Strawberry Daiquiri Recipe
Parties are incomplete without splendid food and drinks and daiquiri is one of the most popular drinks enjoyed by one and all at parties. So, if you are looking for the recipe then take a look at those given below.
24 Popular Blue-colored Cocktails
Popular blue-colored cocktails
When it comes to cocktails, there is an abundance of options. But if you are looking for something different for the weekend party, we have the perfect answer for you. Why not thrill your guests with some cool and delicious...
How to Make Delicious Chocolate Cake Shots
Chocolate. Cake. Shot. How is that possible? Before you think such a shot involves baking a cake and serving it in a shot glass, think again! Scroll below to learn, how to mix up this delicious and different shot.
How to Make Refreshing Cosmopolitans
You don't have to live a fast and fashionable life to enjoy this fashionable, refreshing, and delicious beverage. Cosmopolitans are easy to make individually and in large batches to share with friends.
Pineapple Juice Drinks
Malibu madness and exit 13-e ingredients
Are you searching for delicious pineapple juice drinks? Here's an article that will get you buzzed with these fantastic pineapple cocktails and drinks...
Long Island Iced Tea History
Long island iced tea is one of the popular summer cocktails and is available in many different variants. Continue reading this article for some information about the history of this cocktail.
Grasshopper Drink
This drink is one of the most popular cocktails. If you are searching for some easy recipes for grasshopper drink, then simply read this Buzzle article.
Types of Mixed Drinks
Cocktails, mocktails, coolers, and punches ... what would a party be without these and other types of mixed drinks and beverages? Want to find out what other options there are? Read right ahead.
Cement Mixer Shot Recipe
An interesting, and unique style of taking a shot, a cement mixer is a perfect addition to any gathering. Read the Buzzle article to learn how to make this drink.
Best Mixed Drinks for Men
If you are not in the mood for your regular choice of alcoholic drinks and want to try out something new, you may want to try some of the mixed drinks recipes in the article below. This write up will provide a wide range of choices...
Blue Lagoon Drink
This summer, cool down with a refreshing and delicious blue lagoon cocktail. Read this Buzzle article to find 3 easy blue lagoon drink recipes by mixing a few basic ingredients.
Jungle Juice Recipes
Organizing a wild and informal cocktail party? Try making these jungle juice recipes mentioned in the Buzzle article, and watch everyone have a wonderful time.
Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri Recipes
Frozen strawberry daiquiri recipes are the easiest to make, if you share a love for spirits and strawberries in equal measures. This is the perfect drink to make after a rough day at work, during hot summer season.
Long Island Iced Tea Recipe
A favorite of most, Long Island Iced Tea is seen in almost every party and is enjoyed by all kinds of people. Learn how to make this refreshing cocktail from the following article.
Mojito Ingredients
Mojito is an extremely popular cocktail, especially during the summer season. The national drink of Cuba is a favorite of millions and can be customized with different recipes. Here are some easy recipes.
Amaretto Cocktail Recipes
Amaretto is a sweet almond-flavored liqueur. Here are some recipes on how to make some great cocktails using it.
Best Mixed Drinks
If you are not a huge fan of hard alcoholic drinks, I am sure you would want to try some mixed drinks in a party. Find a list of these, with their recipes, described below.
Snakebite Drink
The snakebite is a very popular cocktail amongst tipplers. Read the following article and find out more about this drink, its many variations, and their recipes which you can use at home.
Mudslide Drink Recipes
If you are fond of trying different cocktails mixed with a variety of flavors, then a mudslide is definitely a must-try drink for you.
Best Cocktails
Have you always wanted recipes for you favorite cocktails? This Buzzle write-up gives you instructions on how to make cocktails like the Rattlesnake, Ward Eight, White Russian, and many more.
Mango Daiquiri Recipes
Need some mango daiquiri recipe ideas? Read the following article for some great recipe tips.
Incredible Hulk Drink
The 'Incredible Hulk' is a cocktail that is demanded in the bars today, because of its fruity and refreshing taste. Given in this article is the recipe for this lip-smacking beverage.
