Baking and Decorating Cakes
Cake baking and decoration is one of the fascinating things to do at home or with friends. Here is information on cake recipes with tips on baking and decorating.
Cake Toppers for a 50th Birthday
A cake for a 50th birthday might look really incomplete with the right cake topper. Well, if you are unable to think of some interesting cake toppers for this grand occasion, then the following sections will help you with the same....
Easy Cake Decorating Tips
Decorating a cake is not as difficult as it looks. You just have to think of a theme or a design that appeals most to you and begin decorating it.
Gum Paste Recipes
Wondering if making gum paste recipe is easier than it looks? Read the Buzzle article and understand how simple it is to make it at home.
Free Cake Decorating Ideas
Cakes have been an integral part of special occasions like weddings and birthdays for a long time. The free cake decorating ideas mentioned below would help in making the cakes attractive and also delicious in taste. One can...
Cake Decorating Icing Recipes
Are you looking for a nice icing recipe for decorating cakes? Then, take a look at the following article to get acquainted with some easy icing recipes.
Cake Decorating Ideas for Girls
The first thing that comes to mind when you think of a birthday party, or any party, is the delicious cake. This article will give you some unique cake decorating ideas for girls.
Wedding Cake Decorations
Wedding cake decorations add a touch of beauty and elegance to your wedding cakes. Continue reading to know how you can decorate your wedding cake with unique cake decorations mentioned below!
Cake Decorating Ideas
Who doesn't love a gooey, plump, and decorative piece of cake? Here are some tips and tricks that you can choose to decorate your cake.
7 Essential Tools You Need for Decorating a Cake at Home
Essential tools to decorate a cake
We needn't be professional pastry chefs to dole out artistically designed cakes. There are various tools available in the market, with the help of which even a novice can prepare a professional-looking cake. So, let's take a look...
Cupcake Decorating Ideas
Cupcake decoration
There are many simple techniques that will help you decorate cakes and make them fascinating. Even the most modest-looking cupcakes can be turned into tempting desserts using these decorating techniques. All you require are some...
50th Birthday Cake Decoration Ideas
50th birthday cake decoration
A birthday, specifically the 50th birthday, is a special occasion in everyone's life. You have completed half a century on Earth! If you are planning to bake and decorate the birthday cake yourself, you need not stick to the...
Different Types of Cake Stands
Different types of cake stands
There's a whole plethora of cake stands available in the market today. Made from different materials like glass, iron wire, metal, porcelain, etc., cake stands add the 'oomph' factor to cakes!
No-piping Cake Decorations
No-piping cake decorations
It doesn't matter if you have two left hands or no thumbs or all thumbs―you too can create beautiful cakes without ever even looking at a piping bag. No special equipment is required, so forget about using your Wilton's...
Difference Between Marzipan and Fondant
Difference between marzipan and fondant
Fondant icing, royal icing, loads of butter cream frosting, and some marzipan, you just can't imagine decorating a cake without it! Buzzle does a simple fondant vs. marzipan comparison to highlight the minor differences between the...