What Do Chipmunks Eat?
Eating habits of chipmunks
Chipmunks are omnivorous rodents that have a taste for fruits and nuts as well as worms and the occasional bird egg! Read the following article to get details about the diet of chipmunks.
Chipmunks as Pets
Tip about food for chipmunks as pets
The cute appearance and behavior of chipmunks tempt all animal lovers to keep them as pets. However, before doing so, you need to be aware of a few important things. Here we discuss, if chipmunks are ideal as pets, and also provide...
Facts About Chipmunks
Chipmunk cheek fact
There are several interesting facts about chipmunks that might interest an animal lover. Chipmunks are categorized under the class Mammalia and order Rodentia. These are members of the Sciuridae family. There are more than 20...
Chipmunk Habitat
Chipmunk habitat
Chipmunks belong to the elite lot of animals that have made it big in Hollywood and thus, need no introduction. What's puzzling though, is the fact that most people are unaware of their habitat, and that might have something to do...
How is a Chipmunk Different from a Squirrel?
Difference between chipmunk and squirrel
How do you differentiate a chipmunk from a squirrel? One - by watching it closely and two - by reading this Buzzle post.
Complete Care for Baby Chipmunks
Have you come across an orphaned baby chipmunk, and are unaware what to do with it, or how to care for it? This Buzzle article is directed towards aiding you, to care for baby chipmunks.
How to Catch a Chipmunk
Chipmunks, that too in your house, can be a nuisance. Learn how to catch a chipmunk in a humane manner from the following article...
Eliminating Chipmunks
Though chipmunks look innocent and adorable, most of you will agree that they can wreak havoc in your garden! And we don't even want to hurt them because they are such cute and cuddly creatures! Buzzle brings you the best of both...