Cosmopolitan Cocktail Recipe
A stylish drink by all standards, Cosmopolitan can be concocted with several variations. Take a look at a few drink recipes to make your own variation.
Mexican Drinks
Mexican drinks are known for their delicate aroma and flavorsome taste. Here are some alcoholic and non-alcoholic recipes.
Fruit Cup Cocktail Recipe
Also referred to as a summer cup, this English fruit cocktail is traditionally served and consumed during the summers. Learn how to make this cocktail from the following article.
How to Make a Mojito
To learn how to make a mojito, you need the right ingredients. And to find the right ingredients, you need to read the following article...
Non-Alcoholic Pina Colada
Pina Colada can be made at home within a matter of minutes. All it requires is a can of cream of coconut and some fresh pineapple juice. Let's take a look at some simple recipes in the article given below.
How to Make Singapore Sling
One of the most loved cocktail is the Singapore sling that is served straight without ice cubes. Let us take a look at how to make this delicious cocktail.
Brain Hemorrhage Drink
Ever tried a brain hemorrhage drink? No? You really should. The main ingredients of this drink include schnapps, Irish cream and grenadine syrup―but there are several other ingredients that can be combined to make some great...
Brain Hemorrhage Shot Recipes
Try ordering a brain hemorrhage shot at the bar on Halloween and you will know what it is! The recipe for this weird, yet amazing shot is presented in the following article.
How to Make a Depth Charge
A depth charge is an alcoholic drink which includes drinking a vodka shot followed by beer. This article provides the recipe and procedure to make this strong-flavored drink.
Cosmopolitan Drink
Cosmopolitan is a cocktail that has got popular with people today. So do you know how it was made and its history? Read this article to find out more about cosmopolitan drink.
How to Make Vodka Gimlet
A vodka gimlet is a kind of cocktail that is made with vodka or gin and lime juice. Keep reading to know more...
How to Make Melon Ball Cocktails
The best tasting melon ball cocktail is prepared by using melon liqueur, vodka and fruit juice. For visual appearance, you can garnish melon ball with lemon, lime and orange slice. Look through this article to know all about how to...
Non-alcoholic Fruit Cocktails
With these refreshing non-alcoholic fruit cocktail recipes, give a delicious treat to your family and guests and also enjoy the numerous health benefits of fruits.
Traditional Margarita Recipes
Margarita is one of the most popular cocktails in the world and has a tart flavor owing to the tequila in it. While there are many authentic versions of the margarita, the traditional and contemporary ones are discussed in this...
Bloody Mary Mix Recipes
You don't need to be a bartender to concoct a refreshing glass of Bloody Mary! This cocktail is extremely easy to prepare, so let's take a look at some recipes in the following article.
Strawberry Margarita Recipes
Margarita is a tequila-based cocktail which is very popular around the world, especially among women. There are a variety of authentic versions of this drink and strawberry is one of them.
The Flavorful History of Cocktails
What is it about all the fancy names with cocktails? Who really thought of these names and why? These beautiful and classy variants, almost makes every drinker drool. Let's unravel the mystery behind one amongst the favorite drinks...
Summer Cocktail Recipes
What can be more refreshing than drinking a glass of chilled cocktail during a lazy summer evening. This article gives you some recipes for summer cocktails.
Cool and Refreshing Summer Cocktails
Summer is almost here and you might want to find ways to beat the rising temperatures. Read on for some cool and refreshing summer cocktails that will cool you off!
Thanksgiving Cocktail Recipes: Drinks that Go Well With Turkey
Thanksgiving cocktail recipe: Gin and Maple Shake
With the harvest celebration around the corner, along with fall setting in, things are gradually coming together until Thanksgiving finally arrives. When it comes to food, we're all familiar with the feast that awaits us. Wondering...
Top 10 Mixed Drinks
Top mixed drink - martini
Mixed drinks have been very popular from their very inception. Here's a look at the top 10 mixed drinks that have enticed people all over the world and continue to do so till date.
Well Drinks List
Well drinks
'Happy Hour' at the bar is something most drinkers await eagerly for. That is because they get to drink well drinks at a very affordable price (Now you know why it is called Happy Hour!). Well drinks offer greater variety when you...
