How Does Prestressed Concrete Work?
Fact about prestressing concrete
Prestressing imparts strength to concrete, allowing one to build large structures by using it. We'll learn the details of concrete prestressing, and also explore the different methods used to achieve this important task.
Advantages and Disadvantages of Prestressed Concrete
Fact about prestressed concrete
Prestressing concrete to boost its strength is a modern method to increase the durability of concrete structures. We list out the advantages and disadvantages of prestressed concrete.
How Does Mudjacking Work?
Concept of mudjacking
Mudjacking can be done at half the cost of replacing a concrete slab. For those who are wondering what is mudjacking and how does it work, this Buzzle post is a must-read. It answers important questions about mudjacking, along with...
What is Ashlar Masonry?
Fact about ashlar masonry
Ashlar masonry pertains to finely cut rock, or the masonry using fine stonework usually with squared and cuboid structures. Here is more on this masonic art with some examples of architecture, built using ashlar masonry.
Homemade Cement Mixer
DIY cement mixer
An exact construction outline to build a homemade cement mixer, is presented in this article. The mixer can be very handy for odd jobs around the house, that require mixing cement to create concrete.
What is Hydraulic Cement and How is it Used?
Features of hydraulic cement
Hydraulic cement is a modern invention, that reacts to water chemically to gain strength and form. Due to its unique properties, it is widely used across all forms of construction. In this Buzzle article, we shall understand what...
9 Types of Portland Cement and their Applications
Types of Portland cement
The type of Portland cement used in a concrete structure determines the time it will take to harden, and also its final strength. Learn about all such types, in this Buzzle article, which also tells you about their different uses.
What's the Difference Between Cement, Concrete, and Mortar?
Difference between cement, concrete, and mortar
The major differences between cement, concrete, and mortar are their ingredients and specific uses. This Buzzle article gives the comparison of concrete vs. cement vs. mortar, which includes all aspects like their composition, uses...
Concrete Prices Per Cubic Yard
Trying to calculate the cost of concrete for the new home improvement project you got in mind? Read on for some helpful tips.
Mortar Mix Ratio
In this Buzzle write up, we will concentrate on the right mortar mix ratio. It is important that it be mixed in accurate proportion, when you are building even a small structure, so that the construction does not collapse or get...
Concrete Mix Ratio
Concrete is a predominant component among all construction materials. Today, the enhancement in civil engineering and construction technology enables us to use a concrete mix ratio that suits the purpose of all structures...
Ready Mix Concrete Price
The following article provides an insight into the prices of ready mix concrete. It depends on the total area of the project, and the grade of cement that is used in its making.
Types of Concrete
We are surrounded by concrete structures on all sides, but most of us are unaware of the different varieties of it. This article will discuss the various types of concrete and their properties.
How to Make Cement
We are constantly surrounded by cement, but we barely know how is made or if it is environment friendly. Read on to know more about how to make cement.
Metal Storage Buildings - Mini Storage Buildings
Metal storage buildings are becoming extremely popular today. This article lists some benefits and drawbacks to having a metal storage shed.
Introduction to Metal Buildings
The concept of housing has changed drastically in modern times. Making much headway in the realm of housing are commercial metal buildings. Here's a brief look at what their types are, where they are used, and what their pros and...