Good Career Opportunities for Psychics
Career options for psychics
If you have an inborn or acquired talent for psychic abilities, you must make this gift pay off with an occupation as a psychic professional. Any psychic skill that you possess can be turned into a psychic job in numerous ways....
List of Different Careers and Jobs
Interesting careers
Technology, entertainment, environment, medicine, business... these are the hottest fields. Check out this list of jobs which are considered to be the fastest growing.
List of Careers that Help People
Careers that help people and society
Most of us, ever so often, yearn to perform a selfless act of service for our community. Then there are some who effortlessly turn it into a career. Here are a few career options for those who wish to do their bit for the...
Careers that Involve Working with Babies
Careers working with babies - Baby cuddlers
Baby cuddlers are the people who are specially trained in holding the infants and cuddling them. They are employed by neonatal nursing facilities, orphanages, nurseries, and even by parents who do not have enough time to spend with...
Alternative Careers for Teachers
Alternative career options for teachers
Teachers are believed to be one of the most talented and respected people in our society. This talent can help them excel in any field in which they wish to enter. Almost all teachers have qualities like patience, logical thinking,...
Paraprofessional Job Description
Job of paraprofessionals
The job description of a paraprofessional entails various duties and responsibilities of assisting students and teachers in schools and colleges.
Best Careers for Introverts
Best career choices for introverts
Are you an introvert who is looking for a career choice that suits your personality? Do you feel that the economy offers jobs that only look for people who can work in teams, have leadership qualities, be good at communication...
What are the Most Exciting Jobs in the World
Exciting jobs
You planning for a switch for an exciting job, well, you might want to take a look at the list of careers . Although, people say that the grass is always greener on the other side, it is a fact that some people are just plain...
Compliance Officer Job Description
Job of a compliance officer
A compliance officer is an integral part of the company. They are responsible for overseeing the operations of a business entity and sees that rules and laws are followed.
Art Careers
Art careers
Initially, it was believed that the arts stream opened doors to only a couple of career streams. However, in today's fast paces life a number of career options have emerged, make art careers an integral part of almost any and every...
Jobs That Require a Lot of Reading
Jobs that require reading
If you love reading, then you can incorporate this passion to take up a career, which gives you an opportunity to enjoy the company of your best friend - Books. Take a look at some of the jobs which can help you build a career on...
7 Best Careers for INFJ Personality Types
Careers for INFJ personality types
One of the most unconventional personality types, the INFJ personality type possess strong intuitive power. Individuals of this personality usually prefer a fulfilling career which satisfies their creativity and high principles....
Best Jobs for Visually Impaired People
Jobs for visually-impaired people
Advancement in technology has accorded many career opportunities for people who suffer from blindness. This Buzzle post will give you a list of best jobs for visually impaired people.
How Social Media can Affect Your Employment Opportunities
Social media affecting employment opportunities
Your social media pages act as a double-edged sword that may promote or nix the chances of your employment with a company. Here, we will tell you how social media can affect your employment opportunities.
What is a Pink-collar Job?
What are pink collar jobs
From nursing to teaching and childcare, pink-collar jobs refer to the jobs that are held by women. This Buzzle article elaborates more on this...
Pros and Cons of Working in a Smaller Company
Pros and cons of smaller companies
Working in a smaller firm can give you benefits which may be better than a big organization. But there are few disadvantages which cannot be ignored. So, find out the pros and cons which you may face while working in a smaller...
Best Careers for Sports Lovers
Best careers for sports lovers
Some of us harbor the love for sports for most of our lives. However, it only ends at the excitement in front of a television. But the career options for sports lovers mentioned here is your chance to turn this love affair into...
Job Description of an Attorney General
Job description of an attorney general
If defending issues and causes has always been your niche, then an attorney general may be just the job for you. This post discusses the traits and duties that pertain to this job.
12 Most Sleep Deprived Jobs
Most sleep deprived job
Before you choose a career, just make sure you go through this Buzzle post of the most sleep deprived jobs. Analyze beforehand the amount of sleep and its sacrifice, required for your chosen job.
5 Challenges Faced By Interns and How to Deal With Them
Challenges interns face
With the number of students vying for internships increasing every year, it has become one of the most difficult jobs to land. It's almost customary to go through an unpaid internship to get a paid internship, and the meager...
Best Careers for the Future
Best careers for the future
When planning a career, whether it is straight out of college or when considering a career shift, everyone needs some kind of guideline to move ahead. Here's a look into some of the best careers for the future, which you can...
