Brain Power Foods
A lot of foods qualify as brain power enhancers, for all that they do to improve the function of the brain, thereby making you sharper and focused. Find a list of these foods, in this Buzzle article.
Right Brain Exercises
Right brain exercises
Creative exercises help you break out of the mold and unleash your brain's creative potential. Though touted as right brain exercises, by popular psychology enthusiasts, who believe in the split-brain hypothesis, but studies show...
How Does Music Affect the Brain?
Effect of music on the brain
Amidst the fanfare that the modern world is so used to, there is a gloomy corner carved out of the side effects of the same modernity. Depression, anxiety, or lack of concentration seem to be the order of the day, but there is hope...
Types of Brain Waves and Their Functions
Types of brain waves and their functions
There are 4 main types of brain waves, namely beta, alpha, theta, and delta. Here's how these brain wave patterns have an impact on our consciousness.
Can Sleep After Learning Improve Memory?
Sleep and memory
Vital, yet ignored, sleep is one of the most essential components of good health. The average person requires more than 7 hours of sound sleep a day, and this number varies with age and individual health. A good night's sleep is...
How Our Brain Tricks Us
The human brain is an amazing thing, and the more we learn, the more awesome it gets. It's so awesome, in fact, that it tricks you every single day - these tiny little shortcuts may have played a big part in our successful...
What Does Our Brain Do While We Sleep?
How sleep benefits the brain
If you thought that our brain also sleeps when we are in deep slumber, think again. Though physically we are relaxed and at ease, there are a lot of things going on in our brain while we are asleep. Through this Buzzle article,...
Is Multitasking Bad for Your Brain?
Multitasking is bad for your brain
We have heard many times that instead of multitasking, we should only focus on the given task at hand, and then proceed to the next one. So, are human beings bad at multitasking? Go through this Buzzle article to find out.
Brain Exercises for Seniors
These techniques on brain exercises for seniors will help the aged battle against degenerative mental illnesses that occur as one grows older. Let's find out ways here on how to keep the brain as healthy and active as possible...
Things You Should Know About Alpha Brain Waves
Fact about alpha brain waves
Generation of alpha brain waves has been strongly linked to relaxed mental states. It is a state of relaxed alertness, conducive for creativity and idea generation.
Left Brain Exercises
Left brain exercises
It was once believed that the left side of the brain is associated with one's coherent and analytical skills, although now this theory has been debunked. This Buzzle post consists of the "left brain exercises" that are...
How to Improve Brain Functioning
Tips to improve brain functioning
Have you ever questioned why so many, are not as intelligent as some of the geniuses of our age? What makes a handful so unique? Is it genes, or is it their sheer will power, which makes them outstanding? This post discusses tricks...
Why is it Important to Exercise Your Brain?
Read to exercise your brain
Exercising the brain is important because it is the central organ which controls the functioning of all the other organs in the body. There are many different exercises which can help in keeping it fit and improving its functioning.
Reasons Why Storytelling is a Powerful Way to Activate Our Brain
How storytelling activates the brain
Stories keep us glued to the subject being described. They make us empathize and emote. Interestingly, one reason why storytelling is good for the brain is that, it best activates our brain more than any other mode of verbal...
10 Apps That Will Exercise Your Brain
Apps for brain exercise
Looking for mind-enhancing apps? Check out these 10 trending brain-teasing hits on the Android market.
How to Increase Mind Power
If you're looking for tips on how to increase mind power, you've landed on the right webpage! Read ahead for useful tips on harnessing your mental powers optimally.
How to Improve Brain Health
Some effective tips on how to improve brain health have been listed out in this article. Know how you can increase your brain power, efficiency and its overall health.
Brain Activities for Seniors
Keeping the brain active and alert is something that needs to be done daily, no matter what your age is. This article has some brain activities for seniors that will not only help them, but are the ones that they'll enjoy too.
Brain Exercises for Children
This vacation, engage your kids in some fun brain exercises rather than letting them watch television the whole day. It will not only activate their brains, it will make them more competitive and more open to learning. Check out...
How Does Physical Exercise Help the Brain?
The relation between physical exercises and a healthy mind has been established deeply. In fact, physical activity has been linked to improved physical and mental efficiency. That is why, students are encouraged to participate in...
How to Increase Brain Power
If you think increasing your brain power is a tedious task, think again. Not only is it easy, it actually works. Read this article to know more on how you can do this.
Brain Power Games
Games don't always spell silly, they need to be thought provoking as well. For some such ideas on brain power games, read the following article.
Brain Games for Adults
Brain games can be played on several occasions and they lead to, not just fun, but also sharpening the functioning of the same. Sift through this Buzzle article for some of these games that will not only challenge your gray cells...
Dopamine Neurotransmitter
The feel-good signals are passed by the brain through a neurotransmitter called dopamine. This Buzzle article provides you some valuable information about the working of this neurotransmitter.