Citrus Fruits List
Oranges, grapefruits, and pomelos are citrus fruits
Fruits, like orange, grapefruit, clementine, etc., are termed as citrus fruits. These citrus fruits contain oodles of essential nutrients and vitamins that our body require for a smooth functioning.
Tips to Take Care of a Calamondin Orange Tree
Tip to care for Calamondin orange tree
Calamondin orange trees are widely grown for ornamental purposes. These small-stature trees are popular for their fragrant flowers, and small fruits that are sour, but edible. Here are some tips for those who want to grow these...
How to Grow and Care for Ponderosa Lemon Trees
Tip to grow Ponderosa lemon trees
The Ponderosa lemon tree is famous for its attractive appearance and its huge, five-pound lemons. But that doesn't mean it is difficult to grow, as you will learn. We'll tell you how to grow and care for a Ponderosa lemon tree.
5 Best Ways to Zest a Lime
Ways to zest a lime
Lime zest is the peel of limes that comes with several uses, and is mostly utilized in cooking. But how is zesting done? Buzzle explains 5 easy ways to zest a lime and also some information on how you can use it.
Difference between Tangelos and Tangerines
Difference between tangelos and tangerines
At the first glance, tangelos and tangerines look similar in their appearance. It is very hard to tell them apart. Buzzle gives you some pointers that will help you differentiate between tangelos and tangerines.
Different Ways to Use Lemon Zest
It is refreshing, and it brings about a surprising taste to everyday dishes. From using it for basting to marinating, the uses of lemon zest are a plenty. Here's all you can do with lemon zest.
Benefits of Lemon Peel for Better Health
Lemon peel health benefits
You all must have come across the various benefits of lemon juice for health and beauty, but do you know that the lemon peel you throw away after extracting its juice, has lots of medicinal values and can prove to be highly...
Ugli Fruit Facts and Health Benefits
Health benefits of ugli fruit
If you don't believe that a fruit with rough, wrinkled skin, pot-marks, and small dents can have an attractive interior and a delicious, sweet taste, then read this Buzzle article to know how the ugli fruit is different from other...
Pomelo Calories
A citrus fruit grown predominantly in South and Southeast Asia, pomelo is widely heralded for its high nutritional value. This article provides you with information about its calorie content and nutrition facts.
Lemon and Its Uses
Used in so many fields, lemons make a great ally for human health, take a look to see why.
Citrus Fruit Facts
This article presents some interesting citrus fruit facts. Brightly colored citrus fruits are known for juicy flesh, aromatic fragrance, sweet and sour taste, and exceptional nutritional facts. Scroll down to know the various uses...
Hybrid Citrus Fruits
If you like citrus fruits, you'll definitely love some of these amazing hybrid citrus fruits mentioned in the following article! Read ahead for a juicy trip!
Buddha's Hand Fruit
Buddha's hand is a citrus fruit that has been associated with Buddhist religious rituals. This article will provide you with some interesting facts about this fruit.
Citrus Trees
Citrus trees require warm temperature, adequate sunlight, and well-drained soil for giving a good yield. If tropical conditions required for its optimal growth are provided, maintaining healthy citrus trees is an easy task.
Citrus Tree Diseases
The common citrus tree diseases are caused by bacteria and fungi, while a few are caused by viruses. Included in the list of diseases are citrus canker, sooty mold, melanose, greasy spot, yellow vein chlorosis, root rot disease and...
Health Benefits and Uses of Citrus Peel
Citrus peel is the peel obtained from fruits like oranges and tangerine. Read on to know uses of citrus peel, and how this peel may help in improving our health and may even keep cats and insects at bay...
Pruning Citrus Trees
Citrus trees are often left to grow in the wild without being taken care of, as they are considered fit enough to grow on their own. Read the following article to know why pruning them is necessary to ensure proper growth.
Lemon Health Benefits
Lemon is a juicy and delicious fruit used to make drinks like ice tea and lemonade. It is also used to flavor different dishes and used as a dressing for many salads. Other than its cooking uses, let us look at its nutrition facts...
What is Lemon Zest
Lemon zest is the yellow part of the lemon peel, and is used in various culinary and non-culinary applications. To know more about 'what is lemon zest', read on...