Extinct Birds in the Last 100 Years
But obviously, the list of birds that have become extinct over the last 100 years is bound to come as a surprise for many. Whilst focusing on saving tigers, rhinos, and other large animals, we seem to have failed to notice that we...
Facts About the Scarlet Ibis
Scarlet Ibis fact
Although having a close resemblance with around 27 other ibis species, the scarlet ibis stands out due to its bright and vibrant scarlet coloration.
Texas State Bird - Mockingbird
The Northern Mockingbird is the officially chosen state bird of Texas. Mockingbirds are known for their melodious songs and protective nature.
State Bird of Nevada - Mountain Bluebird
The Mountain Bluebird is a beautiful species that has been adopted as the state bird by not one, but two states―Nevada and Idaho.
Interesting Facts About Hoopoe Birds
Fact about Hoopoe birds
Rightly named for its unique call, the hoopoe is a beautiful bird whose song sounds like 'oop-oop-oop'. In this Buzzle article, we will provide a brief overview of this amazing avian, with information about its diet, habitat,...
Interesting Facts about the Rose-breasted Grosbeak
Fact about the rose-breasted grosbeak
The rose-breasted grosbeak is a medium-sized, insect-eating bird found commonly in North America. This Buzzle article lists some interesting facts about this songbird.
Types of Hawks
While there are more than 200 species of hawks across the world, there are approximately 25 species in the United States currently. This article will introduce you to some of these species.
Unique Features of Birds
The ability to fly is one of the most unique features of birds. Apart from flying, there are other features too that make them special. The following article will attempt to enlist some of the physical characteristics that are...
Spying Birds
Were parrots actually used for surveillance before the development of technology that we now know? Learn more in the article below.
Facts About the Hoatzin
Birds of a feather flock together. While it's true that most bird species have the similar characteristics and habits, the Hoatzin is truly in a league of its own. Its unique look, weird habits and cry are just the tip of the...
Habitat Requirements for Greater Prairie Chicken
The living conditions of Great Prairie chickens determine their habitat. Courtship, nesting, brooding are the various reasons that prompt these birds to constantly shift their base. This article discusses the natural habitat of...
Distinguishing Between Hawks and Falcons
If you're just starting out with birdwatching, you may feel that species identification is overwhelmingly complex and difficult. If you start out slow, you'll have early successes that will let you practice without crushing your...
Quick Facts About Greater Prairie Chicken
The greater prairie chickens are known for their unique courtship displays. There are lot of things about this bird, which would fascinate you. Whether you like birds as pets or just enjoy watching birds, this article will help you...
Amazing Facts About Ravens
Fact about ravens
Black looming with a distinctive and deep call, the raven is one of nature's most prominent omnivore birds. Closely related to the crow, this hardy bird species is highly intelligent, eye-catching and shows an engaging personality....
Which Birds Eat Safflower Seeds
Even though it is a well-known fact that safflower seeds are excellent food source for American songbirds, not many people out there know which other species eat these seeds - and which species detest them.
Whooping Crane Fact File
From plenty to few, whooping cranes have seen a gradual downfall over the years. These birds are rated as endangered species which have recovered from the verge of extinction. The following information exposes you to the life of...
Facts About the Wedge-tailed Eagle
The Wedge-tailed eagle of Australia is the largest and the most magnificent of prey birds. Learn some interesting facts about this bird in this following article.
Tips on Raising Quails
Bringing up quails can bring you the joy of earning sufficient income as well as help you spend your time constructively. People might raise quails for different purposes. Therefore, whatever might be the reason, learn some tips on...
Interesting Facts About the American Crow
The Iridescent feathered American crow is one of the most common bird species that is spotted throughout America. Keep reading to know more about this bird.
The Blackbird
Stepping up on her scene that might be a house top or a tree branch, the talented singer will enchant our ears with a beautiful, freedom bringing song. Know more about this great singer of the wild - the blackbird.
Cassowary Facts
Cassowary, the bird which cannot fly, is mainly found in the Australian rainforests. Interesting cassowary facts for kids are presented in this article. Scroll down to know more about the southern and the northern cassowary...