List of Different Careers
List of careers
Has writing been your passion or does the field of dance interest you? The career preferences available today are plenty as well as diverse. Explore your options with the different careers enlisted in this article.
Research Assistant Job Description
Research assistants carry through a myriad of functions at any research center that include gathering and organizing data and executing varied other duties, thus making them an integral part of any research center.
Entry-Level Oil Rig Jobs
Entry-level oil rig jobs
The entry-level oil rig jobs offer a good salary along with the opportunity of working in a challenging work environment. Offshore oil rig jobs require a candidate to be hardworking and capable of adapting himself to different...
Career Choices for Introverts
Traditionally, it has been believed that extroverts have a slight edge over introverts when it comes to gaining employment, but research over the years has proved that there are many careers in which introverts can excel in. Let us...
Becoming a Notary Public
If you are thinking about becoming a notary public, then this article is just what you were looking for. Here you'll find a stepwise guidelines on how to become one.
Job Responsibilities and Duties of a Grip
Job responsibilities of grips
A grip is a person responsible for the set up and maintenance of the camera support system in a film or video production. The key grip is known as the first in command, who supervises the best boy grip and the dolly grip. Get to...
Best Jobs Without a College Degree
Gone are the days when a college degree was mandatory to build a career. Your talent can actually take you places, and land you the dream job you have always wanted. Scroll down and get inspired.
5 Jobs That Aren't Legal in All States
Jobs that aren't legal in all states
The US is made up of 50 states, and as such, certain laws differ from state to state. A particular job or act may be legal in one state, but it might be controversial or completely illegal in another. Here, we'll check out 5 jobs...
Art Careers List
If you are looking at transforming your passion for art into a career then you should definitely take a look at an art careers list to learn what your options are. With increasing competition it is definitely important to know all...
Best Jobs for the Future
The aim of this article is to put forth the best jobs which would pay well and provide respect in society in the future. Read on to know more and plan your career effectively.
Best Careers for 2015
Best careers for 2015
What does the year 2015 have in store for job seekers? What are the top career choices to make this year? In this Buzzle article on the best careers for 2015, find a list of the top 10 careers, the most sought-after job domains as...
Most Stable Jobs in America
Information on most stable jobs in America
What careers can save your life even during strained economic times? Go through the following Buzzle article to find out about the most stable jobs in America.
Job Description and Salary of a Wellness Coach
Job description of a wellness coach
A wellness coach helps individuals regain their health and fitness by means of a wellness plan. This Buzzle post enlists the job description and salary of a wellness coach.
Best Entry-Level Jobs
Some jobs cater well enough right at the entry-level. The article below enlists some of the best entry-level jobs.
White-collar Jobs
White-collar jobs were mostly associated with clerical occupations. The article below enlists some of the best white-collar jobs.
Easy-to-Get Jobs
Though it seems like a pipe dream, there exist high-paying, easy-to-get jobs that do give substantial and useful work experience as well as cash. Some of them are enlisted in the article below.
Lifeguard Job Description
A lifeguard is a professional who overlooks the safety of people around him. The article will guide you with important aspects related to the job description of a lifeguard, the salary, and all the related information.
How to Become a Procurement Specialist
Educational qualification to become a procurement specialist
A procurement specialist is responsible for a number of duties in different sectors, primary among which include purchasing assignments and activities. Buzzle will tell you how to become a procurement specialist.
Job Description and Average Salary of a Procurement Specialist
Job description of a procurement specialist
A procurement specialist is adept at 'procuring' anything (goods, services, contracts, etc.) that benefits the organization. This Buzzle article will enlist the job description and average salary of a procurement specialist.
Job Description and Average Salary of a Process Server
Job description of a process server
A process server primarily 'serves' legal papers to defendants or other people as and when required. The Buzzle article below explains the job description and average salary of a process server.
Job Description and Salary of a Travel Writer
Job description of a travel writer
A travel writer writes a detailed description about the different places he has visited and publishes his works in journals, magazines, and other sources. Buzzle explains the job description and salary of a travel writer.
Career Advice for People with ESTP Personality Type
Career for ESTP personality type
People belonging to the ESTP personality type can be characterized as energetic, optimistic, and full of life. Buzzle offers some career advice for people with the ESTP personality.
