Why Do People Bully?
Reasons for bullying
There are several reasons why people treat others in an dishonorable way. This article will let you know why a bully stoops down to purposely act hurtful towards others.
How to Cope if Your Child is the Bully
Fact about bullying in children
Children are affectionate and adorable. It is the role of an adult to guide their development in the physical, emotional, and moral sense. Despite this, there may be a few children who may go off the path and show signs of bullying...
Tips for Dating a Bullied Girl
Tip to date a bullied girl
Bullying is a serious issue today, and a criminal offense in some cases, yet it goes on, and both victim and bully go unnoticed. You find out that you are dating a bullied girl, and want to know what to do to stop it. There are...
46 Famous Songs About Bullying
Songs about bullying
Bullying is any repeated act by an individual other than yourself that makes you feel less of yourself. Would you believe it if we told you artists like Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake, Taylor Swift, and many others were...
Bullying Facts
Fact about bullying
Bullying is one of the several evils that our society is battling today. If you are still in denial mode, here are some startling facts about bullying in schools as well as at the workplace, which will tell you why it's high time...
How to Deal with Cliques in School
Dealing with cliques, especially during middle or high school can be extremely daunting, and can also leave an everlasting impact on the child's overall growth and personality. This article will tell you how to deal with cliques in...
Types of Bullying
There are several types of bullying, which may extend to various aspects of our personal and professional lives. Nonetheless, there are a few basic types which have their tentacles stretched far and wide...
Tips to Stop Bullying
Want to put an end to someone's bullying tactics? Finding it difficult to deal with constant trouble? Use the tips mentioned in this article to stop bullying effectively.
Effects of Bullying
There are several different negative effects of bullying that are observed worldwide, by teachers, parents and counselors. The phenomenon of bullying has been age-old, but today there are a considerable number of psychologists who...
How to Handle a Bully
Bullies are nightmares in day time for young children. Here are some ideas that you can share with your child to deal with a bully in school.