Sociopathic Behavior in Children: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment
Symptoms of sociopathic behavior in children
The sociopathic behavior in children is the result of antisocial personality disorders. This usually results in certain behavioral problems like lying, stealing and pyromania.
Behavior Issues in Children You Shouldn't Ignore
Behavior problems in children and what you can do
Child behavioral problems are serious and may have repercussions on the child's life in the future, if not taken care of at an early stage.
Aggressive Behavior in Children
Traits of aggressive children
It is an obvious matter of concern to any parent whose child displays aggressive behavior. However, rest assured that you are not alone. Aggression in young children is more common than you think, and there are certain simple, but...
Signs You Have an Indigo Child
Indigo child traits
Indigo children are born with a much higher level of consciousness and are enlightened souls, who will renounce archaic paradigms and dogmas for the sake of positive development.
Why do Toddlers have Temper Tantrums?
Reason for temper tantrums in toddlers
One moment they are quiet and good, and the next moment you hear them screaming, whining, or crying at the top of their voice. What is the reason behind bad behavior in toddlers? This article will educate you about the reasons...
Problems An Only Child Can Relate To
Problems an only child can relate to
Being an only child means being the center of attention to all the affection showered by your parents. There is no need to share toys with siblings, nor compromise on dividing your mom's cooked special dish with your brother(s) or...
Things Every Younger Sibling Can Relate To
Siblings are your enemies you cannot live without
Do you have elder brothers or sisters? Are you the youngest member of the family? Were you laughed at, poked, bullied, or called names as you were always the 'little one'? Were you tormented for being pampered by your parents? Did...
Things Only a Middle Child Can Relate To
Things a middle child can relate to
Birth order plays a vital role in deciding the personality traits and characteristics of a child. And when it comes to the middle child, it definitely plays a huge role. Known as the 'Diplomats of Birth Order', the middle child lot...
How to Stop Bratty Behavior in a Child
Parenting is a full-time job and handling a bratty kid is a tough task. It is the parents' sole responsibility to make their children well mannered. Here are a few tips to keep your child's brattish behavior in check.
Why Do Children Lie
Have you noticed how your child has recently started lying a lot, even for things that don't matter? It all started with his imaginative stories and now he wouldn't stop lying about everything. This is very bothersome for a parent...
Ways to Handle a Spoiled Child
Does the thought of taking your child with you to the supermarket make you wary, or even scare you? Are you feeling manipulated by seemingly innocent tears? Then you may be dealing with a spoiled child. To get a few tips on dealing...
How to Encourage Positive Behavior in Children
Instilling positive behavior in children can often test the patience of parents. However, an early start helps you build a good foundation of your child's behavior and attitude. Here are some useful ideas to help you with this task.
How to Cope if Your Child is the Bully
Fact about bullying in children
Children are affectionate and adorable. It is the role of an adult to guide their development in the physical, emotional, and moral sense. Despite this, there may be a few children who may go off the path and show signs of bullying...
Behavior Contract Template
An interesting piece of agreement between teachers, students and parents is a behavior contract that helps to mold the behavior of reckless and difficult to handle students.
What is the Spoiled Child Syndrome
All of us are familiar with the signs of a spoiled child, but what is it about the syndrome? The signs of the syndrome are similar to the characteristics of a spoiled child. Keep reading for details.
How to Stop Your Child from Cursing or Swearing
Children easily mimic and learn such words quickly which we don't want them to. For parents, trouble starts when children utter crude words and like to repeat it when they are angry or in front of others. Certain pointers in this...
Handling Toddler Tantrums at Bedtime
Your little angel is growing up and one of the habits that irritates you is his/her tantrums. The first thing people tell you when your toddler throws a tantrum is - do not give in and try and retain your anger level. This article...
Separation Anxiety in Children
What is considered to be normal in children for a certain duration can become a full-fledged disorder in some cases. It is important to keep a lookout for the signs of the development of separation anxiety disorder in children, so...
Compulsive Behavior in Children
Compulsive behavior in children might seem like an odd deal to be talking about, but it's a serious condition that requires discussion. The following article will tell you about this condition in detail.
Conduct Disorder in Children
Conduct disorder is a set of emotional and behavioral problems faced by children and teenagers. It can have serious implications on the child's life if not taken care of in time.
Feral Children
There exist wolf girls and dog boys, not only in stories but also in the real world. It is shocking that wild kids raised by animals like monkeys and even ostriches were found in the twenty first century in different parts of the...
Behavioral Disorders in Children
Behavior disorders in children are more common than they are believed to be. Here are a few common behavior disorders that every parent should know to be able to seek timely medical help.