Difference Between Wall Clouds and Shelf Clouds
Difference between wall clouds and shelf clouds
Though both walls clouds and shelf clouds are associated with thunderstorms, they are quite different from each other. Buzzle helps you with some information about them and enlists the differences between the two.
Cloud Formation Facts for Kids
Here is some information on cloud formations for kids that are learning about them, or just plain fascinated by how these clouds swirl and form. Find out about the different kinds of cloud formations, and more on mysterious ones as...
Facts About Lenticular Clouds
Fact about lenticular clouds
Lenticular clouds are saucer-shaped clouds that are often witnessed over mountains and mountain ranges.
Information About the Cirrostratus Clouds
Halo effect due to cirrostratus clouds
Cirrostratus clouds are difficult to recognize even though they can cover the entire sky. Buzzle brings you more facts about these clouds so that you don't miss out on recognizing them next time when you spot one.
Facts About Roll Clouds
Fact about roll clouds
Roll clouds, a type of arcus clouds, have a tumbling appearance when observed in the sky. We provide some information about this unusual weather phenomenon.
Information about Altocumulus Clouds
Fact about altocumulus clouds
Altocumulus clouds are middle-level clouds that form at a height of around 6,500 to 20,000 feet above the sea level. There are several species and varieties of altocumulus clouds.
Facts About Mammatus Clouds
Fact about mammatus clouds
Many tend to believe that mammatus clouds or the beautiful pouch-like patterns occurring in the sky give rise to tornadoes. However, this is not true. Buzzle provides some information and facts about this distinct cloud formation.
Information About Altostratus Clouds
Fact about Altostratus clouds
It is a well-known fact that altostratus clouds are mid-level clouds. But how do these clouds look and what are the other characteristic facts about them? This piece from Buzzle will not only make you aware about the many facts...
Cumulus Cloud Facts
Beyond their fluffy appearance, there is a lot more to know about cumulus clouds -- the most popular clouds of the lot. Given below is a compilation of some fascinating facts about these clouds, intended to shed some light on them.
Cloud Types - Different Types of Clouds
Clouds appearing in the sky are valuable for predicting the weather, which is done by deciphering the type of cloud and its features. Here's a brief description about the different kinds of clouds and how they look.
Cloud Formation: How Do Clouds Form?
Clouds are an interesting natural phenomenon which one can observe everyday. Interestingly, there are a variety of clouds and they are all made up of the same substances, water or ice or both, in a condensed form.
Nimbus Clouds
Have you ever wondered what are nimbus clouds? Well scroll down and get all the information on this cloud type, that you are looking for.
Information About Nimbostratus Clouds
Fact about nimbostratus clouds
Buzzle presents to you detailed information about nimbostratus clouds, like the altitude of its formation and description of the clouds. We shall also show you some beautiful pictures of these clouds.
Facts about Cumulonimbus Clouds (with Pictures)
Fact about cumulonimbus clouds
Clouds come in different shapes and sizes. Did you know that there are clouds in the shape of an anvil? Strange and unusual, isn't it? Those are cumulonimbus clouds for you! This Buzzle article takes you through some facts,...
Cloud Watching: A Hobby that is Free of Cost
Have you ever caught yourself gazing at the clouds in the sky, trying to sculpt shapes, figures, and patterns of your own? There is no denying this fact that most of us do; some practice it consciously while others aren't aware...
Cloud Formations and What They Mean
You don't need Einstein's brain to identify cloud formations or understand the changes in weather which contribute to their formation; what you need is some interest in nature and the ability to interpret the changes in your...
Cumulus Clouds Information
Through this Buzzle article, we intend to provide some information on cumulus clouds to make you familiar with this cloud type.
Types of Clouds Based on Altitude
A cloud is nothing but a visible mass of droplets or frozen crystals suspended in the atmosphere above the Earth's surface. In this Buzzle article, we will discuss the different types of clouds that we see in the sky and their...