the body.

Coconut water health benefits also include boosting the immune system, intestinal health, metabolism, weight loss, balancing the body pH, fighting off viruses, detoxifying the blood, etc. if you are suffering from blood pressure, coconut water is a great remedy to prevent hypertension. It also controls diabetes, reduces cancer and helps treating kidney stones. People suffering from stomach pain and vomiting get relief by drinking coconut water.

Coconut Water Nutritional Facts

Coconut water is similar to the human plasma and has been used as an alternative during plasma transfusion for many years throughout many countries. It was widely used during the World War I as a plasma alternative, since it is sterile, does no harm to the red blood cells and is readily accepted by the body. It can also be given intravenously for emergency cases like cholera and dysentery.

Coconut water is known to improve digestion. It helps the body absorb other nutrients like vitamins, amino acids and minerals. It helps in calcium and magnesium absorption that is very important for the development of strong bones and teeth. It also helps in the prevention of osteoporosis.

Coconut water is the best source of instant energy, even better than most of the energy drinks available in market. It gives athletes a boost of energy and endurance factor during their physical training. Coconut water is also known to help in repairing damaged tissue and healing it.

Coconut water is a natural antioxidant and helps in preservation and protection of the cells from free radicals in the body. Coconut water helps increase the metabolic rate of the body and thus proves to be very useful to those looking forward to losing weight. The fats in coconut water does not get stored in the body, but sent directly to the liver and converted into energy. It helps the drugs to be absorbed quickly, thus making them more effective. It is given to treat mineral poisoning as its eliminates poison. It also helps remove black marks and pimples. You can even use coconut water as a tropical application to treat chickenpox, measles and other summer rashes.

Though coconut water is like regular water, its nutritional health benefits are beneficial to one and all, without any side effects. It is great to decrease swelling in hands and feet and eases burns. It lowers atrial pressure and rehydrates without any ill-effects of extra sugar or chemicals. This natural health drink will help you live a healthy life due to its nutrition factors.