The term cholesterol refers to a waxy-steroid metabolite, which is found in the cell membranes of all the mammals. Apart from the cell membranes, it is also found in the blood plasma of all the mammals. There are two types of cholesterol. They are:
  • LDL: The LDL or low-density lipoprotein is often referred to as the 'bad' cholesterol. This is due to the fact that this cholesterol, if consumed in excess quantities, gets deposited on the inner wall of the arteries and veins, which is very unhealthy for the respiratory system, especially for the heart. It is true that the over consumption of LDL is not at all healthy; however, it should be consumed in small and prescribed quantities as it is a necessity of the human body.
  • HDL: The HDL or high-density lipoprotein is regarded as the 'good' cholesterol since it plays a highly instrumental role in reducing the amount of LDL that is present in the plasma.
The cholesterol in any form, either HDL or LDL, when consumed in excess quantities is definitely harmful for health. However, at the same time, zero or low consumption of HDL or LDL is not very healthy.

Food Chart for Cholesterol

In order to help people consume both types of cholesterol, several governmental agencies and medical practitioners release different types of food charts, that are based upon the food products that we eat. Such food charts also help people balance out their diets on the basis of the nutrients such as carbohydrates, vitamins, fats, and minerals, that can be consumed. The United States Department of Agriculture, frequently releases different types of charts, that indicate different levels of cholesterol in food items, and these levels are expressed in terms of milligrams per 100 grams of the food item.

High-Cholesterol Foods
The following chart depicts some of the high-cholesterol foods that should be consumed in small quantities and at a less frequency:

Food ItemCategoryCholesterol (in mg, per 100 gm)
Lemon Meringue PieBakery Product90
Sponge PuddingBakery Product80
Poached EggsEggs480
Boiled EggsEggs450
Salted ButterOils and Fats250
LardOils and Fats95
Cod FishFish500
Steamed WhitingFish110

Low Cholesterol Foods
The low-cholesterol diet food are extremely essential for the body. Medical practitioners often recommend the intake of such foods. They are:

Food ItemCategoryCholesterol (in mg, per 100 gm)
BreadBakery Product1
SconesBakery Product5
Egg OmeletEggs410
Scrambled EggsEggs410
MargarineOils and Fats5
DrippingOils and Fats95
Irish StewMeat35

It must be noted that all types of cheese and fat have a large amount of cholesterol in them. Hence, it is always advisable to have a restricted and standardized intake of these food products. Vegetables and fruits contain almost zero cholesterol. It is recommended to club low-cholesterol foods with meager quantities of high-cholesterol foods for a healthy life and well-being.

Disclaimer: This Buzzle article is for informative purposes only, and should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice.