Cotton Vs. Microfiber Sheets - Which is Better?
Comparison between cotton and microfiber sheets
Cotton and microfiber are two popular choices of materials among bed sheets. Each has its own set of pros and cons. In this Buzzle article, we look at the similarities and differences between these two sheet materials.
Fitted Sheets
Fitted sheets are highly convenient options when it comes to laying them, simply because they fit on a mattress like a glove on a hand! Here's everything you need to know about them.
How to Choose the Best Bed Sheets on Budget
Selecting the best bed sheets can become confusing and mind-boggling looking at the scores of options available with us today. Moreover, with each manufacturer touting his is the best bed sheet in the world, selection becomes even...
Palm Tree Bedding
If you want to give your bedroom the theme of a beach, palm tree bedding is perhaps a very good option. In this Buzzle article, we will go over some helpful tips on how you can make it happen in your bedroom.
Guide to Understand the Thread Count before You Buy a Bed Sheet
Tip for buying a bed sheet
What is the meaning of 'thread count'? Does thread count in bed sheets really make a difference? Which factors impact the softness of a bed sheet? This Buzzle post provides answers to these questions and explains what to look for...
Pima Cotton Sheets
Pima cotton sheets
A fine brand of cotton that has gained widespread reputation is the Pima cotton. Sheets of Pima cotton are not only expensive, but are also noted for their great fabric quality, smoothness, and feel.
Information about Egyptian Cotton Sheets
Fact about Egyptian cotton sheets
When it comes to bed linen, cotton is the most preferred fabric. The quality of cotton is determined on the basis of certain factors like fineness of the fiber, its length, color, and the degree of whiteness. Egyptian cotton sheets...
How to Pick the Right-sized Weighted Blanket
Tip to pick a weighted blanket for kids
A weighted blanket is designed in a way to help the user relax his or her senses and sleep soundly. Buzzle helps you in choosing the right-sized weighted blanket as per your needs.
Memory Foam Bedding
Memory foam mattress fact
Memory foam, mostly used to make mattresses, beds, toppers, pillows, and pads, is a very unique material. There have been many claims that the material aids in peaceful sleep.
No-sew Fleece Blanket Instructions
Fleece is ideal for craft projects
Who doesn't like to snuggle up in a warm, cozy, fleece blanket. But just the thought of making one can leave the best of us dripping in sweat. There are ways of making a blanket which do not require you to even have the basic...
What is Luxury Bedding?
Luxury bedding
Luxury bedding redefines elegance and offers any room theme or preset d├ęcor more charm and value. Their line is inspired by the luxurious feel of silk and satin, the warmth and coziness offered by feathered pillows, and the instant...
What is a Coverlet
Types of coverlets
A coverlet is a lightweight bedspread. It is mainly used for bedroom decoration. Apart from this, it also behaves as a cover for the bed sheet. Many people, however, are still not aware about the usage of a coverlet.
Organic Mattress Bedding: Toppers, Pads and Beds
Organic mattresses are healthy
Organic mattresses are available in various materials such as wool and cotton. These have certain advantages over non-organic ones with regards to health concerns. Organic material is also used to manufacture pads/toppers.
Microfiber Sheets
If you are allergic to pollen or dust, microfiber sheets could be a good option for you. Microfibers are the fibers which are 100 times as thin as hair. Read this article to know advantages of the sheets made from microfibers...
Softest Sheets
Planning to buy bed sheets? Where can you find the softest sheets? Here's some information that will help you select the softest bed sheets for your home.
Egyptian Cotton Sheets Reviews
The following article about Egyptian cotton sheets reviews will definitely re-establish the superiority of the Egyptian cotton. Read on and find out more.
College Dorm Bedding Tips
The bedding of your college dorm must be one of the most essential items on your shopping list while preparing for college. Here's some help...
Dorm Room Bedding
Have you gotten used to the idea of having your parents fuss about the nitty-gritty of choosing bedroom linen? Are you daunted by the task at hand, of choosing the bedding for your dorm room? The solutions to all your questions,...