Tower Bridge Facts
According to facts, the tower bridge is one of the most popular bridges in London. Presented here are facts about tower bridge that will help you enhance your knowledge about this iconic structure.
London's Bridges
London's bridges offer great views of the city but of course each bridge has its story and distinctive personality. Some of the bridges are loaded with history. Discover them in this article.
Startling Information About Warren Truss Bridges
Fact about Warren Truss bridges
The Warren truss bridge is an extremely popular bridge design, and many examples of it can be found all across the world. In this article, we will look at some interesting information about this design, such as its history, working...
Famous Beam Bridges Across the World That'll Leave You Gasping
The following article, lists some famous and truly incredible beam bridges which have certain engineering or historical significance. A brief description of the beam bridge has also been provided. To know more, read on.
Jaw-droppingly Amazing Types of Suspensions Bridges to Wonder At
There are a number of suspension bridges types which can be seen all over the world. These bridges are often seen as man-made wonders, of which the most famous is the Golden Gate Bridge...
Huge is a Small Word for These Top 10 Longest Bridges in the World
Bridges are wonders of architecture, which have bridged the gap between people, nations, and various cultures. They have played a vital role in aiding trade, and supplying essential health and food commodities in times of peace as...
The Most Famous and Iconic Bridges in the United States of America
These famous bridges in the United States don't just serve the purpose of transportation; they are among the most renowned structures in the world. This Buzzle post profiles four such famous American bridges.
An Artistic Take: The Most Popular Truss Bridges and Their Types
The placement of the deck on the bridge is used to categorize the truss bridge types. Here are some examples of different truss bridges as per the category in which they fall.
A Legend in Making: Knowing the History of Golden Gate Bridge
The history of the Golden Gate Bridge is as fascinating as it can get. In the article to follow there will be an attempt to capture some of the highlights of the legacy of this bridge.
Any Guess Which is the Longest Bridge in the World? We Know It
Ever wondered which is the longest bridge in the world? Well, stop wondering and start reading.
These Bridges Very Warmly Welcome Their Walking Tourists
Next time you take a vacation, why not include crossing a famous bridge―on foot? IN the following article, we give you some of the more famous bridges where you can walk and enjoy the sights.
Intriguing Facts About the Construction of the Golden Gate Bridge
The Golden Gate Bridge is an 8,981 feet suspension bridge connecting the San Francisco Peninsula to Marin County. To know more about this magnificent bridge, read on.
Harbor Bridge - Sidney's Pride
One of the most graceful constructions, the Harbor Bridge is Sydney's pride. Inaugurated in 1932, this bridge continues to attract tourists apart from serving the people of Sydney. Here is more on this.
Here are 7 Types of Bridges Everyone Should Know About
Three types of bridges
Bridges are often built over huge landmasses or water bodies. Their design depends on their function. To know about the various types of bridges, read on...
What are Truss Bridge Designs and How Do They Really Work?
Fact about truss bridges
The truss bridges include different types of bridges that were mainly constructed for railroads in the modern era. The design of a truss bridge incorporates a triangular structure called 'truss'. Construction of this kind of bridge...
30 Epically Breathtaking and Famous Bridges of the World
Famous bridges
The main purpose of a bridge being built is to connect two areas that are otherwise inaccessible. As such, over the decades, man has built scores of these bridges all over the world, which are nothing less than technological marvels.
18 Gloriously Famous Suspension Bridges That Beckon a Visit
Suspension bridges
Suspension bridges are world-class infrastructures, that are not only a traveling medium connecting two areas, but also an important landmark serving a valuable purpose. Suspension bridges are mega structures built to help cross...
22 Important Advantages and Disadvantages of a Cantilever Bridge
Fact about Cantilever bridge
Cantilever bridges have each pier supporting the weight of two horizontal beams in opposite directions. They are strong and reliable, but are quite heavy as well.
Really Fascinating Information About Bascule Bridges
Fact about Bascule bridges
Bascule bridges when compared with other types of movable bridges, are the most popular and commonly found.
8 of the World's Most Amazing Flyovers You Need to See to Believe
Puxi Interchange, Shanghai, China
Being watchful to not miss the correct 'exit' when on an interchange hardly lets you enjoy the drive and the surroundings. Never mind! This Buzzle post brings you all those glimpses of the most astounding flyovers, you probably...
7 Significant Pros and Cons of Arch Bridges You Should Know About
Pros and cons of arch bridges
Arch bridges are not just strong, but also quite attractive in appearance. The construction of these ancient bridges has various advantages even today. However, a few disadvantages may also come along. This Buzzle post gives you...
5 of the Most Stunning and Famous Bridges in America
Which bridges would you list if you were asked about the most famous bridges in America? Here is a list of the bridges that are definite landmarks in the United States.
8 Most Dangerous Rope Bridges That Will Give You Goose Bumps
Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge
Are you marveled by heights? If so, walking on a rope bridge will definitely fascinate you. Of course, Such an adventure is not meant for the fainthearted. One look down and you're certain to get goose bumps. Buzzle enlists some of...
How Does a Cable-stayed Bridge System Work?
Cable-stayed bridge system
Designing bridges is one of the more challenging aspects of civil engineering. There are several different design techniques employed to span short, medium, and long distances. In this Buzzle article, we take a look at one of the...
Types of Moving Bridges
Double-leaf Bascule Bridge
Bridges are one of the most important elements in modern architecture. Advanced techniques have allowed several designs of bridges that can be moved to alternately accommodate road or water traffic. This Buzzle article describes...
World's Longest Sea Bridge
World's longest sea bridge - Qingdao Haiwan Bridge
On 1 July, 2011 China unveiled another piece of their engineering excellence, the longest sea bridge in the world, Qingdao Bay Bridge. Read on to find more information.