Effects of Verbal Abuse on Children
As if school, tests, exams, results aren't enough to have the little ones' noses to grindstone, that frequent verbal abuse leaves them aghast and appalled. Read up to learn the long term effects of verbal abuse on children which,...
How to Deal With an Emotionally Abusive Parent
How to deal with an emotionally abusive parent
Emotional abuse is the worst torture a parent can subject his/her child to. If your parent is being emotionally abusive towards you, or if you know anyone who is getting emotionally abused by his parents, you could help. Here's an...
55 Facts About Child Soldiers You May Not Know
Fact about child soldiers in Myanmar
Unfortunately, war is something that seems to be going on somewhere or the other at all times. And in many places, when there's a shortage of soldiers, even the most innocent faces are forced to take up arms against their brothers.
How to Handle an Abusive Teacher
Tip for parents on handling an abusive teacher
Most of us fondly remember that one teacher who changed our lives or made it so much better. But then, there are teachers whose merely conjured image brings sour and vitriolic memories to the surface. Children aren't as safe as one...
Everything You Need to Know About Child Endangerment
Drunk driving and child endangerment
Child endangerment is any act by a caregiver that results in mental and physical harm to the child. Buzzle provides more details about what constitutes child endangerment, and the penalties for this serious offense.
The Psychological Effects of Child Abuse
While there is no overlooking the fact that abuse is severely damaging to children, physically and emotionally, it also affects the health of a nation because in many cases its definition is blurred and its signs are difficult to...
Types of Child Abuse
Child abuse is one of the most hideous acts, which more often than not, adversely affects the child's future. It has been prevalent throughout the world in some form or the other since a long time, and there have been instances...
What to Do When You Are Falsely Accused of Child Abuse
Child abuse is one of the greatest crimes and getting accused of it is definitely grave. If you are falsely accused of child abuse, you need to consider it seriously and deal with it in a careful way. Follow the dos and don'ts in...
Child Discipline Vs. Child Abuse
Across many cultures, countries and communities of the world, disciplining a child often employs harsh measures such as corporal punishment and psychological or verbal abuse. If you are confused about whether your disciplinary...
Signs of Child Abuse
It's important to be aware of the different signs of child abuse. Early detection can help salvage the lives of little children. Let's learn about the different kinds of abuse children can face, and how we can identify them from...
Abusive Parents
Living with abusive parents can have long-term psychological effects on children. Hence, this article is a guide to recognize such ill-treatment, and also helps identify children falling prey to it.
Signs of Child Molestation
Children often don't tell their parents if they are being molested. However, there are certain signs that every parent should be aware of, to be able to stop their children from being further subjected to such form of abuse.