Job Description and Average Salary of a Farrier
Job description of a farrier
This Buzzle article provides information on the duties and responsibilities of a farrier, a specialist in equine hoof care. Also find the skills required for this job, and the average income of a farrier.
Career Options for People with Good Visual and Spatial Skills
Career options for people with good visual and spatial skills
People with visual and spatial skills process information with a pictorial orientation. Buzzle enlists some career options for people with good visual and spatial skills.
Career Advice for People with ISTP Personalities
Career advice for people with ISTP personality type
The ISTP personality type is noted to have an extremely logical mind coupled with a sense of adaptability and independence. This Buzzle article includes some career advice for people with ISTP personalities.
Career Advice for People with ENFJ Personality Type
Career advice for people with ENFJ personality type
The ENFJ personality demonstrates warmth, benevolence, and guidance. Buzzle offers some career advice for people with the ENFJ personality type.
Job Description and Average Salary of a GIS Analyst
Job description of a GIS analyst
A GIS analyst reads geographical data, enters it into the GIS system, and performs data analysis. The Buzzle article below enlists the job description and average salary of a GIS analyst.
How to Become a Geographic Information System (GIS) Analyst
Educational requirements to become a geographic information system (GIS) analyst
A geographical information system (GIS) analyst stores and manages digital geographical data. Buzzle tells you all about how to become a geographic information system (GIS) analyst.
Career Advice for People with ENTP Personality Type
ENTP personality type career advice
People belonging to the ENTP personality type are quite creative, enterprising, and innovative. Buzzle offers some career advice for people with ENTP personality type.
Career Advice for People with ISTJ Personality Type
Career for ISTJ personality type
The ISTJ personality type has a strong sense of duty and extreme perseverance. Buzzle enlists some career advice for people with ISTJ personality type.
Understanding the Job of a Porter in Different Industries
Porter job responsibility
A porter greets gusts, assists with luggage, arranges items, and has a number of other responsibilities that vary as per the industry. Buzzle will help you in understanding the job of a porter in different industries.
Dietary Aide: Job Description and Salary Range
Dietary aide job description
A dietary aide helps offer nutrition assistance to the residents in assisted-living facilities. Buzzle chooses to give a detailed job description and salary range of a dietary aide.
Career Advice for People with ISFJ Personality Type
ISFJ personality type career advice
People belonging to the ISFJ personality type are arguably one of the most loving, loyal, and considerate ones. Buzzle brings forth some career advice for people with ISFJ personality type.
Career Advice for People with ISFP Personality Type
ISFP personality type career
ISFPs are one of the more common personality types under which a reasonable number of the population can be classified. Buzzle comes up with some career advice for people with ISFP personality type.
Career Advice for People With INTP Personality Type
Careers for INTP personality type
The INTP personality type closely resembles the INFP personality type, barring the issue of feelings and sentiments. Buzzle offers some career advice for people with INTP personality type.
Ethologist Job Description and Salary
Ethologist job description
An ethologist observes animals, analyzes their behavior, and documents the findings. The job description and salary of an ethologist is outlined in the Buzzle write-up below.
Career Advice for People With INFP Personality Type
INFP personality careers
Individuals with an INFP personality profoundly exhibit the quality of being selfless and reserved. Naturally, these traits make them suitable to work in certain fields or careers. This Buzzle article offers some career advice for...
How to Become a CNC Machinist
Educational requirements to become a CNC machinist
A CNC machinist operates a CNC machine to manufacture and machine components. He is required to possess fair knowledge about metal shaping and forming processes. This Buzzle article will elaborate further on how to become a CNC...
List of Career Opportunities in the Field of Agriculture
Career opportunities in the field of agriculture
If you see yourself making a career in the field of agriculture, here is a detailed list of career opportunities in this field, including qualification requirement and average salary range.
How to Become a Merchant Seaman
Educational qualification to become a merchant seaman
Anyone aboard a ship, right from trainee deckhands to experienced engineers working in the engine department, can be called a merchant seaman. This Buzzle article will tell you how to become a merchant seaman.
Job Description and Salary of a Merchant Seaman
Job description of a merchant seaman
A merchant seaman works on seagoing vessels like ships and tankers. Buzzle delves deeper into the job description and salary of a merchant seaman.
How to Become a Stonemason
Requirements to become a stonemason
A stonemason cuts and fixes stones and bricks for buildings. The Buzzle article below will tell you how to become a stonemason.
