Cancer awareness is a growing cause in today's world. There are millions of people who are diagnosed with different types of cancer every single day. Though there is still no cure for this dreaded and life taking disease, there are treatments which can minimize its effects in the body. A few years ago when treatments like radiology and chemotherapy were just taking roots in science, people were not aware of how they worked. With the fear of succumbing to the disease eventually, even after spending all their savings on the treatments, patients considered not opting to be saved. This is when cancer awareness programs took the lead to bring out as many silent sufferers in the light and collect donations for their treatments. Since the disease cannot be healed completely, there have been cases where patients have survived for more than 30 years, after diagnosis because of these effective radiology treatments.

Cancer Ribbons and Their Meanings
There is a particular color scheme which is followed for many causes like HIV/AIDS, diseases, violence rights, and cancer. In this article we will only observe the cancer ribbon colors which are used for the recognition of different types of cancers. Wearing these ribbons or wristbands makes you a supporter for that particular cause. To help you find out which colors stand for which particular cancers, we have put together a list which shows awareness ribbon color meanings.

Ribbon ColorMeaning
PinkBreast cancer
YellowBladder cancer
BurgundyMultiple Myeloma
PurplePancreatic cancer, Testicular cancer, Thyroid cancer
LavenderGeneral Cancer Awareness
BlueColon cancer, Colorectal cancer (alternative-brown)
Light BlueChildhood cancer (alternative-pink, gold)
TealOvarian cancer, Cervical cancer, and Uterine cancer
GreenKidney cancer
WhiteBone cancer
PearlLung cancer
BlackMelanoma (skin cancer)
GrayBrain cancer
JadeLiver cancer
PeriwinkleEsophageal, Stomach cancer
Pink and BlueInflammatory Breast cancer

There are a few cancers which have two colors assigned to them, like the colon cancer ribbon colors (blue and brown) and the childhood cancer (pink, blue, and gold). These colors can be used on wristbands as well, since ribbons cannot be worn everyday. If you are an active supporter, wristbands are a great choice. Other than these different types, the above mentioned colors also support other social and political causes.

Ways to Support Cancer Awareness
Like wearing these ribbons on the days of these particular cancers, there are other ways in which you can display your support for them. Earlier, when this concept was new to people, they used actual ribbon pieces to be stitched or pinned up on sleeves. However, now, there are broaches, wristbands, key chains, bracelets, phone and wallet hangings, etc. which can be used to show your support. These awareness ribbon colors are very important for people who actually suffer from these cancers as it always makes you feel better, when you know there is someone who cares. Through these ribbons, you can collect funds and donations for those patients who can't afford to pay for their own treatments. Thus, if these colors help save lives, don't you think wearing them is the least you can do?

People who suffer from them are at a terrible loss, because there are 10 out of 100 cases who don't survive this deadly disease, even after taking the required amount of medication. Hence, if you are fortunate enough to be healthy, save someone who isn't.