Facts about Chinese Food
Is Chinese food your favorite cuisine? Well, here are some interesting facts about Chinese food that will be fascinating to read.
Healthy Chinese Food Options
Are you searching for some healthy Chinese food options? Well, you can rely on the following article for some good tips.
Kung Pao Beef
If you enjoy Chinese cuisine, then you will really love making Kung Pao beef, as this dish is very simple to make. Given in this article is the recipe for this Chinese dish.
How to Make Spring Rolls
You don't have to go to a restaurant to enjoy those crispy spring rolls. Learn how to make spring rolls at home within a couple of minutes.
How to Make Kung Pao Shrimp
Wondering how to make Kung Pao Shrimp? Here are some easy recipes for this popular Chinese dish. Have a look!
Egg Drop Soup Recipes
Egg drop soup is a favorite Chinese delicacy. This article lists some easy recipes for you to try.
Shark Fin Recipes
A shark's fin is not something very easily available in the market. Nevertheless, the dishes made from shark's fin have always been among the most relished delicacies in China. In this article, I would like to put before you, the...
Famous Chinese Food
Today, the popularity of the Chinese cuisine is widespread, all over the world. Here's an insight into the famous types of Chinese food that satiate the taste buds of many.
Ancient Chinese Recipes for Kids
The origins of Chinese food can be traced to the Stone Age period. This article provides some interesting ancient Chinese recipes for kids, that are very tasty, healthy, and have been eaten for generations by the people of China.
How to Make Chinese Donuts from Scratch
Tip for making Chinese donuts
Apart from pastries, cakes, and ice creams, donuts are an all-time favorite amongst the sweet tooth community. Many countries have different varieties of donuts. One such variety is the Chinese donuts, which are a warm mix of sugar...
How to Make Authentic Chinese Brown Sauce
Freeze Chinese brown sauce for longer shelf life
Chinese brown sauce is an authentic Chinese relish that can add flavor to your meat, veggies, or other dishes. Buzzle puts together an easy and flavorful Chinese brown sauce recipe.
Chow Mein and Chop Suey: What's the Difference Between Them?
Difference between Chow mein and Chop suey
Chinese food is loved the world over. Buzzle tells you about two of the most popular Chinese dishes which are savored all around the globe; chow mein and chop suey. Take a look at the nutrition facts, ingredients, and cooking style...
Ancient Chinese Food
Traditional Chinese food
Chinese food is popular all over the world, from big hotels and cities to even the small town corners, Chinese food has a presence everywhere! You can credit the ancient Chinese food culture for presenting to the world, a cuisine...
Are Century Eggs Healthy?
Health benefits of century eggs
If you find yourself wandering down the streets of Hong Kong, chances are that you will come across the century egg. Thinking of trying it out? Well, considering its health benefits, you might as well. But before you do so, go...
Basic Ingredients Needed for Cooking Chinese Food
Ingredients to cook Chinese food
Chinese cooking can seem quite intimidating with its fancy ingredient names and cooking techniques. However, it's much simpler than it seems. Let's take a look at the must-have ingredients for Chinese cooking that you need to get...
Comparison Between Hunan and Szechuan Style of Cooking
Difference between Hunan and Szechuan style of cooking
In the mood for some lip smacking Chinese food? Wondering what to order, and what is the difference between them? Buzzle has the answer! Read along as we compare Hunan style vs. Szechuan style of Chinese cuisine.
Is a Spring Roll Different from an Egg Roll?
Difference between spring roll and egg roll
A spring roll and its cousin, the egg roll are mistaken by many to be the same. However, there lie distinct differences between them. Although the lines appear obscure, Buzzle solves the confusion, which will help you to order...
Chinese Food Nutrition Facts
Fact about Chinese food
If you are fond of eating sumptuous rice and delicious noodles, the best representations of Chinese cuisine, you are on the right page. While you may be a fan of this cuisine, here's a look into the nutrition data for Chinese food,...
Is Chinese Food Healthy?
Chinese food tastes delicious and is preferred by many people across the globe. However, some Chinese recipes are high in fat and salt content, while others are delicious and nutritious. This write-up provides information on...