Ethical Issues in Business
Ethical issues in business
There are a million ethical issues in today's businesses and unfortunately there is no perfect decision measurement for all these issues. Those in international businesses are much more complicated and much more delicate, along...
Ethical and Unethical Business Practices
Example of ethical and unethical business practices
Business ethics is the most debated topic of our times. The difference between right and wrong business practices and their outcome is crucial for economic development.
Importance of Ethics in Business
Ethics in business
Ethics in business are about distinguishing between the right and wrong business practices and adhering to ethical principles when involved in them. Why are ethics important in business? This Buzzle article gives you the answer.
14 Biggest Accounting Scandals of All Time
Biggest accounting scandals
Accounting scandals have served as stark reminders of the low points in corporate history. These scandals involved cheating investors, duping stakeholders, and rendering many people jobless. Buzzle provides a list of some of the...
Unethical Business Behavior
Unethical business behavior is one of the most challenging issues for organizations today. It has the potential to lead to a downfall of an organization and therefore, it is important that it is dealt with utmost seriousness.
Importance of Business Ethics
The words 'business' and 'ethics' generally do not go very well together. However, there are certain principles and ethics to be followed in business as well. The article below emphasizes on the importance of business ethics.
Can Employers Monitor Employee Emails?
Employers can monitor employee emails
Even though a lot of companies have set up email policies for their employees, the trend of using the office Internet for receiving and sending non-work-related emails continues. Which makes many of us wonder whether employers can...
Why is Corporate Social Responsibility Important to a Business
Importance of corporate social responsibility
Today, most corporates set up programs which address corporate social responsibilities. If you are a startup trying to understand the importance of corporate social responsibility, here are a few points to note.
B-Corporations and Social Responsibility
Social responsibility is a hot topic in the business world. Investors and consumers alike are interested in making sure that the companies they support are doing the right thing for the environment and for society. New business...
Ethical Dilemmas in Business
Distinction between right and wrong isn't a new one. However, when we are pushed in a situation to act right to avert a wrong, it creates an ethical dilemma. These are often seen in business environment as diversity and power...
What are Business Ethics
If you want to know what are business ethics, many definitions and examples in this article below can help you out. Business ethics are the applied practices and operations an organization indulges in. Generally speaking, business...
Corporate Social Responsibility Examples
It is a fact that corporate social responsibility has become an integral part of a firm's business strategy. Get to know more about this concept, along with some examples, in this Buzzle article.
Core Values of a Company
The core values of a company play a very important part in establishing it as a business in today's competitive market. This article provides some information on how one should create core values for a company, and why they are so...
Writing a Code of Ethics for Your Business
Writing code of ethics for a business takes humongous effort and dedication. A well-written code of business ethics is the one that inspires and motivates your employees. Here are a few pointers that you need to consider before...
Business Ethics And Values
It is very necessary to know about business ethics and values if you belong to the big bad world of business. Following these principles will quite certainly improve your business in more ways than you can imagine, and make it a...
Code of Ethics in a Business
Ethics are very important in a business and their absence in an organization can be harmful to the progress of that organization.
Ethical Management is Crucial to Business Success
All business owners must create a code of ethics and adhere to its principals, or their business will not achieve the success it might have the potential for.