Understand How to Apply Good Quality Glow in the Dark Body Paint
Interested in adorning your body by using glow in the dark paint, but do not actually know much about the product? Read this article to have a brief idea about this body paint variety and how to apply it.
Body Spray Paint
Are you planning to use body spray paint on your body? Then you need to know how it should be used, and how you can make your own safe body paints at home.
How to Make Airbrush Body Paint
Airbrush body paints are non-toxic, water-based, and quick drying. That is why, they are most preferred for making temporary tattoos. This article tells you how to make them and use them effectively.
Here are Some Must-read Safety Tips for Applying Liquid Latex
Tip for applying liquid latex
Liquid latex body paint is used by artists to make artificial skin or to adorn their body with colored art. Due to liquid latex, fictional characters come alive. However, before lathering yourself completely in colorful paint read...
7 Good Alternatives for Liquid Latex
Liquid latex substitutes
Don't worry! Don't let the liquid latex allergy ruin your mood. You can still create a spooky look by using a few inexpensive alternatives to liquid latex.
Body Painting Techniques and Precautions
Body painting is an interesting alternate form of art, that people around the globe take pleasure in experimenting with. There are of course a few things that one must consider before trying it out.