The butterfly koi fish is one of the most beautiful fish in the world. It has long flowing fins that look like butterfly wings, hence the name. These fish have been around only for the last 30 years, because they are a hybrid variety of the original koi fish. Whenever you look at them, you will feel calm and peaceful, and that is the reason why they're one of the most popular pet fish found in most aquariums and fish ponds.
These fish are often associated with goldfish, because both have a common origin, that is, wild carp. Though, surprisingly, goldfish have Chinese origins while the butterfly koi originated in Japan. The difference between an ordinary koi and its butterfly-featured counterpart is that the latter has longer fins.
The type of butterfly koi is determined by looking at its color, shape, and size. Many breeders in Japan are constantly trying to develop various types of butterfly koi fish, and some of them are so rare and beautiful that they are being sold in the market for nearly a thousand dollars.
These fish are small in size and greatly suitable for keeping in fancy aquariums or even fish ponds. The size can be anywhere around or less than 3 feet long. If you have plants in your aquarium, make sure they are the types that cannot be eaten or nipped. Putting large stones in the aquarium will help the plants from being eaten up.
You will need to maintain the temperature of the aquarium or the pond, anywhere between 61 to 75 °F. Climatic conditions during an entire year also play a major role in this. Another point to remember is maintaining the depth of the water. Generally, a depth of 3 feet is perfect for a pond that has these fish in it.
As far as food goes, make sure you feed them with the best fish food available in your nearest pet store. They are heavy eaters and represent omnivorous food habits, meaning, they can eat vegetation as well as animal matter. It is up to you as a caretaker and owner, what you want to feed your koi fish with, although, the most convenient food is the one which is dry and easily available. Make sure you feed it twice a day.
Butterfly koi fish are a beautiful breed of fish that can be kept in any home, provided that you are ready to take care of such a species. They need great care and attention, since fish tend to be far more delicate to take care of than other pets.