Climate Change Denial
Climate change denial refers to the attitude of people who believe that global warming is a natural process and man can do little to control it. People who deny climate change also think that the issue of global warming is...
Impacts of Climate Change
Life on earth has seen considerable transformations as a result of the global impacts of climate change. Let us uncover some of the most striking impacts that such changes have had around the globe.
Causes of Climate Change
High levels of industrial pollution and a number of man-induced processes have resulted in climate change. The various natural and human causes of this catastrophe are responsible for the drastic shift in average weather, global...
What's the Difference Between Climate Change and Global Warming?
Difference between climate change and global warming
The two terms climate change and global warming have often been used as synonyms in the mass media. While climate change refers to regional weather changes in the long run, global warming is all about the increasing temperature of...
Why are Days Longer in Summer?
Connection between long summer days and Earth's inclination
Ever wondered why days are longer in summer and shorter in winter? Well, the tilted axis of the Earth is an important factor which determines the length of days. Here is more on the topic.
Explanation of Carbon Sequestration with Pros and Cons
Explanation of carbon sequestration
Carbon sequestration can be an effective way to counter climate change. But what is carbon sequestration, and how does it work? Buzzle answers such questions, along with giving you the various pros and cons of carbon sequestration.
How is Climate Change Affecting Human Migration Patterns?
Factor affecting human migration patterns
Climate change, a consequence of global warming, affects humankind in many ways. It impacts various aspects of human life, of which one particular aspect is explored in this article - migration patterns.
What is the 2 Degree Climate Change Target?
2 degree climate change target
Keeping world temperatures from rising no more than 2 degrees Celsius is now the de facto target for climate change policies in most countries across the world. In this article, we take a look at what the two degree target is, how...
Warmest Decade Ever
The last decade (2000 - 2009) has been the warmest decade ever on record. Here's more...