Child Behavior Modification
With the help of a child behavior modification plan you can fix ill behavior in your child without resorting to abusive language, neglect, or any kind of conflict.
Explanation of Primary and Secondary Reinforcement with Examples
Primary and secondary reinforcement examples
Reinforcement, as per its nature, can be categorized into two types: 'Primary' and Secondary' reinforcement. Buzzle provides an in-depth explanation of both, and also cites some examples for the better understanding of this...
The Concept of Classical Conditioning with Examples
Famous example of classical conditioning
Classical conditioning is a method used in behavior modification. It involves establishing a link between events or objects and emotional responses with the help of neural stimuli. Learn more about the concept of classical...
Understanding Learned Helplessness with Examples
Example of learned helplessness
Learned helplessness is a behavioral trait where a person feels he/she has lost control over aversive circumstances, when actually, it is just a biased perception or conditioned behavior. This psychological concept can be better...
Understanding Aversive Conditioning with Examples
Concept of aversive conditioning
Are you plagued by a bad habit that you just can't seem to get rid of? Understanding how aversive conditioning works might be of some help to you. In this Buzzle post, we will discuss a couple of examples of this psychology concept...
Vicarious Reinforcement Explained with Examples
Vicarious reinforcement example
Vicarious reinforcement is a form of learning behavior through rewards and punishments. We will study this concept in greater detail and understand how it forms an important part of the learning process.
Understanding Spontaneous Recovery in Psychology With Examples
Example of spontaneous recovery in psychology
Spontaneous recovery is a vital phenomenon in learning, and was first seen in the Pavlovian theory of classical conditioning. It points towards the fact that a learned response post extinction, isn't completely unlearned and can be...
The Concept of Extinction in Psychology Explained with Examples
Concept of extinction in psychology
Even the most difficult concepts can be explained easily with the help of examples; the concept of extinction in psychology is no exception. In this write-up, we make things clear by explaining the concept of extinction with...
Behavior Therapy
For a number of behavioral disorders, behavior therapy is considered as an effective treatment. These disorders can either be induced or innate. Read into the following article to find more about this effective therapy.
Behavior Modification Plan
The article sheds some light on the significance of behavior modification plans and their implementation to encourage positive behavior, and curb negative behavior in a person. Continue reading....
Behavior Modification Techniques
Behavior modification techniques aim at enforcing appropriate behavior in individuals. The following article provides information about the various techniques that are used to teach children and those affected by attention deficit...
Behavior Modification Techniques for ADHD
ADHD is a childhood behavior disorder that may continue after adolescence and into adulthood, if not treated properly. With behavior modification techniques, parents can help their child recover. The article provides a brief...
Behavior Modification Strategies
Are you unhappy with your child's behavior? Are you planning on trying out behavior modification strategies? Well, you are in the right place. Read this article for help.
Behavior Modification Techniques for Children
Behavior modification techniques are helpful in addressing the issues related to the overall behavior of a child. Learn more about these techniques from this article.
Behavior Modification
Behavior modification is a type of psychotherapy which aims at the alteration of behavior to a specific stimuli. This article provides some information about this therapy and its uses in 'ABC' approach method to obtain the desired...