Bermuda Triangle Facts
Bermuda Triangle fact
The mystery was also fueled by the sensational media and more importantly, some self-proclaimed experts. Among these architects of the Bermuda triangle, one oft-heard name was that of Charles Berlitz - an expert in the field of...
Top Ten Bermuda Triangle Theories
Alien abduction theory about Bermuda triangle
The mystery of the Bermuda Triangle is one of the most loved mysteries of the world. People have tried to bring out several theories in an attempt to solve this mystery that has intrigued man for years, and here are the top ten....
How did the Bermuda Triangle Myth Begin?
Origin of the Bermuda Triangle myth
Is the Bermuda Triangle in the North Atlantic Ocean really as mysterious as it is claimed to be? When we tried to trace the origin of the Bermuda Triangle mystery, we stumbled upon quite a few discrepancies which make it obvious...
The Bermuda Triangle: Location, Map, Mystery, and Recent Disappearances
The Bermuda Triangle has mystified people for years. Although this place has been clouded by numerous supernatural theories and rumors, today, it can be safe to say that we can have a plausible explanation behind the disappearances...
Where is the Bermuda Triangle Located?
Many people touring the Caribbean region would want to know where exactly the Bermuda Triangle is located. Let us shed some light on it, through this article.
Is the Bermuda Triangle Real?
While the disappearances of aircraft and ships in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Bermuda has left people wondering whether the Bermuda triangle is real, investigation shows that the entire mystery is nothing, but an over-hyped...
Supernatural Mysteries in Bermuda Triangle
Bermuda Triangle is a triangular region in the Atlantic Ocean that is believed to be associated with mysterious powers. Big ships and huge aircraft have often mysteriously disappeared while traveling over this region in the...
The Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle
One of the greatest mysteries that the world faces - The Bermuda Triangle. It seemingly has an endless appetite for aircraft and ships. Read this Buzzle article to know more about the Bermuda triangle.