Things Only People Who Work With Kids Understand
Quote about children
Have you ever observed adults who are surrounded by children most of their time? They are a lot happier, joyful, and enthusiastic. They possess a positive and delightful nature. These are certain things that only people who work...
Hygiene for Kids
Hygiene for kids is an essential part of the cleanliness regime that you need to set up so as to ingrain the values of healthy and clean living.
Stress Management for Kids
Stress management for kids
Many children cannot cope up with increasing stress. If not identified and treated at the right time, it can lead to behavioral problems and affect the child in future. Excess stress can lead to problems like stomach upset, colitis...
Child Negligence
Child neglect is a scar on the face of the society that needs to be carefully checked by strict laws and awareness programs. Read through this Buzzle article for the meaning, types, and causes of child neglect.
Tips for Finding the Right Therapist for Your Child
Tip to choose a therapist for your child
If your child is suffering from an eating disorder, going through anxiety, or finding it tough to adjust in school, a professional child therapist can come to your rescue. This Buzzle article addresses the issue of finding the...
How to Deal with Kids
Dealing with kids with patience is the toughest part of parenthood. The methods by which you take care of your child, determine the kind of a person he/she'll grow up to become. This article provides some information regarding...
Television Violence and Children
How does television violence affect your child? Want to know? Then read all about television violence and children in this article.
Counseling Elementary School Children
Counseling can be defined as an interpersonal, theory-based process of helping people who are fundamentally and psychologically healthy but have developmental and situational issues. Elementary school counselors observe children...