Facts About Canada Geese
In many areas, Canada geese have a reputation as pests. However, if you learn a few of the fascinating traits these birds display, you may find it difficult not to appreciate them.
Cardinal Bird Facts
There exist some interesting facts about cardinal birds which make them so popular. For instance, did you know that the male cardinal fights his own reflection in the mirror for hours together to defend his territory against the...
Information about the Blue Jay Bird
The Blue Jay is a beautiful passerine bird that is well-known for making a wide variety of sounds. This article provides some more facts about this bird.
How Do Birds Fly
Birds are designed in such an intriguing manner, that every part of their body helps them lift themselves off the ground, and soar into the vast blue skies.
How Do Birds Mate
It's a well- known fact that birds are monogamous―at least, the most of them. What most people don't know is how they mate, and that's exactly what we will explain in this article.
Largest Bird of Prey
Birds that are large in overall size don't necessarily have the largest wingspan. So, how do you determine which is the largest bird of prey in the world? Should overall size be the criteria, or should it be the wingspan?
Toucan Facts
Known for its long, colorful bill, a toucan is a bird that is found in the tropical rainforests of South and Central America, and the Caribbean.
Best Talking Birds
Choosing a bird that can speak is indeed a difficult job because 'talking birds' are still an enigma to many of us. Here's some information, which will assist you choose a bird that will talk and keep you happy.
Cuckoo Bird
The cuckoo bird makes for a very fascinating study. Let us look more closely at its habitat and behavior patterns.
Homing Pigeons
Homing pigeons are probably one of the most exotic and unique breeds of pigeons out there. Their amazingly surprising traits and characteristics have made them popular since the early pages of history. This Buzzle article gives a...
Lovebirds Care
Want to buy a pair of lovebirds but don't know anything about caring for them? This article will tell you all about lovebirds care. So breathe easy and get ready to own a perfect pair of lovebirds.
Herring Gull Facts
One the most interesting facts about the Herring gull is that it tends to live in the same nesting site for more than 20 years. This article provides some more similar facts.
Life Span of Budgies
Budgies are lovely birds that make wonderful pets. This article provides information on the life span of budgies.
Finches as Pets
There are many varieties and species of finches in many countries of the world. The Zebra finches, Gouldian finches and Spice finches are the main types of finches which can be great pets.
Finches Care
If you are looking to keep a pair of birds as pets, then this article is a must-read. Finches make wonderful pets. Let us have a look at some information on how to take care of them.
Facts About the Kookaburra
If you heard a cackling sound from the tree next to your bedroom window, fret not! There's no intruder hanging about outside, it could be a mischievous Kookaburra bird amongst the shrubbery as well.
Information About Zebra Finches
The melodious vocals of the Zebra Finch sets it apart from other species of birds. Here are other interesting facts associated with this wonderfully beautiful bird. Have a look...
Facts about Sulphur-crested Cockatoo
The sulphur-crested cockatoo is a large-sized cockatoo with a very beautiful yellow crest on its head. This article provides some more facts about this bird.
The Satyr Tragopan
The Satyr Tragopan is a wonderful bird. The male is especially quite impressive with his ritual mating dance. He makes use of all his assets to impress the female. This article provides some more information about this bird.
The Cassowary Bird
The Cassowary is known as the Gardener of the Rain Forest. This unique bird has been around since the long-gone days of Gondwanaland. Here's more...
Facts About the Elephant Bird
The now-extinct elephant bird was one of the biggest birds that walked the face of the Earth. It is said to be the inspiration behind rocs, the gigantic birds in the fictional story of Sinbad the sailor, which left him shipwrecked...
Myths About Birds Committing Suicide in Jatinga
Myth about birds committing suicide in Jatinga
The small, picturesque village of Jatinga in northeastern India has become known internationally by conservationists and ornithologists for the mysterious phenomenon where hundreds of birds swoop down to this area, only to die a...
120 Good Name Suggestions for Your Pet Bird
Name suggestions for a yellow pet bird
Zeroing in on a unique name for your pet bird is quite a task. We have some good suggestions for you. Browse through, for a collection of name ideas for your pet bird.
Endangered Birds List
Endangered birds
Birds are considered the symbol of love and peace, but did you know that many of our feathered friends are slowly losing their existence? Check out this list...