Pomegranate Martini Recipe
Pomegranate martini
A classic martini is made with gin and vermouth, and almost always garnished with an olive. This versatile cocktail is so popular, that one can find it made with just about any additional flavor. One of my personal favorites is...
Recipes for Virgin Strawberry Daiquiri
Virgin Strawberry Daiquiri
Virgin strawberry daiquiri is a perfect beverage for a hot summer day that children and adults can enjoy alike. Want to include it in your party menu? Read more here for the recipe for virgin strawberry daiquiri.
How to Make the Perfect Malibu Bay Breeze Cocktail
Recipe to make Malibu bay breeze cocktail
Missing the sun-kissed shores of the Caribbean isles? Fret not, as Buzzle brings you some delectable twists on the Malibu Bay Breeze cocktail. Make yourself a pitcher, relax, and sip this delicious cocktail that will transport you...
15 Delicious Drinks Made with Blue Curacao and Rum
Blue Rita cocktail made with Blue Curacao and rum
Concocting recipes with Blue Curacao and rum will produce drinks that are both delicious and vibrant in color. With a few handful base ingredients, Buzzle will show you how to make 15 mind-blowing drinks.
10 Popular Peach Schnapps Mixed Drink Recipes
Sex on the beach cocktail
Looking for cocktails that have peach schnapps? Bingo! You've hit the right page. Buzzle posts a list of 10 such delicious drinks and also includes a recipe of each. Check them out.
How to Make the Baltimore Zoo Drink
Baltimore zoo drink recipe
The Baltimore Zoo drink is a popular cocktail that is abundant in flavors, making it very popular among youngsters and at college parties.
How to Make the Swedish Fish Shot
Fact about Swedish fish shot
Swedish fish shot is a famous Swedish drink that resembles the taste of a very popular Swedish fish jelly. Read about the recipe of this sweet sinful drink here.
Ways to Make Sweet Tea Vodka at Home
Recipe to make to sweet tea vodka at home
A cocktail made by combining the amazing flavor of sweet iced-tea with vodka on the backdrop of a sunny day, is too tempting to pass. Buzzle gives you 7 ways to make sweet tea vodka drink at home that will help you beat the heat.
20 Simple and Easy Drinks to Make With Kahlúa
White Russian cocktail recipe
With only a few basic supplies, you can concoct a variety of simple and easy drinks made with Kahlúa. With Buzzle, you can learn to make 20 of the most popular options that can be prepared in a jiffy.
How to Make the Four Horsemen Drink
Four Horsemen drink recipe
Four Horsemen is basically a cocktail of four different liquors. Check out the recipe to make this shooter, and also some information about its peculiar name.
Types of Cocktail Shakers
Cocktail shaker types
A cocktail is incomplete without a good shake, for which you need a cocktail shaker. Here, we will acquaint you with the varieties of shakers.
History of Sazerac - The Official Cocktail of New Orleans
History of Sazerac cocktail
About 150 years and still counting, the Sazerac cocktail has never lost his popularity since its constitution! We really feel that the history of this drink is a story worth telling. But don't worry, we won't leave you thirsty. We...
How to Make the Cherry Bomb Drink
Cherry bomb drink recipe
There are various ways in which you can make a cherry bomb drink. From the simplest of ingredients, you can get the most complex and intense tastes.
11 Best Cocktail Recipes With Limoncello
Fact about Limoncello
To infuse sweet and lemony flavors in cocktails, use limoncello as one of the main ingredients. Buzzle gives you 11 best cocktail recipes that are prepared with limoncello for that crisp and refreshing taste.
19 Drinks with Amaretto and Vodka
Alabama Slammer cocktail recipe
Amaretto drinks with vodka, along with a blend of tantalizing flavors, can introduce you to a world of new drinks that you must try.
How to Make a Kamikaze Drink at Home
Recipe for making Kamikaze drink
A Kamikaze cocktail is a must-have at the bar if you are hosting a party. This simple cocktail has different variations that include easily available ingredients. Buzzle tells you five easy ways to make a Kamikaze drink.
