Culture of Death Vs. Culture of Life
Culture of life vs. culture of death
Culture of death and culture of life are two opposing doctrines in the Catholic Church's moral theology. Buzzle sheds light on the difference between the two.
Difference Between the Catholic and Orthodox Church
Difference between the Catholic and Orthodox Church
The Catholic and the Orthodox Church are two of the most prominent churches of the world whose differences are more ideological than spiritual. Here, we enlist some of the basic differences in the teachings of these Churches.
Papal Bull: Definition and Examples
Papal Bull definition
To convey important ecclesiastical laws, the Catholic Church issues old-fashioned sealed edicts by the Holy See which are known as the Papal Bulls. This Buzzle post defines, signifies and explains the importance of these Vatican...
The Feast of Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Call her Virgin, call her Mother, call her Blessed. She is the Theotokos and it is her birthday we celebrate with great reverence.
Celebrate Your Name Day
Everyone needs a second birthday every year. Start celebrating your name day and explore your connection to the saint most closely connected to your name.
Protestant Vs. Catholic: Why is There a Conflict Between Them?
Difference between protestant and catholic beliefs
Protestants and Catholics are two faces on the same coin of Christianity and have common beliefs, yet both these factions are divided today. Buzzle sheds light on some of the reasons which have driven them apart.
The Seven Sacraments of the Catholic Church and Their Meanings
The Seven Sacraments of the catholic church
Sacraments are the way to receive God's eternal grace, they are the means through which a believer can come closer to God's love and experience his never-ending mercy and blessings throughout his/her lifetime. This Buzzle post will...
Catholic Funeral Etiquette
It is very important that you are aware of the proper Catholic funeral etiquette, if you are invited to one. The etiquette mentioned in this article are meant for the bereaving family, friends and guests...
How to Become an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion
Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion are appointed to distribute the Holy Communion and assist the priest on days when there is a huge crowd in the Church. Read on to know how you can get to that post and humbly serve your...
What are the Seven Deadly Sins
Do you know what the seven deadly sins are? Do you think these sins really result in eternal punishment in hell? In this article, we will answer some FAQs about these seven sins and try to explain them.
Catholic Funeral Readings
Words of comfort and wisdom can indeed console the bereaved family, and help them to deal with the loss of their loved one. Catholic funeral mass readings are verses from the holy scriptures, which are to be read at the service.
Catholic Wedding Traditions
Catholic wedding traditions are usually limited to the wedding mass as the rest of the celebrations take on a local flavor or incorporate the regional traditions. This Buzzle article provides an overview of the catholic wedding...
Catholic Wedding Ceremony Program
Every bridal couple wants their wedding day to be perfect, and a meaningful ceremony can go a long way in ensuring that. Most couples get a catholic wedding ceremony program made to ensure participation in the wedding mass.
Roman Catholic Saints
The custom of making Roman Catholic saints can be traced back to the early period of the history of the religion. Here are some of the most famous and accomplished saints who are venerated by the followers of the religion.