Bird Rescue in Office
By saving a single life, one gets the credit for giving life to all the future generations. And this applies not just to humans...
How to Take Care of a Baby Sparrow
Tips to take care of a baby sparrow
To save a life is divine, and to save the life of a helpless, dumb creature like that of a baby sparrow is divinity in itself. Buzzle will aid you with some basic tips which can be practiced preliminarily as steps to follow for a...
Barn Swallow Bird Facts and Information
Barn swallow bird fact
Barn swallows are considered as heralds of spring and rejuvenation of life. The weather used to be predicted by their flight. Famous for their acrobatic flight and deep-forked tail, these little birds have inspired mythological...
Interesting Facts About the Atlantic Puffin
Fact about the Atlantic Puffin
Atlantic Puffins are known for their colorful bills. Here are some interesting facts about these pretty seabirds.
Interesting Facts about Carolina Chickadees
Fact about Carolina Chickadees
The Carolina chickadee is a songbird that is commonly found in the southern and eastern states, from Kansas to New Jersey. Learn some interesting facts about the Carolina chickadee here.
30 Interesting Facts About the California Valley Quail
Fact about the California valley quail
The California quail is truly a sight to watch. Its teardrop-shaped plume and markings on its body contribute greatly to its beauty. Buzzle lists some very interesting facts about the California valley quail.
Crow or Raven: How to Tell the Difference Between Them?
Difference between crow and raven
Crows and ravens may appear similar in their look, but there are visible differences in them. The most subtle clue is the difference in their voice. Buzzle acknowledges the differences among these often-confusing black birds.
Information About All the Species of Lovebirds
Facts about Lilian's lovebird
Lovebirds are popular pet birds, and are famous for their colorful plumage. Here's some info about the various species of lovebirds, along with their pictures.
Greater Roadrunner - The Official State Bird of New Mexico
Fact about the Greater Roadrunner
Deserts in Southwest United States are hard to imagine without the greater roadrunner. But how did the roadrunner become New Mexico's State Bird? This Buzzle post answers such questions, along with giving you many interesting facts...
Facts About the Snowy Egret
Facts about the Snowy Egret
The Snowy Egret is a small and graceful member of the heron family, and is very similar to the Little Egret in appearance. Here are some interesting facts about this beautiful white bird.
Different Species of Falcons Found Around the World
Number of falcon species
Falcons are strong birds with hooked beaks, large feet, and curved talons that they use to grab their prey. Let us have a look at the many species of falcons and their distribution.
Common Bird Feeding Myths
Common bird feeding myths
People who set up bird feeders, do so out of love, and a desire to connect with these beautiful beings. However, there are many bird-feeding myths that we fall for, and these, instead of helping, end up harming the birds. Buzzle...
Facts About the Snowy Plover
Snowy plover fact
The diminishing population of the snowy plover has made this bird quite famous in recent times. So what's threatening this member of the plover family? The reason, and many other interesting facts, are enlisted in this Buzzle post.
Facts About the Marabou Stork
Marabou stork fact
The stork in the picture on your right isn't old or dying; this is how it actually looks. Due to its weird appearance, it is often referred to as the 'World's Ugliest Looking Bird', but that doesn't make it any less interesting or...
Canary Vs. Parakeet - Which Makes a Better Pet?
Choosing between a canary and a parakeet as a pet
Canaries and parakeets are among the most popular pet birds. They are completely different as potential pets due to their differing temperaments.
Molting in Birds Explained
Molting in birds explained
Molting is a phase where birds shed their feathers at a specific time of the year. This Buzzle post explains molting, and the behavior of birds during this phase in detail.
Kiwi Bird Facts
Kiwi bird fact
With some unique non-avian features, kiwis are the smallest among the flightless birds. Here are some interesting facts about these birds, that are native to New Zealand.
What Do Hawks Eat?
Food of hawks
The eating habits of a hawk are influenced by several factors, including the species in question, native habitat, availability of prey, and so on. Right from insects to medium-sized mammals, these predatory birds will eat anything...