Job Description and Salary Range of a Cartographer
Job description of a cartographer
A cartographer is one who collects information for maps of all kinds. The Buzzle article below will enlighten you regarding the job description and salary range of a cartographer.
What You Need to Know to Become a Wedding Photographer
Requirements for a wedding photographer
A wedding photographer captures the memories of the wedding day in his camera. This Buzzle article will delve into what you need to know to become a wedding photographer.
What You Need to Know to Become a Cartographer
Knowledge of a cartographer
Simply put, a cartographer is a person who makes maps. Cartography involves the use of geographic information to design maps for political and educational purposes. This Buzzle article tells you about everything you need to know to...
Oil Rig Worker: Job Description and Salary
Oil rig worker job description and salary range
To put it in the simplest of terms, an oil rig worker works on oil rigs. Buzzle here gives you an insight into the job description and salary of an oil rig worker.
7 Careers that People with ENTJ Personality Type should Avoid
Unsuitable careers for ENTJ personality type
People with the ENTJ personality are generally known to be charismatic, powerful leaders. This Buzzle article enlists 7 careers that people with this personality type should avoid.
5 Careers that People with INFJ Personality Type should Avoid
Unsuitable careers for INFJ personality
INFJs are generally introverts, and believe a great deal in morals and principles. This Buzzle article explores 5 careers that people of the INFJ personality type should avoid.
10 Best Vocational Careers that Pay Well
Well-paying vocational careers
A vocational career is something that prepares one for a specific job. In vocational education, the emphasis is on developing skills and knowledge required for a specific trade. This Buzzle article explores 10 best vocational...
5 Careers That People With ENFP Personality Type Should Avoid
Unsuitable careers for people with ENFP personality type
People with the ENFP personality do not like monotony, which is why they should stay away from fields that are not very creative. This Buzzle write-up presents a list of 5 careers that people with ENFP personality type should avoid.
Things You Need to Know to Get an HVAC Certification
Thing you need to know to get an HVAC certification
An HVAC certification is required in order to work with heaters, air conditioners, and the like. The Buzzle write-up below will enlist some things you need to know to get an HVAC certification.
6 Best Careers for ENFP Personality Types
Careers for ENFP personality types
ENFP is touted to be one of the rare personality types, and according to statistics, makes up for a very small percentage of human population. Buzzle explores 6 best careers for ENFP personality types.
How to Become a Longshoreman
Tip to become a longshoreman
A person who works at the docks or the shipyard is called a longshoreman. In the article below, you will read how to become a longshoreman.
Top Jobs for 2014
Top job for 2014 - petroleum engineer
The list of the best jobs in 2014 springs many surprises. Previously top-rated jobs in the fields of engineering, business management, and healthcare are no longer witnessing the growth they enjoyed. So, which jobs are hot in 2014?...
11 Jobs with Less Working Hours
Jobs with less working hours
Are you are looking for jobs that offer excellent pay, but only require you to put in a few hours of effort? This Buzzle article will enlist 11 such well-paying jobs with less working hours.
Most Bizarre Professions You Didn't Know Existed
Bizarre professions you didn't know existed
Want to know what strange things people do to earn a living? Read this article by Buzzle to find out.
Job Opportunities With An Economics Degree
Job opportunities with economics degree
What job options do economics graduates have? This Buzzle article describes some of the best.
Most Lucrative Careers
Most lucrative careers
If you are thinking of the most lucrative careers in the industry, a majority of them are from the health care sector. This article lists some of the most remunerative careers in America.
Jobs Working with Children
Jobs working with children
The careers working with children, apart from providing a source of income, offer you an opportunity to make a difference in their lives. For taking up jobs that involve working with children, you must possess qualities like...
Top Careers in Demand
Top careers in demand
With a growing inconsistency in the rates of employment, one needs to choose a career that is currently in demand, and will show good prospects even in the future. Here's a glance at some of the most in-demand career options for...
School Technician Job Description
Usually, a school technicians need a high school degree to obtain their jobs which mainly consists of administrative tasks. This article explains the job description of a technician working in a school and the skills required for...
Most Sought-After Jobs
As the job market is making a fast recovery, numerous employment avenues have opened up for job-seekers. In this article, we will take a look at some of the most sought-after jobs in 2012.
List of Careers in Biochemistry
This article will give you a list of careers in biochemistry worth taking a look at in case you're a biochemistry major or if you're inclined towards it but don't know what kind of job opportunities await you in this field. Have a...
