Queen Size Bed Dimensions
Queen size beds give more space and room to couples and allow each to sleep comfortably without getting cramped. Read on to know more on the dimensions of such beds.
Twin Bed Dimensions
The twin bed is preferred in children's room or rooms with multiple occupants. Twin bed dimensions usually vary from country to country, and so if you are planning to purchase one, it's essential to know what are the dimensions of...
Bed Sizes Chart
Bed sizes chart in the US
Nowadays, beds of varying sizes and shapes are available in the market; hence, selecting and buying a bed that fits snugly into your bedroom, could be an intimidating task. Charts, accompanied with important guideposts to select...
King-size Bed Dimensions
It is essential that you know the dimensions of king-size bed, before you order one. This article will give you the rundown on their standard dimensions.
Full Size Bed Measurements
King size bed measurements
A full size bed is a dream to behold, just make sure that it can fit into your bedroom. Constant, mindless sales pitches can sometimes skew your judgment about buying the right size. But be careful while choosing it according to...
Queen Size Bed Frame
World's largest bed
One would always want a nice and comfortable queen size bed frame in their guest or master bedrooms. These beds are not only grand in look, but are also very spacious, especially for those tall ones among us.
Standard King Bed Vs. California King Bed
Comparing standard king bed and California king bed
If you believe in living life king size, your bed should be king-sized as well! But which king bed should you opt for: Standard or California? Check out this Buzzle article to know more and make a wise decision.