How to Make the Tokyo Iced Tea Cocktail
Tokyo iced tea recipe
Long Island iced tea is one of the most popular cocktails. Many variations of this cocktail are available. Tokyo iced tea is one such variation. Buzzle gives you stepwise instructions on how to make Tokyo iced tea followed by...
9 Mouth-watering Mixed Drinks With Blue Curacao and Vodka
Blue lagoon cocktail fact
Looking for some uber fancy, quick to make, and delicious to taste drinks to cool off this summer? Here are some blue Curacao with vodka drinks recipes you're gonna love. Serve it your friends or whip one up for yourself, at the...
16 Classic Cocktails You Must Try
Black Russian cocktail recipe
For all the newbie drinkers, those who have just reached the age of 21, and all the cocktail lovers, Buzzle brings a list of the most popular cocktails that you must try and enjoy.
How to Make a Mind Eraser Cocktail Drink
Mind eraser cocktail drink
The party season has begun, and it's time to feel the rush, whether partying out in the club or with friends, this cocktail drink is sure to give you a brain freeze! Buzzle serves you with the ingredients and walks you through the...
9 Recipes to Make a Mimosa Cocktail
Mimosa cocktail recipe
Invented in the Hôtel Ritz Paris, this drink, till date, reeks opulence, perfect for fancy brunches, bridal showers and so on. Here are some unique mimosa drink recipes fit to delight even the choosiest, handpicked by us just for...
9 Amazing Fernet Branca Cocktails to Try
Hanky Panky cocktail recipe
Just can't get enough of Fernet Branca? Don't worry as we're to indulge you a little more. Here are some of the best cocktail recipes of Fernet Branca, so go crazy and try 'em all. We promise not to judge!
9 Easy Recipes to Make a Black Russian Drink
Black Russian drink recipe
A bittersweet comforting mixture of the goodness of coffee with a backing of vodka, the Black Russian has been soothing our sorrows since 1929! Here are some recipes of this drink as well as its variations as our homage to this...
How to Make a Pink Squirrel Drink
Pink squirrel drink recipe
Pink Squirrel is a cocktail that is sweet and rich in flavor, and is a mix of alcohol and ice cream. Ever tried this combination? Well, you can now. We, in this Buzzle post, bring you some recipes to make the Pink Squirrel drink at...
Frozen Bellini Recipes
Bellini is a quintessential Italian cocktail that is popular all over the world. Buzzle does a twist on the classic recipe by providing some refreshing frozen Bellini recipes for all those who are smitten with this drink.
Best Mojito Recipes
Strawberry mojito recipe
The best mojito blend has to be the classic mix of ingredients from when it was first mixed together by well-known rum connoisseurs, Bacardi. Learn how you can make this cocktail mix at home, along with other very refreshing ideas...
Grasshopper Drink with Ice Cream
Minty grasshopper drink recipe
If you're hosting a party tonight and require drinks that you've never tried before, the grasshopper drink with ice cream can do the trick. Read this post to find a variety of recipes that will make this cocktail worth tasting...
Amazing Cocktails Inspired by Movies
Have you ever longed to order your drink, the Bond way, "shaken, not stirred"? There are a lot of drinks that our mixologists have come up with, that are inspired by our flicks and their famous characters. Read on to know...
How to Make a Stinger Cocktail
Stinger cocktail recipe
Known as one of the best after-dinner cocktails, the Stinger is shaken and served on the rocks. Apart from the classic recipe, this Buzzle post will show you how to make a stinger cocktail with different kinds of liquor.
11 Easy Drinks to Make with Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum
Mojito recipe
We all know a great party starts with perfect mixing, and no we are not talking about the DJ but combining various liquids with Captain Morgan to create a tantalizing drink which will definitely soothe your taste buds. Given below...
Alternatives to Fernet Branca
Alternatives to Fernet Branca
Mention mentholated aroma and profuse sweetness to liqueur fans, and they can't help but think of Italian-born Fernet Branca that's making waves abroad, thanks to its acquired flavor. And just in case you are looking for...
