Cute Names For Your Pet Chihuahua
Pet names for Chihuahua
Though Chihuahuas are small, they can be fiercely protective and extremely loyal. Also, their even temperament make them ideal pets. Now, if you plan to get one or have already got one and have yet to decide a name for it, let...
Personality Traits of a Shih Tzu-Chihuahua Mix
Personality traits of a shih tzu-chihuahua mix
One is a Chinese, while the other is a Mexican. Through this Buzzle article, find out what happens when you bring home a Shih Tzu-Chihuahua mix pooch.
Chihuahua Facts for Kids
The droopy ears of Chihuahua puppies gradually rise and become erect as they grow. This article lists some more interesting facts about Chihuahuas for kids.
Chihuahua Mix Puppies
Chihuahua mix puppies are some of the most sought after designer dogs. Leaf through this Buzzle article to gain information on Chihuahua mixes.
Chihuahua Terrier Mix
Fact about chihuahuas
The chihuahuas are the smallest dogs in the world, and you can easily carry them around in your pocket. They have been named after the place 'Chihuahua' in Mexico. They are graceful, alert, swift-moving and lively.
Facts About the Chihuahua-Rat Terrier Mix
Traits of Chihuahua-Rat Terrier mix dog breed
Chihuahua-Rat Terrier Mix is a wonderful cross for anyone who wants a frisky and kittenish dog that demands very little care, but a lot of attention and affection. There are some rather intriguing facts about this mixed dog breed.
Facts About the Boston Terrier-Chihuahua Mix (Bo-Chi)
Boston Terrier-Chihuahua mix (Bo-Chi) trait
The Boston Terrier-Chihuahua is one incredible mix, all thanks to his equally incredible parents. Buzzle tells you all that you need to know about the gorgeous Boston Chihuahua.
Personality Traits of a Chihuahua-Yorkie Mix
Personality trait of a Chihuahua-Yorkie mix
Small in size but big on fun, the Chihuahua-Yorkie mix is an excellent dog to have around. It has all the desirable characteristics of a small dog, and it is also hypoallergenic! Buzzle provides some facts about the Chorkie dog.
Information About the Maltese-Chihuahua Mix (Malchi)
Maltese-Chihuahua mix (Malchi) fact
The Maltese-Chihuahua mix is a very cute dog. It is loving, playful, and loyal to the core. Buzzle provides some information about the cute pooch that is the Malchi.
Chihuahua Facts
Fact about chihuahua
One of the smallest dog breeds, Chihuahuas are named after the largest state of Mexico - Chihuahua. There are some rather interesting facts associated with this unique dog breed.
Things to Know Before Getting a Deer Head Chihuahua
Deer head Chihuahua
A very interesting deer head Chihuahua fact is, they make great companions, and you can carry them with you anywhere, anytime, and anyplace. Journey with Buzzle and get to know more about your fellow-traveler.
Information About Apple-head Chihuahuas
Fact about apple-head Chihuahuas
The apple-head chihuahua is a type that confirms with the American Kennel Club (AKC) standards. Buzzle includes all the facts you need to know about apple-head chihuahuas.
Information About the Chihuahua-Poodle Mix (Chi-Poo)
Chihuahua-Poodle mix (Chi-Poo) dog breed
The Chihuahua-Poodle mix breed is a feisty little canine that will never cease to surprise you with its antics. Buzzle provides some facts about the Chi-Poo breed, and also tells you what its care entails.
Things to Know About the Blue Chihuahua
Fact about blue color of Chihuahua
Well, the dog's not actually blue, in a manner of speaking, but lands somewhere in the gray spectrum veering towards a hint of blue. Buzzle tells you all the things you need to know about the blue Chihuahua.
Jack Russell Terrier Chihuahua Mix
A Jack Russell Terrier Chihuahua mix is a lively bundle of joy that you and your kids will absolutely adore. Read this article to know more about this breed of dog, its attributes and personality.
Chihuahua Puppies Care
All that you need to know about Chihuahua puppies care, to nurture these little canines into full-grown healthy and strong dogs. Here you'll come across helpful information on taking care of a Chihuahua, and also how to train...
Chihuahua Mixed Breeds
There are a number of Chihuahua mixed breeds, each having a unique appearance and personality. If you are looking to adopt one of these, go through this Buzzle article, to find the perfect pet for your home.
Personality Traits of a Dachshund Chihuahua Mix (Chiweenie)
Personality trait of a dachshund chihuahua mix (chiweenie)
Among the many cute mix breeds of dogs stands the tiny, absolutely adorable, and immensely loving Dachshund-Chihuahua hybrid. Known by many nicknames, this dog is a thorough delight to have around. Buzzle lists some personality...
Information About the Chihuahua-Toy Fox Terrier Mix (Taco Terrier)
Fact about Chihuahua-Toy fox terrier mix (Taco terrier)
The Chihuahua-Toy Fox Terrier mix, also known as the Taco Terrier, is a very adorable dog with some quirky personality traits. Buzzle lists out some interesting facts about this cute little breed.
Why do Chihuahuas Shake So Much?
Uncontrollable shaking in Chihuahuas indicates health problems
Many people, on noticing their pet chihuahua shaking for the first time, naturally get worried about its health and rush to the vet. Though in some cases, a vet may be necessary, you should know that this shaking behavior is...
Chihuahua Puppy Growth Chart
Looking for a chihuahua puppy growth chart that will help you predict an approximate weight of your pet in future? This pet care article covers a chihuahua puppy growth rate chart that will help you know if your pet is developing...
Common Allergies in Chihuahuas
There are many common Chihuahua allergies that your dog may be affected by during its lifetime. This article provides more information about these allergies and how you can prevent them from occurring.
How to Train Chihuahua Puppies
Have you recently been given a chihuahua and now you're worried how to train it? In order to train chihuahua puppies, you will need to ensure that you do not pamper it and make it into lapdog. Once the training it complete you may...
Tips on Housebreaking Your Chihuahua
Housebreaking a Chihuahua is one of the most challenging jobs for any owner as this breed can be a bit difficult to train. If you too are facing a similar situation, then read this article for some simple tips on housebreaking...
Chihuahua Behavior
The behavior of a chihuahua can be very pleasant and agreeable, if the dog is trained and provided firm leadership. Here is more about this dog's character traits, and a few training tips to solve any behavioral problems.
Smallest Dog Breed in the World
There are many dog breeds in the world. They all vary to great degrees. However, there is one breed that is smaller than all the others. This article provides information about the smallest dog breed in the world.
Chihuahua Dogs
The Chihuahua is the smallest breed of dog, named after the largest state in Mexico. Go through this article for some information about these fascinating canines.
Chihuahua Puppy Training Tips
Chihuahua or ChihuahueƱo is the smallest breed of canines in the world. The animal is known to be very loyal and gentle by nature. Training a Chihuahua pup involves a lot of patience and regular rewards. Once trained, this canine...
Things You should Know about Miniature Teacup Chihuahuas
The miniature teacup Chihuahua gets its name because of its size. When it is a puppy, this dog is small enough to fit into a teacup. This article provides some more information about this breed.
Teacup Chihuahua Puppies
Teacup or pocket chihuahua puppies are the smallest members of the chihuahua family. Their size is actually small enough to fit in a teacup.
How to Raise Chihuahua Puppies
Chihuahua puppies adapt to a new environment very fast. However, proper care should be given to them. This article provides a few tips on how to raise them.
Long-haired Chihuahua
A Chihuahua makes for a perfect pet as it is a tiny and cute dog breed. It comes in two varieties, smooth coat and long coat. The long-haired Chihuahua has different, attractive coat colors.