Different Types of Bird Beaks
The Australian Pelican's beak
Ornithologists have long been making observations of bird beaks, in order to identify their habitat and characteristics. It is amazing to see the sheer variation of tasks that birds perform with their beaks. Also referred to as...
List of National Birds of All Countries
National bird selection criteria
A national bird of a country truly serves as an ideal national symbol and is also a representative of the diverse wildlife of a nation. They are symbolic, sacred, and cherished by every individual of the country. This article lists...
Great Blue Heron Facts
Great blue heron facts
One of the largest and common herons in North America, the tall, long-legged Great Blue Heron is easily spotted along the shores or edges of small inland ponds. Did you know that this magnificent bird can fish both during the night...
Ruffed Grouse Facts
Ruffed grouse fact
The ruffed grouse is the state bird of Pennsylvania. It is a hardy bird that thrives well despite the harsh weather in its natural habitat.
Difference Between Male and Female Peacocks
Difference between male and female peacocks
Though the term peacock is used irrespective of gender, technically, males are peacocks and females are peahens. Here is a brief overview of the difference between male and female peacocks.
List of Poisonous Birds
Common quail is poisonous in some conditions
We have all heard of poisonous animals and insects, but poisonous birds seems slightly unusual. This is because not many instances of poisonous birds have been reported. Buzzle will introduce you to the confirmed poisonous birds.
Interesting Facts About Seagulls
Fact about seagulls
Medium to large in size, gulls are seabirds that belong to the Laridae family. Highly adaptable and intelligent, these birds are known to have complex methods of communication. Buzzle enumerates a few interesting facts about...
Why Do Birds Have Feathers?
Why birds have feathers
Feathers protect birds from the elements. But you may wonder, why feathers? Why not fur, which more or less carries out the same function of thermoregulation? The answer lies in the evolutionary history of birds.
Interesting Facts About the Australian Pelican
Fact about Australian Pelican's bill
Though the Australian Pelican is a large and heavy waterbird, it can soar up to a height of 3,000 feet and remain in the air for almost 24 hours, covering hundreds of kilometers in a single flight. Amazed? Find out more interesting...
Facts About the Mute Swan
Fact about mute swan
Despite the name, a mute swan produces a variety of vocalizations. This Buzzle article presents some fascinating facts about these graceful royal birds. Here's why they are called 'mute swans', and why biologists believe that it is...
Things You Need to Know about Corvids
Fact about Corvids
Corvids are found in almost every ecological niche, from the Arctic to the most arid deserts. Experiments show that they can find solutions and can solve problems! Buzzle presents fascinating facts about these smart and intelligent...
How Do Birds Get their Color?
How birds get their color
Birds are the most fascinating creations of nature. Their sheer beauty of colors makes these flying species an attractive sight! So, how do birds get their color? Buzzle unleashes the mystery behind birds and their beautiful...
How Do Birds Navigate During Migration?
How birds navigate during migration
The sky is the limit? No it is not. The sky is limitless. So how do birds navigate their way during migration? GPS or what? Buzzle brings to you all the navigational strategies used by birds to migrate.
How Do Birds Know When to Migrate?
Geese heading south for the winter
Migration is undoubtedly one of the most interesting attributes of avian life, but have you ever wondered how these birds know when it's the time to migrate?
Top 10 Largest Birds in the World
Ostrich is the heaviest and the tallest bird
While the ostrich is well-known as one of the largest birds in the world, there are many others who deserve a shout. Here is a list of the largest birds in the world, flying as well as flightless.
Interesting Facts About the Purple Martin
Facts about Purple Martin
The songbird of North America, the Purple Martin is the most sought-after backyard bird. It is the largest swallow, and can demonstrate some extraordinary aerial acrobatics to catch a flying insect. Read more about the Purple Martin...
Top 14 Most Colorful Birds in the World
Most colorful bird in the world - Mandarin duck
Birds are known to make use of their colorful plumage for a wide range of reasons. Buzzle brings you pictures and brief details of some of the most colorful birds seen in nature.
Facts About the American Robin
Fact about American robins
The American Robin is known as the harbinger of spring season. We've lined up some interesting facts about American robins.
