Interesting Facts about Beijing
The forbidden city
As China advances to become the world's most powerful economy, I think it's the right time to list out some interesting facts about Beijing, the capital of this country. Learn some interesting information about one of the most...
Three Gorges Dam Information
Like every other dam, China's Three Gorges Dam also has some advantages and disadvantages. The Three Gorges Dam information presented in this article throws light on the pros and cons of this dam. Scroll down to know some facts...
Beijing Attractions for Kids
Beijing zoo
Beijing is a city with rich cultural heritage and modern-day development! In this article, we will know more about some awesome places to visit in Beijing along with your kids...
Physical Features of China
China is one of the oldest surviving world civilizations. The physical features of the terrain comprises states with distinct cultures that date back to more than six millennia. This Buzzle post presents a brief overview of the...
Fun Facts about China
Did you know that silk and ice cream originated in China? Here are fascinating and fun facts about China, its culture and history.
Chinese Flag Meaning
Known as the Five-star Red Flag, there are different interpretations of the meaning of the Chinese flag. This Buzzle article will throw some light on the symbolism of the Chinese flag.
Random Facts About China
Read through this article about some random and interesting facts about China.
Chinese Flag History
The Chinese flag has a rather interesting history. Read more about it in this article...
The Qing Dynasty
The Qing dynasty was the last monarchy to have ruled China. Though they made considerable expansions to the borders of China, and took Chinese art and science to new heights, the isolationist policies that they followed ended their...
Tourist Attractions in Shanghai, China
Shanghai, China's largest city and center of the nation's trade activities, is also a popular tourist destination. Besides the ancient architectural structures, such as Four cornered pagoda, Yuyuan Gardens, the Bund and so on,...
Qin Dynasty of China
South East Asia is dominated by China, both in terrain and culture. The history of China is as interesting as its age-old traditions. China today, is the civilization that has thrived along the Huang Ho river, around different...
Zhu Yuanzhang - The Hongwu Emperor
The journey from poverty to becoming the Emperor of China, took Zhu Yuanzhang 16 years. He is indeed the most influential person in China's history.
China, History, and the Moral High Road
China rightfully expresses anger at Japan over their mixed messages on history, but it has often expressed its anger through violence and bigotry. As a major world power, China needs to begin exhibiting class and restraint, not...
Religions of Ancient China
China is credited with enriching the rest of the world with timeless traditions and a culture that has stood the test of time. Chinese religions have their origins in the minds of a people who dared to think out of the box and...
Ancient China
Read on to know more about the daily life, languages, religion and scientific inventions of ancient China...
The Gruesome Dog Meat Festival of Yulin
Fact about Dog Meat festival of Yulin
For most people, dogs symbolize absolute loyalty and love, and it is unthinkable to cause any harm to these amazing, intelligent animals. However, at the dog meat festival of Yulin, a city in China, thousands of these poor animals...
Brief Description of the India-China War of 1962
Fact about India-China War of 1962
The India-China war of 1962, fought at altitudes of over 4,000 meters, proved to be a great learning curve for Indian defense strategists. Here is a brief account of the Sino-Indian War.
Fun and Interesting Things To Do in Beijing
Interesting things to do in Beijing
While visiting Beijing, the city of the famous American actor - Jet Li, you could take a traditional tour trip to visit traditional tourist spots or you could make use of the options given in this post and add a little spice to...
77 Funny and Wise Chinese Proverbs and Sayings
Funny and wise Chinese proverb
Some of the funniest, and the most meaningful proverbs and sayings in the world are originally Chinese. Buzzle gives you 77 funny and wise proverbs and sayings which you will certainly love.
Famous People from China
Hu Jintao - Famous person from China
China is a country that is known for its rich culture and heritage. It is a civilization that dates back thousands of years and is at present one of the emerging superpowers of the world. This has been a result of the efforts and...
China Facts: Interesting Facts About China
Fact about Grand Canal of China
China has contributed a lot to the global perspective of arts, culture and science. This article lists some interesting facts about China. Read on...
Best Cities to Visit in China
Yuyuan garden Shanghai China
Think China, and what springs to mind is its magnificent rural and forested landscape. But this Buzzle article has shifted focus to the cities that reflect the hippier, glitzier side of China. Take a closer look at the changing...
Famous Places in China
The nation of China is a treasure house full of places of historical and cultural interest. This Buzzle post has brief descriptions of some famous places in China.
Ping-pong Diplomacy: Summary, Significance, and Effects
Ping-pong diplomacy significance
Ping-pong diplomacy refers to the visit by table tennis players of the United States and China to each others' countries, which gave way to normalizing the diplomatic relations between the two nations. Here is the summary,...
Zhangye Danxia Landform: The Amazing Rainbow Mountains of China
Zhangye Danxia - rainbow mountains of China
The Zhangye Danxia Geopark located in the northwestern Gansu province of China, a comparatively lesser known place, is fast becoming a favorite tourist spot due to the spectacular, naturally formed colorful mountains of Zhangye...
Things You Need to Know About China's One Child Policy
Fact about China's one child policy
As most people have heard, in China, people are allowed to have only one child. But what exactly does the one child policy entail? Does it apply to everyone, and how are these rules enforced? Here's all you need to know...
A Helpful Guide to Plan a Trip to China
Planning your itinerary for a China trip
China keeps on appearing on the travel wish lists of people the world over, and a single visit to China is never enough. Here's a brief guide to help you plan your trip to the most populated country in the world.
Popular Sports in China
Sports popular in China
China has traditionally excelled in sports like badminton and table tennis at the international level. But one look at recent Olympic history will prove that they are really good at most of the sport disciplines that they try their...
Internet Censorship in China
In a world where access to Internet is ubiquitous, Internet censorship seems to have jumped out of another era, in China. But it is a reality and the regulations are being tightened with passing time.
Major Earthquakes in China
Earthquakes are one of the most dreaded natural disasters. Severe earthquakes result in the massive destruction of life and property and change the face of Earth in the literal sense of the term. For an account on some of the...