List of Questions for a Secret Santa Party
Questions for a secret Santa party
If you're in charge of planning a Secret Santa party, it's your responsibility to ensure it's perfect, and a lot of fun for everyone who decides to take part. Using a questionnaire would be a smart idea to do that, which is why...
Christmas Party Favors
In this article, you'll find some of the best Christmas party favors, and the most unique too. You can even make some of them at home.
What to Wear to a Christmas Party
What to wear to a Christmas party
Elegant, classy, glamorous, stylish―pick the adjective and we have the outfit that you should wear to the Christmas party this year. Make all the right sounds on the party circuit and establish your credentials as a style...
Christian Christmas Party Games
Shave the balloon - Christmas party game
The guests are divided into teams and given a bucket that is filled with fully-blown balloons that have been covered in shaving cream, a butter knife and an empty bucket. At the blow of the whistle, the participants have to start...
Christmas Party Games
Party game for Christmas
Take a Christmas tree (or use a large picture and fix it to a board). Make some cards, like regular playing cards, and write Christmas trivia questions on them. Attach these cards on the tree, face-down, so that the questions...
Funny Christmas Party Invitation Wording
Funny Christmas party invitation wording
Christmas is round the corner and it's time you started preparing for that party. Why don't you start with some funny Christmas party invitation wording ideas, that are sure to increase the cheer of this festive season?
7 Things You Should Avoid At An Office Christmas Party
Avoid misbehaving at an office Christmas party
With Christmas just around the corner, the very much dreaded Christmas party is here. We may have heard enough about the shameful party behavior of some colleagues (should I say, past?) in drunken glory, and the post-party walk of...
Christmas Party Invitation Wording
Christmas party invitation wording
Christmas has finally arrived and everyone is in the mood for celebrations. This is the time of the year for sharing love, greetings, and gifts. If you are having a party or a friendly get together, here are some wording samples...
Christmas Party Games for Large Groups
The article presents a list of Christmas party games for large groups. All the games described in this article are interactive and therefore, enjoyable.
Christmas Party Invitation Templates
These Christmas party invitation templates are easy to word out, and pretty direct and to the point, but at the same time embodying all that is festively creative. Find out ways on how to put together the perfect invitations for...
Christmas Party Themes
Do away with boring old Christmas party themes. This year, try something new and refreshing. Read this article for some ideas.
Christmas Party Food
The food at a Christmas party has to be delectable to taste and perfect to look at. In this article, you'll get ideas for a perfect meal that you can make at Christmas.
Office Christmas Party Ideas
Organizing an office party for Christmas, and need some party ideas for the same? Read the following article and you'll have some of the best and most creative ones.
Christian Christmas Party Ideas
Hosting a Christian Christmas party this year? Read this article for some ideas you can use to make it fun and enjoyable.
Christmas Invitation Wording
When you want the perfect Christmas invitation wordings, we have the right words to spread the joy. Read the different Christmas invitation wording samples mentioned in this article...
Christmas Party Activities
Christmas party activities, if planned correctly, will allow your guests to have an unforgettable time and revel in the festivities with a wide smile on their faces.
Christmas Party Games for Groups
Arranging Christmas party games for groups is fairly simple and you won't even have to spend as much time and energy in getting them going. Take a look at some great ideas from the following article that you can try for your...
Christmas Party Games for Kids
Organize some fun Christmas party games for kids this festive season. Getting them involved and watching them have fun will lift your spirits, too.
Christmas Party Games for Adults
Some fun Christmas party games that are meant for adults can really liven up the atmosphere and get everyone involved in the festive spirit. Take your pick...
Company Christmas Party Ideas
Company Christmas party ideas are a great way of motivating your employees and sharing some informal time with one another.
Christmas Party Ideas
Be of good cheer, it's that time of the year when stockings are hung by the fireplace, and wreaths and mistletoes form a part of the decorations. It's when family members and friends gather in the living room to celebrate.