Celtic Knot Designs and Meanings
Celtic shield knot design and meaning
A short account of various Celtic knot designs and meanings is provided in the article below. These interesting symbols are associated with different qualities of humans and the nature.
Celtic Cross Meaning
The Celtic cross, considered to be a symbol of eternity, has an ambiguous history and meaning to it. In this Buzzle article, we will try to understand what is the symbolism of the Celtic cross.
Celtic Gods and Goddesses
There is very limited knowledge about Celtic Gods and Goddesses because the Druid priests of the Celts would not write down their stories and existence. The stories were transmitted orally till the Romans of the 1st century B.C.,...
Meanings of Symbols in Celtic Jewelry
If you are one of those people who want to know the meaning of each and everything in their lives, then this Buzzle article will help you in the jewelry section. Learn about the meaning and significance of Celtic symbols and know...
Some Facts about the Celts
Celts are a part of European history. Here are some quick facts about some of their values and behavior.
History of Celtic Symbols
From dragons and spirals to the sacred tree of life and knot work, the intricately spectacular craft that is so distinctively Celtic calls out to the ancient spirits that lay sleeping deep within hearts. This article provides some...
The Celts
The Celts were non-Mediterranean people with a formidable reputation for fighting, courageous, yet sensitive in their art and culture. For a long time they were the dominant force in Europe and challenged and on many occasions,...
Celtic Symbols and their Meanings
Celtic spiral meaning
Among the many tribes that dominated western Europe, the Celts were one of the most widespread, geographically. They had a well-followed and preserved culture, that was based on a belief system, focusing mainly on sacred symbolism.
Celtic Love Knot Meaning
Celtic love knot meaning
Whether Celtic style love knots are found in tattoos or jewelry, they always stand out because of their intertwining and seemingly never-ending patterns. However, besides looking beautiful, they also have a significant meaning....
Celtic Knot Meanings
Meanings of celtic knots
Celtic knots are the most recognizable symbols of Celtic art, and they exist in many designs, each associated with a different meaning. Celtic knot meanings are a very controversial subject, as each place they were used, adapted...
List of Irish Celtic Symbols and Their Meanings
Celtic symbol Claddagh
Irish Celtic symbols are very popular. All the symbols stand for something unique, and people often gift them or things having these symbols on them, to their loved ones. This article provides a list of some Irish Celtic symbols,...
Trinity Celtic Symbol
Symbolism of Celtic knot
The Trinity Celtic Symbol, aka the Triquetra, is one of the most common signs from old religious symbolism. Its use spans across multiple religions and many centuries, a large part of which has been lost to time. Yet the symbol...
Celtic Love Symbols
Three-leaf white clover - national symbol of Ireland
Celtic symbols narrate stories of eternal love and romance. Celtic love symbols indicate numerous meanings and emotions.
Celtic Symbols for Strength
Celtic symbols for strength
The Celtic warriors were among the greatest warriors history has ever witnessed? The Celts were known to be strong and challenging, both physically and mentally. They were born to fight and never gave up! Celtic symbols for...
13 Celtic Zodiac Signs and Meanings
Fact about Celtic zodiac signs
The ancient system of astrology developed by the Celts had a very deep meaning. Although this system is not universally accepted by everyone, learning about it is quite interesting. Buzzle lists the 13 signs of the Celtic zodiac...
Celtic Ring Designs
Celtic weddings rings are not only unique and beautiful, but also a perfect way to say 'I Do' to your beloved. Read on to know more about these rings and their intended meanings.
Irish Symbols
The intricate designs of Irish symbols are famous for their mysticism. Here's decoding these symbols and meanings for you. Read on to know more...
Imbolc Traditions, Rituals, and Other Facts
Imbolc tradition fact
Pagans and Wiccans all over the world celebrate Imbolc as a festival of growth and renewal. This festival marks the passing of harsh winters as well as reckoned as a good omen since the ewe's lactation is invariably linked to the...
Celtic Wedding Dresses
Celtic wedding dresses are beautifully designed with the theme of the "Celtic tradition" to give the wedding couple a traditionally gorgeous Celtic look. Look no further than this article to learn more about their...
Celtic Tree Calendar
An interesting theory of the 13 mystical trees that rule the lunar months, along with its mythological association with different Gods and meanings along with the characteristics possessed by people born in the particular months is...