All You Need to Know About the Inca Tern Bird
Fact about Inca tern bird
Inca terns are beautiful plumage birds, and their fame is credited to their unique mustache. Buzzle will give you all the information you need to know about this one-of-a-kind bird.
Interesting Facts About the Pine Warbler
Fact about Pine warbler
The little, bright yellow, chirpy songbird called Pine Warbler, gets its name from its affinity towards nesting on pine trees.
Interesting Facts About the Bobwhite Quail
Fact about the Bobwhite quail
The Bobwhite quail is the most popular game bird native to North America. Buzzle highlights some interesting facts about this bird.
Facts about the Trumpeter Swan
Fact about the Trumpeter swan
Trumpet swans look majestic with their white color and contrasting black bill and feet. Did you know that they are often confused with smaller tundra swans, which have the same color combination?
12 Birds with Really Strange Defense Mechanisms
Fulmar - bird with strange defense mechanism
Birds are among the most unique creations of nature. Looking at most of the birds, we feel that they are delicate. But these creatures have their own ways of defending themselves. This Buzzle article focuses on some really strange...
How is a Trumpeter Swan Different from a Tundra Swan?
Difference between trumpeter swan and a tundra swan
It can be difficult to differentiate between trumpeter and tundra swans, as both these species look almost similar. Here are some useful tips which will help you distinguish between them.
Facts About the Nicobar Pigeon
Fact about the Nicobar pigeon
Pigeons are normally said to be too common and a nuisance. But, meet the Nicobar pigeon - a gorgeous bird, thanks to the colorful plumage. Buzzle tells you about its habitat, diet, and other interesting information.
Information about the Chimney Swift
Chimney swift fact
Many people recognize chimney swifts from the noises coming from their chimneys during the months they are not in use. We give you some information about the bird, chimney swift.
Things You Should Know About the Black-winged Stilt
Fact about black-winged stilt
The black-winged stilt, which is far-flung throughout the world, can be recognized for its orange-red, long legs and a black bill. This bird might be confused with several other species. We'll educate you about this bird. This...
11 Birds That Cannot Fly
Fact about ostriches
What comes to mind at first when you think of a bird? Flying, right! But Mother Nature never ceases to amaze us with exceptions to most rules. There are actually quite a few birds walking on our planet Earth who can't lift off....
How to Care for Baby Cardinals
Baby cardinals care tip
What can you do if you find an abandoned or orphaned baby cardinal? You don't want to leave it to its fate and nor do you know what exactly you should be doing. Buzzle tells you how to care for baby cardinals, for you to be better...
Eating Habits and Foraging Behavior of Peacocks
Eating habits of peacocks
Peacocks are omnivorous birds that feed on a variety of foods ranging from seeds and grains to venomous snakes. Here is a brief overview of the diet of these birds.
Kiwi Bird Habitat
The various species of kiwi birds inhabit different areas of New Zealand. This post provides the habitat distribution of the various species and some more facts about this bird.
Facts About the Arctic Skua
Food snatching fact about Arctic skuas
The Arctic skua is a seabird related to the Great skua. Like the Great skua, it is also famous for its feeding behavior, which is termed as 'kleptoparasitism'. You can find out more about this bird and its unique characteristics in...
What do Birds Eat?
The type of food a bird may eat could vary depending on the region, seasons or the type of beak it has. Once you understand the type of food birds like to eat, you can attract them to your garden. Scroll down to learn about the...
Toucans Habitat
Toucans... popular mascot, noisy and instantly recognizable! Find more about this amazing bird and its habitat, through this article.
House Sparrow Facts
Those little sparrows sitting on the rooftop are such a pleasure to watch! It is amazing to see these tiny birds fly all over with such energy and enthusiasm. How about knowing some interesting facts about this little bird? If...
Great Egret Facts
The great egret is one of the largest egret species found in the world. Here is a complete guide on all the great egret facts and information you want to know.
Features that Birds Share with Reptiles
Features common between birds and reptiles
Who would have imagined the high flying bird and the sunbathing reptile to have a common ancestor? This article sheds light on the characteristics that these two distinctly different creatures share.
Tundra Swan Facts
The Tundra swans mate for life and are a very close knit group of birds. They are an exceedingly attractive and intelligent species, that have become endangered due to pollution, hunting, and loss of habitat.
