Bereavement Gift Ideas
Bereavement, that follows the death of a loved one, is difficult for those who have to deal with it. As a friend, you can help by giving an appropriate gift that can help ease the pain to some extent.
7 Stages of Grief
Stages of grief
Grief is often caused by the loss or death of a loved one, which can be at times stressful and exhausting. Try living each day at a time which will slowly help you adjust to the new reality of your life. Similarly, don't force...
Bereavement Messages
Bereavement messages
Are you looking for some ideas to say the right words in bereavement messages? The following article on sample bereavement messages will help you choose the right thing to say, at such a difficult time.
How does Nature Help us Heal from Grief?
Bernie S. Seigel on nature
Nature is infinitely powerful; it can do both, create and destroy. But, it can also heal and regenerate. Let's take an insight into how nature can help us heal from grief.
Bereavement Quotes
Quote on bereavement
You can express your sympathy and deepest sorrows with bereavement quotes. The bereavement messages are the best way to express your support to someone who has lost a dear one. The following article will cover some bereavement...
Bereavement Fares
Have an emergency in your home and need to go as soon as possible? Then, why not try out a bereavement fare, wherein you can get last-minute discounted airfares to and from your hometown. Read the following article to understand...
Bereavement Flights
Bereavement flights refer to the last-minute airline tickets issued to travelers, in the event of a death or imminent death of close relatives. Here is a brief overview about the same.
Grief Counseling Techniques
To the bereaved heart, methods to cope with losing a close person can go a long way in healing the pain and providing the much-needed emotional support. In this article, let us know more about the same.
Bereavement Thank You Notes
It is very important to send over thank you notes to those who showed their care when you lost your loved one. The following article will help you with some tips for the same that will be helpful in expressing your gratitude.
Anticipatory Grief
Anticipation grief is a mix of emotions experienced when we are living in the expectation of losing a near and dear one. Let us try to know more about such type of grief and how one can overcome it.
Grief Counseling
Grief counseling can help individuals deal with their feelings of intense grief that follow the loss of a loved one. This article provides some more information about the same.