Future Jobs in Demand
Future jobs in demand
Do you want to know which jobs would be in demand for the future. Well it's a known fact that having a good job is the key to a successful professional career. So why not be in jobs that are going to give you maximum benefit in the...
Jobs for Dog Lovers
Jobs for dog lovers
Did you know that, you can earn money, while you spend your time looking after dogs? Yes, you can! Here are some jobs for dog lovers, which you might find interesting...
Top Career Choices
The world is changing constantly, and the careers that people take up are changing with it. Top career choices depend on industry trends and market behavior, but there are some careers that will always be popular and lucrative.
Creative Career Choices
Nobody wants a job that is deadbeat, heading to nowhere, and unexciting to do everyday with the dreaded feeling of going to work in the morning. Let's find out here about some creative career choices that could work in your favor...
Top Jobs in Demand for the Future
Top jobs for the future with pay scale
In the top jobs in demand for the future, medical careers play a very integral role, with the second most important being those from the educational sector...
Good Career Choices for Men
As far as good careers for men are concerned, there is a plethora of opportunities awaiting them. In this article, we will take a look at some good opportunities for men this year.
Best Jobs in America 2012
The year 2011 ended with mixed results for various jobs and 2012 brings with it the hopes of revival in the economy. Analyzing best jobs in America for 2012 from this perspective will help us categorize the professions that have...
Fastest Growing Careers 2012
Which can be the fastest growing careers in 2012? This might be a question before many young students who are looking toward for a bright career. The information on best careers for the upcoming years given below will help you know...
Exciting Careers
Have you completed your education? Are you looking for a good career opportunity? This article provides you a list of exciting careers that are there to stay and provide you with a good future.
Easy Careers to Get Into
Easy and good careers to get into
Are you looking for easy careers to get into? In this article we are going to discuss some of the easy careers to get into which also pays well.
Top Jobs in Demand
Top Jobs in Great Demand
Though the employment market is still suffering a little setback because of the trembling economy, new jobs are being created everyday. And contrary to popular rumors, Health-Care and IT (Information Technology) are not the only...
Jobs in Demand in 2012
Are you wondering which jobs are in demand in 2012? If yes, then the data given in this article will help you understand things better.
Up and Coming Careers 2012
In today's turbulent times, it's better if you know about the up and coming careers 2012. The jobs which are in demand for the future are sure to give you good career prospects and a good future ahead...
Best Careers for 2012 and Beyond
As economies strive to resurrect from the downfall, they offer a wide scope for rewarding jobs for qualified aspirants. Take a look at some of the best careers for 2012 and beyond...
Best Careers for the Next Ten Years
Best careers for the next ten years
With the kind of financial hardships the country is going through, you must be worried about future careers that would give you a decent income, besides job security. In this article, we will give you a detailed list of some of the...
Good Careers to Get Into
Good career options
If the question "what are some good careers to get into" is lurking in your mind right now, then leaf through the following article that provides information on various career options which can be referred to as 'stable...
Job Description of a Seamstress
A seamstress is a woman who makes custom dresses and garments for clients. Contrary to what people believe, the job of a seamstress is not easy, as it requires one to be creative, besides possessing a host of skills. This article,...
How to Become a Research Assistant
Planning to become a research assistant? Need some help? You will find some assistance in the following Buzzle article.
Key to Becoming a Locksmith
Does changing locks, cutting keys, figuring combinations, making new keys, etc., sound fun to you? If yes, than you might want to consider the unusual career choice as a locksmith. Read this article to get the key to becoming a...
Easy Jobs to Get Hired
Looking for some easy jobs to get hired? The following article lists some of the best paying jobs for people with little or no qualifications and work experience. Read on...
Career as a Stage Manager
Are performing arts your thing, but you don't really wish to perform? Experience the feel of stage even without performing on it by becoming a stage manager, job description of which is comprehensively discussed below.
Careers That Make a Difference
We all aspire to be successful in life and choose our career-paths according to our aspirations. However, there are some careers that require selfless service and putting the welfare of others before self. Let us take a look at...
Careers in Assistive Technology
The number of differently abled people across the globe is high, and assistive technology helps them live life in a better way. Assistive technology jobs can be a stable full-time career if you have the necessary skills. So, go...
How to Become a Legal Transcriptionist
For all those who want to join the world of legal transcription, this article will give you some of the steps that you can follow to achieve a flourishing career.
