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Height and Weight Charts for Children
Height and weight chart for children
Height and weight are two important indicators of physical development in children and are useful in determining nutrition requirements as well as growth anomalies, if any. The current article provides the healthy range as well as...
Average Child Weight by Age
What is the average child weight by age? How do I know if my child's weight is right for his age? This Buzzle article provides answers to these questions.
Proper Weight for Height and Age
The ideal weight of a person is determined according to the height and body structure of the individual. Genetics also has a role to play, along with dietary pattern and exercise. To know the proper weight for your height and age,...
How Much Should I Weigh for My Height?
What is the ideal weight-to-height ratio? How much should I weigh for my height? What is body mass index (BMI), and how it is calculated? Given here are the answers to all your height-related queries.
Weight Charts for Females by Age and Height
Every woman is concerned about her weight, the reasons being good looks and good health. The current article provides weight charts which indicate the range of healthy weights for females of different age groups and heights, as...
Ideal Weight for Women by Age and Height
Ideal weight depends on various factors including age, height, genes, nutrition, etc. The current article provides the values of ideal weights for women, by age and height.
Ideal Weight for Women Over 60
Usually, we discuss a lot about the ideal body weight for younger women, but even elderly ladies need to be vigilant about their weight in order to minimize the health risks associated with obesity and aging.
Average Weight and Height Chart
What should be the ideal weight for a particular height? This is a question asked by many people, specially those who are trying to shed some pounds. Here are the charts for the average weight and height of men, women and children....
Correct Weight for Your Height
Weight is the modern-day equivalent of accolades. Ideally, the body fat should not exceed 20% and 30% of the body weight in males and females, respectively. This article discusses the ideal weight for your height, along with a...
Average Weight for Children by Age
Do you think that your child is underweight? Or are you worried because the child is overweight? This article provides charts on average weight for children by age. Being a responsible parent, it is absolutely natural to worry...
Weight and Height Conversion Chart
A weight and height conversion chart is used to determine the various weight and height measuring parameters and their respective conversions. Read on to find out more.
What Should I Weigh For My Age and Height?
Ideal weight for age and height
At the onset of puberty, hormonal changes trigger physical changes like rapid muscle growth, spurts in height, and weight gain in both boys and girls. Take a look at the information and height-weight charts for teens and adults...
BMI Chart for Women
The easiest way to find out whether you are overweight is to calculate your BMI. This article presents BMI chart for women which might help relieve the stress of those who are plagued with doubts about their weight.
Average Weight for Women
Looking good has become synonymous with being slim and young, many just focusing on being a size 0. But being underweight is as unhealthy as being overweight. To get an idea of what would be a healthy weight for you, browse through...
Ideal Weight for Men By Age and Height
Which man would not want to have the perfect weight? The ideal weight for men is differs according to age, height and frame sizes. Hence, it is best to have the right number, so that a person is not overweight for his frame and...
How to Calculate Height to Weight Ratio
If you are perplexed with the problem of how to calculate height to weight ratio or the Body Mass Index (BMI), this article will show you how it's done. You will also find a BMI ready to use BMI calculator which can directly get...
How Much Should I Weigh For My Height And Age
Maintaining a proper weight for your height is essential in order to prevent disorders related to obesity. Presented in this article is a chart and calculator to know the ideal weight for height and age.
How to Calculate BMI for Women
The body mass index is a measure of the body fat that is based on the weight and height of an individual. It helps estimate the ideal weight for an individual. This article provides you with a formula to help you calculate your BMI...
Am I Fat?-Quiz
In today's world, with its obsession about physical appearance, it's human tendency to be plagued with doubts about your weight. This article will answer your weight-related questions, by providing you with a unique quiz to check...
Obesity Chart
Obesity is placed at the second place in a list of causes of preventable deaths, in the United States. Read this article, which contains a BMI chart along with an obesity chart for men and women.
Average Male Weight
The weight of an average male depends on various factors. This Buzzle article lists them out for you.
How to Find the Right Weight for Your Height
The weight of the body increases not only because of increase in fat content; there are many other factors associated with uncontrolled rise in weight. To keep the weight in check, one should have knowledge of the correct figures...
Advanced BMI Calculations
BMI calculators are a popular tool to assess what a person's healthy weight should be. An advanced BMI takes a few more factors into consideration while making this assessment. Have a look.
Anorexic BMI Calculator
An anorexic BMI calculator allows the calculation of the BMI by feeding in an individual's height and weight. If the BMI of an adult man or woman falls below 17.5, it indicates the possibility of the eating disorder anorexia nervosa.
Child Body Mass Index
The formula for calculating BMI is same for kids as well as adults, but the difference lies in the interpretation of the results. Let us take a look at the method of BMI calculation in kids.