Wrinkle formation begins on the body during early to late forties. The delicate skin on the body is the first to show the signs of aging. For instance, skin around the eyes, neck, and the chest, is the first to report the presence of wrinkles. Along with aging, there are several other factors that contribute to loosening and damaging of the skin. Chest area, especially, is often exposed to sun and hence, is more susceptible to wrinkles. Similarly, sleeping on one side for years also results in wrinkles on the chest.
As mentioned above, there are innumerable causes which lead to wrinkles on chest, age being the most crucial factor. Besides, sun damage is yet another leading cause. Smoking and unhealthy eating habits too, lead to wrinkles on the chest area. Other external factors such as, pollution also take a toll on the delicate skin of the chest causing it to sag. In older women, hormonal changes that come with menopause contribute to the wrinkles. Sometimes, in rare cases, genetic composition may also play a vital role in determining the wrinkles. In younger women, sleeping pattern is mostly responsible for those unwanted lines on the chest area. Women who sleep on their side are more likely to develop early wrinkles than the ones who sleep on their back or stomach.
If you have already developed substantial number of wrinkles, there is very little you can do about them. Applying sun screen lotion with very high SPF can reverse the damage to some extent. Broad spectrum sunscreen lotions can prevent further damage due to UV-A and UV-B rays. Similarly, applying anti wrinkle creams at night may also help in the removal of those chest lines to a certain extent. Since, there are no anti aging wrinkle creams that are particularly devised for wrinkles on chest or other body parts, you may have to do away with those creams. However, applying these topical creams in generous amounts may help in reducing the wrinkles and fine lines on the chest. If not, they will at least prevent further damage. These days, special breast pillows are also available, which separate the breasts and support them to prevent the development of creases. They also improve the existing wrinkles by smoothening out the area. These pillows are highly comfortable and more useful for women who just underwent breast surgery, tender breasted women, and even feeding mothers. Collagen injections are an ultimate option to get rid of fine lines on the chest. These injections fill in the fine lines with collagen to reduce the visibility of wrinkles.
The prevention measures begin long before the first sign of the lines. It includes leading a healthy lifestyle and consuming healthy food. A diet rich in vitamins A, C, D, and antioxidants, is particularly helpful in fighting wrinkles. Staying away from alcohol and smoking helps you in many ways. Similarly, minimizing direct exposure to the sun also lowers your chances of developing the fine lines. If you are used to sleeping on your side, then using breast pillows can be a good option to prevent the risk of wrinkles in future. Applying anti wrinkle cream on the chest at night is also a good precautionary measure. Lastly, regular exercising can also benefit your body in numerous ways. A routine of cardiovascular exercises encourage the blood flow to your skin, making it taut and younger looking.
Chest wrinkles also respond well to dermatological treatment procedures, such as skin peels or even laser treatment. Thus, they are no more a matter of concern. However, it is wiser to keep them at bay with the help of proper precautionary measures listed above.