Different Careers in Fashion
Fashion is no more about wearing designer clothes and walking the ramp. Today, the many careers in fashion industry leave you awestruck with their profile, and make you want to enter them at the earliest. Take a look at what they...
Logistics Coordinator Job Description
Logistics and material management have significant importance in the smooth functioning of any company. This article will focus on the job description of a logistics coordinator that will help you plan a career in this field.
Appointment Setter Job Description
The following article shells out all information with regards to the job description of an appointment setter, which includes the various duties and responsibilities, salary range, and career prospects of the same. Read ahead to...
Criminologist Career Information
The job of a criminologist is an exciting and unpredictable one, with great career prospects. Find out more information on the criminologist career in this article...
How to Become a Criminologist
Do you aspire to become a criminologist and want to know how you should prepare yourself for the same in terms of educational qualifications? Well, this article will answer all your questions and help you become a successful...
How to Get Certified as a Lifeguard
Your decision to become a lifeguard needs to be backed by the appropriate certification. This article will give you tips on the requirements and certification required for the same.
Forbes 10 Happiest Jobs
This article talks about the Forbes 10 happiest jobs. The jobs have been specified in the Forbes magazine based on the satisfaction and happiness level of people employed in the respective sectors. Read on...
Animal Science Careers
Careers in animal science can provide various opportunities for one's future. Read about this field and its career options from the article written, for your information.
Alternative Careers for Doctors
More and more doctors are looking for alternative career options owing to various reasons. Let us explore some of the alternative careers for doctors.
Proposal Writer Job Description
As the title suggests, proposal writers are entrusted to prepare proposals that highlight what an organization has to offer to its potential clients. In this article, we will know more about proposal writer job description besides...
Assembly Line Worker Job Description
Mass production is a popular concept used in factories. It is also known as assembly line production, wherein a single product is manufactured by many workers and individuals. In this article, we will know more about the same.
Stable Careers in a Bad Economy
These days, people are looking for stable careers along with a decent pay check due to the constant ups and downs in the economy. This article will present to you some of the stable careers in a bad economy.
How to Get a Job on an Oil Rig
Are you looking forward to a career working on an oil rig? If yes, then we would like to tell you that there are numerous job opportunities available in this sector and the salary offered is more than what you will get working on...
How to Become a Professional Organizer
What does a professional organizer do? Read the following article to know the steps for becoming a professional organizer.
Non-teaching Jobs for Teachers
The following article suggests some of the best non-teaching jobs for teachers. They are well paying, convenient and just perfect as second jobs for teachers.
Stable Jobs for the Future
The recession that continued for the past couple of years changed the way we approach the process of securing a job; people are therefore, looking for stable jobs to secure their future. Stable jobs for the future with maximum...
Different Political Science Careers
Having a political science degree does not mean that teaching and government service are the only career options for you. Read on to know the different careers in this field.
Best Temporary Jobs
Temporary jobs can be useful for students as well as elders to earn some quick bucks and meet their instant cash need. This article has some of the best temporary job ideas for you.
Zookeeper Job Description
Do you love animals? Zookeeper job description involves taking care of the health of the animals in the zoo. The following article enlists different duties and responsibilities of a zookeeper. Read on, if you are thinking of making...
Good Careers After Military Service
There are many veterans who are unaware of the different civilian careers they can follow after military service. This article enlists some options with an aim to guide ex-military personnel in obtaining good jobs after their...
Different Jobs for Cowboys
In the last 50 years, although the scope and extent of cowboy jobs has decreased drastically, in the current era, there are some of these jobs that have evolved in their duties and responsibilities. Keep reading to know more about...
Careers Working with Autistic Children
Working with children suffering from autism is very challenging and if you have it in you to manage and take care of these children, do make it your career choice. There are millions of autistic children who need the support and...
Unusual Careers List
There are quite a few unusual careers in the industry which are generally required on a small scale. This article consists of such careers...
Most Rewarding Jobs
A rewarding career is more than earning big bucks. Read on to know what are the most rewarding jobs and what makes them so.
Careers that Use Math Everyday
Most of us harbor a dreaded fear of mathematics. But there are some people who love the world of numbers, right angles, and calculus. So which are the careers that need to use maths on a daily basis? In this article, we tell you...
Hottest Job Markets
Highly demanding, well paying, and ample growth prospects are the basic characteristics of the top jobs prevailing in the market. If you want to build your career in the right direction, you must take a look at them...
