Famous Quotes from 'A Christmas Story'
Quote from A Christmas Story
The essence and spirit of Yuletide is simply contagious. Our perfect idea of Christmas would be sitting in the inglenook of a fireplace, enjoying deep drafts of eggnog & ale and watching the holiday classic 'A Christmas Story'!...
Famous Quotes from the Top 24 Christmas Movies of All Time
Dr. Seuss Christmas quote
After a busy day of preparing Christmas sweets and decorating our house, watching Christmas movies with our family is what we love to do! Here's a list of quotes from the best Christmas movies that will make you nostalgic and get...
Christmas Movies for Kids
Christmas movies for kids
It's holiday time, it's merriment time, yup, it's Christmastime! For all you kids who would love to learn about the spirit of this season through some really good movies, this Buzzle article will give you a list of some must-watch...
Best Christmas Movies
Have you ordered the best Christmas movies DVDs from the local movie library to enjoy this holiday season? Go through the following article containing the list of best movies for Christmas and have a great time watching these...
Christmas Movies 2011
Not much fond of hullabaloo on Christmas, are you? Spend the eve with some classic Christmas movies, 2011 favorites! Here's what I recommend you to watch...
Romantic Christmas Movies
Christmas has always been an important part of Hollywood. Find a list of popular romantic Christmas movies put together just for you, to watch in this winter with that special someone.
Classic Christmas Movies
Here is a list of some of the movies which are ideal for a perfect Christmas vacation. Read on to know more...