Is it Dangerous to Talk on the Phone While it's Charging?
Avoid talking on the phone while it is charging
There are several cases of cell phones catching fire or exploding all of a sudden, thereby causing injuries to their owners. Most of these incidents seemed to have happened while the phone in question was charging. So, is it...
Effects of Cell Phone Radiation
Effect of cell phone radiation
Today, cell phones are among the most popular means of communication throughout the world. However, concerns are being raised over the possible effects of the radiations emitted by them. Read on to know more.
Are Cell Phones Dangerous?
With over 5 billion cell phones used across the world, we need to take a closer look at the kind of dangers that owning a cell phone can possess. We are concerned, more than anything, on the fact that this wireless radiation might...
Do Cell Phones Harm Unborn Babies?
Cell phones and pregnancy
The topic of cell phone radiation effects on unborn babies has been in discussion for many years; most doctors have argued on the fact that pregnant women should limit their cell phone usage. But is it really necessary, let us find...
Health Risks of Cell Phones
Environmentalists and health care professionals often point out to various health risks of cell phones, but do the tall claims that they make really hold ground? Join us as we try to find out.
Cell Phone Radiation Facts
The fact that cellular phones come with texting facility may appear as a respite once you read about some serious radiation facts. After reading these, I wouldn't be surprised if the thought of remaining "off the hook"...