Jobs That Require a High School Diploma
Are you a high school student looking for career prospects right after your graduation? Find out your options with a high school diploma, in this article.
Careers for History Majors
If you are someone who has a burning curiosity to study the past, but are hindered because you don't know what you will do with your future, don't worry. There are a lot of careers out there waiting to embrace graduates in history....
Jobs That Do Not Require a High School Diploma
If you have been unable to continue with your education for some reason, the world has not ended! You can find plenty of good jobs even today. This article describes the job opportunities for individuals in such a situation.
Ideal Jobs for Retired Teachers
There are many interesting full-time, as well as part-time jobs for retired teachers that can give them utmost job satisfaction, along with good monetary benefits. These second career options have been described in this Buzzle...
Interesting Careers
With a desperate need for alternative professions, many are turning towards jobs that never seemed like lucrative options. Here's take a look at some of the interesting careers of current times...
Best Night Jobs
Night jobs can be as financially rewarding and prestigious as day jobs. The only thing is that one should be aware of which are the best night shift jobs to make the most of these opportunities. The suggestions given in this...
Jobs Working With Children With Special Needs
The jobs working with children with special needs are associated with taking care of their physical, mental and emotional concerns. A few good areas where job openings are available are explained in this article. Read on.
Best Jobs Working With Disabled Children
This article lists some of the options available for those who are looking for jobs that include working with disabled children.
List of Least Stressful Jobs
How would you define stress-free jobs? A job where you don't take back stress home, the one which doesn't physically stress you out, or a job that doesn't cause stress in terms of meeting new people or accustoming to changes?
Career Options in Biology
Biology is a field with immense opportunities and there are many things one can do with a degree in this stream. This article lists some of the most interesting options you can consider.
Loss Mitigation Specialist
If you wish to become a certified loss mitigation specialist, who are in much demand these days, then you must know what it takes to become one.
Most Stressful Jobs in America
This article will tell you about some of the most stressful jobs in America today. All jobs are stressful, but there are some that easily outshine the others.
Career Options with a Law Degree
There are plenty of career options that you can opt for with a law degree. Scroll down to find these jobs, and choose the option which suits you the best.
Best Companies to Work For
Some of the best companies to work for in the US are those that provide quality environment to their workers, high job satisfaction levels and decent salaries. Here is some information about the same.
Jobs that Require Traveling Around the World
Bored of your desk job? Searching for some jobs that require traveling around the world? This Buzzle article will give you all the information about the various types of jobs that requires traveling.
Most Satisfying Careers
This article provides some basic information about the topmost satisfying careers.
How to Become a 911 Operator
911 operators are the first point of contact for victims. During an emergency, they act as a bridge between the victims, police, and fire departments. This write-up will shed some light on the ways in which one can make a career in...
Alternative Careers for Nurses
Bored of routine hospital work? Go through this article, which provides information on exciting alternative careers for nurses. Without wasting your valuable diploma, you can enjoy traveling the world, independence, power and job...
Different Jobs in the Marines
Like the US army, there are a plethora of job opportunities in the marines. Being an organization of national importance, a career in the United States Marine Corps can be truly rewarding.
Careers for English Majors
Who says students of the arts stream can't have lucrative careers? Here is a list of some hot careers for English majors, that sets the record straight...
Careers That Involve Working with Animals
Careers that involve working with animals are more satisfying and enjoyable than conventional jobs. There are many such high paying jobs that not only help you make a decent living, but also help you do something that you love.
Strange Jobs That Pay Well
We all have heard of the traditional well-paying jobs, but in a grim economic scenario such as the current one, these are the jobs which get impacted the most. You may want to consider some of the strange jobs listed here, which...
Courier Service Jobs Overview
The logistics industry plays a pivotal role in ensuring that global trade and communication function smoothly. The courier service is an integral part of this network. In this article, we will look at the job roles and...
Switchboard Operator Job Description
A switchboard operator is the first impression that an outsider has of your company. A switchboard operator job description can help you if you're thinking of getting a job as one.
Best Jobs in the World
The most important aspect of any career path are security, growth, and money. Let's have a look at some of the best jobs in the world.
How to Join the CIA
James Bond makes us dream of a life as a spy, which may not be as enchanting as it seems, but it will be exciting for sure. Learn here how you can join the CIA.
Census Bureau Jobs
Jobs in the Census Bureau are quite in demand in the view of the increasing unemployment rate. Find out what types of jobs are available in the Census Bureau, and what educational and other qualifications are required to get a job...