10 Amazing Mixed Drinks with Tequila Worth Trying
Green Mexican cocktail recipe
Is your bar down to only one bottle of tequila? Don't worry, all you need to do is head to your nearest store and buy some lemons and various herbs. For all you tequila lovers, expand your taste buds, as we list 10 mind-blowing and...
How to Make a Pancake Breakfast Shot
Pancake breakfast shot recipe
Craving for Irish breakfast but served in shot glasses? You should serve the pancake shot to impress your loved ones. This alcoholic drink tastes syrupy and sweet just like pancakes, and is soon becoming a celebratory shot. Buzzle...
9 Good Substitutes for Triple Sec
Substitutes for triple sec
Cocktails are the mood setters for any party. It can be of any magnitude, but the celebration remains incomplete without the drinks pouring on the glasses. Cocktails are supposed to be sweet, flavored and colorful. This article...
How to Make a Grateful Dead Drink
Grateful dead drink recipe
A Grateful Dead drink has a beautiful violet hue and a smooth taste. It contains gin, vodka, rum, triple sec, and tequila, besides other flavor-adding ingredients. Read about the Grateful Dead drink recipes in this Buzzle article.
8 Amazing Trash Can Drink Recipes
Irish trash can drink recipe
Trash can drink - sounds kinda quirky, but can bring a lot of fun to any gathering. With Buzzle by your side, you can be sure to find creative and amazing trash can drink recipes for whenever you're in the mood for a pick-me-up.
How to Make a Delicious London Fog Drink
London fog drink recipe
London Fog drink is a frothy and delicious drink which can be easily made at home. Browse through this Buzzle article and enjoy this warm and comforting drink!
How to Make Hunch Punch
Hunch punch recipe
Thinking what to serve your guests for the party next weekend? Hunch Punch, a fruity-alcoholic drink is definitely the one that you can bank on, and will be surely loved by everyone. Buzzle makes your task easy, and brings you some...
4 Easy Recipes to Make Jolly Rancher Martini
Jolly Rancher Martini recipe
A Jolly Rancher cocktail may not technically be a martini, but rest assured, it tastes darn well. Buzzle brings you some amazingly easy recipes to make Jolly Rancher martinis right in the comfort of your home.
How to Make a Roy Rogers Drink
Steps to make a Roy Rogers drink
Every party has its set of teetotalers, and sadly they always feel left out. However, as you plan this weekend's party here's a simple drink that even these non-drinkers can enjoy. Try out these Roy Rogers drink recipes to include...
How to Make a Purple Hooter Shooter Drink
Recipe to make purple hooter shooter drink
Smooth and delicious to taste, the purple shooter is one drink you'd never want to miss. Buzzle tells you how to go about making the most divine purple hooter shooter you've ever downed.
14 Gift Ideas for Cocktail Enthusiasts
Soapstone whisky rocks as a gift for a cocktail enthusiast
A bottle of gin or vodka makes a perfect gift for a cocktail enthusiast. However, there are many other things that can make your friend's day special. Glance through the Buzzle article for gift ideas that a cocktail lover might like.
Calories in Different Types of Cocktails
Giving up on drinks and cocktails is probably the hardest thing to do when you are dieting. And then how can you go to your best bud's place for a party and not drink anything? Here is a look at the different cocktails with respect...
Low Calorie Cocktails
Tangy orange margarita recipe
Having low calorie cocktails will help you maintain your weight while still enjoying your favorite drink. Learn how you can put together a set of lip-smacking low-cal cocktail drinks, without compromising on flavor and enjoyment...
Low Calorie Mixed Drinks
Low-calorie mixed drinks are the way to go, especially if you're fond of drinking cocktails often. If you watch what you drink, then these cocktail mixes shouldn't let you worry about your waistline...
Vodka Martini Calories
This article will tell you about the number of calories that you consume with each subsequent vodka martini. Remind yourself of this number, before you order a vodka martini at the bar the next time.
Party Cocktail Recipes
Here are some of the best party cocktail recipes that you can concoct for any occasion, that allow pleasurable deep drinking.
Calories in Long Island Iced Tea
Whether it is an afternoon on the beach or an evening in the club, a Long Island Iced Tea is a drink for all occasions. This article lists out the calorie count of this amazing drink along with its ingredients.