Brazilian Dance Styles
Do you know that there are many Brazilian dance styles which are taught by almost every dance school in the world. Any idea how many types of Brazilian dance styles are there in the world. Let's find out.
Here's Some Authentic Information on the Brazil Flag for You
Did you know? The flag of Brazil is known to be one of the largest flags ever hoisted on a regular basis, in the Three Powers Square (Praça dos Três Poderes), in the capital of the country, Brasilia. The weight of the flag is...
Travel Tips for Brazil
Travel tip for Brazil
Are you planning a trip to Brazil? Then you need to read the following article on travel tips for Brazil. Make the trip an unforgettable one...
Here We Cover a Plethora of Facts and Information About Brazil
Brazil is one of the largest and most interesting countries of the world. Some facts and information about Brazil are covered in the article below.
Brazil Vacation Spots
If you are looking for travel destinations, which have a long history, have a diverse climate along with diverse flora and fauna, then Brazil vacation spots are the best for you. After your first visit to this enchanting country,...
History of the Brazilian Flag and its Deep-rooted Symbolism
The history of the Brazilian flag dates back to 1889! There are many more interesting Brazilian flag facts. So, read on for some more information...
Historic Landmarks of Brazil
Church of Carmo - landmark in Brazil
The beautiful nation of Brazil has always ranked high on the list of popular tourist destinations around the world. This Buzzle post lists out some historical landmarks to visit on your next trip to Brazil.
A Brief Glimpse at the Rich History of Brazilian Carnival
The word "carnival" brings to mind a riot of colors and the most uninhibited dance of Samba. Read on to know about the history of Brazilian carnival, the country's biggest festival.
Brazilian Beaches
Brazilian beaches are known for their beauty and rocking nightlife. Here's a look at some of the most popular beaches in Brazil.
What to Pack for Your Trip to Rio de Janeiro
What to pack when going to Rio de Janeiro
The entire world is set to descend on Rio what with the Olympics in 2016. With the summer at its peak, this is a great time to visit Rio. So, start planning your trip, and allow Buzzle to help you pack.
Traditional Brazilian Clothing
Traditional Brazilian clothing
Brazilian clothing is popular for its grace and sophistication, its striking colors, and beautiful designs. If you happen to visit Brazil, you'll understand how the traditional clothing in this country has amalgamated into its...
Compelling, Fun, and Interesting Facts About Brazil
Facts about Brazil
Besides its world-class soccer team, Brazil is well-known for many other things, like its coffee production, and being home to one of the 7 Modern Wonders of the World.
Brazil's Famous Places
Famous places to visit in Brazil
Brazil has been an alluring destination for people of varied interests. Right from its untouched wilderness to its pristine beaches, this country tops the list of vacationers even today. Let's find out which attractions make Brazil...
Major Cities of Brazil
Major cities of Brazil
Brazil, one of the very important countries in South America, is the tenth-largest economy in the world. Beautiful beaches and historical landmarks have made the country a popular tourist attraction. To know about the major cities...
These Intriguing Brazil Facts Will Surely Make Your Day
Fact about Pantanal in Brazil
A fast-growing economy and a region well-known for its diverse flora and fauna, Brazil is also the largest lusophone (Portuguese-speaking) country in the world. There is a lot to know about its geography, climate, and environmental...
19 Awesome and Interesting Facts About Christ the Redeemer Statue
Christ the Redeemer statue
Cristo Redentor. Christ the Redeemer. Call it by any name you wish, it remains the eponymous symbol of Brazil. Buzzle rounds up some very interesting facts about this modern-day Wonder of the World.
Places to Visit in Brazil
Places to visit in Brazil
Brazil offers some of the best tourists spots in the world. This part of the world is mainly known for its forests and wildlife. However, you can also visit cities with diverse architectural styles in this country.
An Exclusive List of World Famous People From Brazil
Brazil is the homeland of many prominent figures from various fields. Pele, Guga, Paulo Colho, Oscar Schmidt, Ronaldo and Ronaldinho are just a few of the famous Brazilians who have made the world proud with their exceptional work....
History of Brazilian Dance
Brazil is a colorful country known for some really attractive dance forms, and some of them have gained immense popularity worldwide. This Buzzle article takes you through the history of the traditional dances of Brazil.
New Year's Eve Celebrations in Rio de Janeiro
Celebrating New Year's eve in Rio
Home to the biggest and wildest celebrations in the world, Rio de Janeiro's vibrant energy is so pulsating, it just takes a few moments for anyone to get swept into party mode. New Year's Eve in Rio is the only event that rivals...
World's Deadliest Island: The Snake Island
Fact about Snake Island
You may want to get lost on some island, just for adventure. But, there are some which you wouldn't wish getting lost on (not even in your nightmares!). Snake Island, also known as Ilha de Queimada Grande, located near Brazil would...
How to Plan a Trip to the Rio de Janeiro Carnival
Planning a trip to Rio carnival - carry extra cash
The Rio Carnival is known for some of the biggest and best parties in the world. This Buzzle article will help you plan your trip to the Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro.
Brazil Flag Meaning
Do you want to know what the colors on the Brazilian flag represent? Are you interested in learning about the meaning of the Brazilian flag and its history? Read on to learn more.