Different Types of Birds
Types of catbirds
Are you curious to find out as to how man different types of birds there are in the world? If you just can't get enough of our feathered friends, read on to know more...
Bird Identification by Color
Identifying birds has caught the fancy of many apart from bird watchers. Bird identification by color is one of the important keys of this guide. Though different types of birds and their identification keys are many, this article...
Wild Bird Species Identification
Bird watching and identification is a great hobby. This article lists a few birds along with their characteristics, which will help to identify them.
What are the Eating Habits of Crows?
Eating habit of crows
Crows are among the most intelligent and adaptive bird types. Though all know them and have seen them quite often, some are still confused about their eating habits. This article helps you with some information on the same.
Facts about the Crane (bird) with Pictures
Fact about crane (bird)
In Asia, cranes are considered as a symbol of eternal youth as well as happiness. Doesn't it make you find more about this bird? This Buzzle article provides interesting facts about cranes.
Get to Know about the Eating Habits of Swans
Diet of swans
All are aware that swans are one of the most beautiful and graceful birds. However, many are confused about what they eat. This article helps you with some information about the eating habits of this waterbird.
How to Attract Crows to Your Backyard
Foods to attract crows in your backyard
Either for observing them or to get rid of food waste, if it's crows that you want in your yard, this Buzzle article will give you several ways of how to do just that.
Interesting Facts About the American Goldfinch
Fact about nest of American Goldfinch
The American goldfinch, A.K.A Eastern goldfinch, is a bird native to North America. This bird is mostly seen in areas of human habitation, and feeds purely on seeds. It is classified into the songbird category, due to its peculiar...
Interesting Facts about the Louisiana State Bird - Brown Pelican
Fact about brown pelican
The brown pelican was adopted as the state bird of Louisiana, and it features on the official state seal. It is found abundantly today, but faced near extinction, had it not been for the efforts of some people. This Buzzle article...
How to Give Oral Medication to a Bird
Giving oral medication to birds
Birds can make amazing pets. However, handling them and taking care of their health, especially administering medication, can get challenging. This Buzzle article is an easy guide on how to give oral medications to a bird.
Signs of Illness in Birds
Signs of illness in birds
It is the cheerful sound of your pet lovebirds chirping away to morning's glory that wakes you up in the morning. You happen to notice that one morning the birds aren't chirping. Is it a sign that your birds have taken ill? Read...
Top 10 Most Dangerous Birds in the World
Cassowary is the most dangerous bird in the world
Though admired for their beauty and peacefulness, birds, at times, can be really nasty and dangerous creatures. Let's take a look at the top 10 most dangerous birds in the world.
Subspecies of Eagles
Eagles are the largest birds of prey, that have the ability to fly at the highest levels and still spot their prey. The following article introduces the various subspecies of the birds, that belong to Accipitridae family.
What do Eagles Eat
You must have seen eagles feasting on their prey, either on the ground or high up on tree tops. This article provides information on what these birds eat.
Kinds of Birds
There are numerous kinds of birds that inhabit our urban and forested spaces. Learn more about some prominent bird species in this Buzzle post.
List of Extinct Bird Species
While we were busy taking long strides in the name of development, we failed to notice the extent of damage we were causing to the environment and fellow inhabitants of the planet. That's what this list of extinct birds seems to...
Baby Bird Care
The information presented in the following article will help you take proper care of abandoned birds. Read on to know more...
Injured Bird - What to Do
It is not everyday that we come across an injured bird but when we do, there is this big question, what to do? Most veterinarians advise not to feed or medically treat an injured bird unless you are an expert. However, there are...
Birds of Tropical Rainforests
A majority of the world's exquisite and rare bird species are found in tropical rainforests. Read this article to know more about some birds of tropical rainforests.
Almost All Birds Native to Hawaii Threatened with Extinction
A new government report says that nearly all the birds that are native to Hawaii are dwindling in numbers. Here's a closer look...
Spring is for the Birds! Turn Your Backyard into a Sanctuary
Spring is the perfect time to enjoy the awakenings of colorful birds and butterflies. Here are some helpful tips to turn your backyard into a haven for birds and butterflies.