Worst Paying Jobs
Do you wish to know which are the worst paying jobs in America? If no, then the list in this article will help you understand things better. So, keep reading to know more.
Machinist Job Description
The machinist job description consists of tasks that are related to manufacturing precision tools and equipment, which are intended for use in other machines.
Recession-Proof Careers
There are certain job sectors that offer secure opportunities in a recessionary environment. In this Buzzle article, we have identified such sectors for you.
Concierge Job Description
Dynamism coupled with knowledge about travel and tourism industry forms the hallmark of a concierge. The article below elaborates on the job description of a concierge.
911 Operator Job Description
When an emergency befalls a person, the first number he/she calls for assistance is 911. Read the 911 operator job description to learn more about the duties and responsibilities, especially if you are interested in becoming one...
Recession-Proof Jobs
Many people lose their jobs in the recession. It affects them financially as well as psychologically. So, here is a list of some careers which are recession-proof.
Hostess Job Description
In this article, we focus on the job description and duties of a hostess. Students who are planning to become hostesses can refer to this article and find out the prospects in this field.
Curator Job Description
Curators look after the maintenance activities of a museum. In this article, we will discuss more about the crucial aspects of this job.
Alternative Careers for Lawyers
A law degree equips candidates with qualities and skill sets that can help them gain entry in a plethora of other fields. In this article, we will discover some sectors where law graduates can work, apart from their conventional...
Most Dangerous Jobs
You have a demanding boss. Therefore, you think that your job is the only one that requires courage to go through everyday. Think about those people, for whom danger and courage spell their middle name. Read the following Buzzle...
Purchasing Agent Job Description
Purchasing agents have to co-ordinate and manage the supply of raw materials related to the operations of a firm. This article discusses the challenges and responsibilities associated with this profession.
Requirements to be a Detective
The requirements to be a detective go beyond a brown coat, a top hat, and a twisted pipe. What you will essentially need are guts and a sharp mind, trained in a vast number of things.
How to Become a Bounty Hunter
Being a bounty hunter may sound like an exciting career, but it needs dedicated application, just like any other career. Read on to know more...
How to Become a Diplomat
If serving your country and making it count matters, then this article about becoming a diplomat is just right for you. Have a look...
How to Become a Detective
Being a detective is no way as adventurous and exciting as is portrayed in films. Read on to know more on how to become a detective.
Career Options in Corporate Finance
These careers simply relate to receiving a substantial amount of money for dealing in money. Confused? Read the information below to understand more on careers in corporate finance...
Certified Notary Signing Agent Job Description
A certified notary signing agent is an authorized professional who generally undertakes the responsibility of conducting loan signings. Read ahead to know more...
Becoming a Justice of the Peace
Justice of the Peace is a type of judicial officer, appointed by a commission for the purpose of keeping peace. In different countries, they have varying duties and rights, and getting this job is a cumbersome process.
How to Become a Vendor
Vendors are an extremely important aspect of domestic as well as international markets. Here is a small guide about the steps involved in becoming a vendor.
How to Become a Spy
The world of spies or espionage is a reality, which has never been acknowledged by the governments. Spies are chosen by intelligence agencies to collect information from the hostile countries. There is no exact process to become a...
How to Become a Product Tester
What would be a better job than using a product and testing its features, and above all, getting paid for it. This Buzzle article comes to your aid by disclosing how to become a product tester.
Industrial Design Careers
A lucrative career option in today's time, industrial design is used to add value to industrial products. To succeed in this field, the basic qualities one needs to possess are creativity, technical know-how, and excellent...
How to Become a Home Inspector
Becoming a home inspector is easy, but one certainly needs to meet some prerequisites.
Construction Management Career Information
The basic job of a construction manager is to plan and execute the entire, or a part of a residential or non-residential project. Challenges, responsibilities, execution, and precise judgmental skills make this job a tougher one.
Dermatology as a Career
Dermatology is fast gaining momentum and can be highly rewarding as a career option. Dermatologists are increasingly being sought-after these days, owing to the various skin and hair problems that people face.
Job Description for Executive Pastor
An executive pastor is a person appointed to assist the senior pastor in the church. His primary role is to make disciples by training, deepen fellowship among church members, and direct ministry by commission.
Careers in Community Development
Community development relates to the overall economic and social upliftment of a community. There are a number of vocations, like teaching and nursing, that are taken up more because of the sense of fulfillment rather than the...